Xbox One affected Halo Infinite's visuals, but not its ambition

The response to Halo Infinite continues to run a gamut of emotion, while broader questions are being asked of Microsoft's PR strategy and the nature of their cross gen release support. But Infinite's ambition should not be dismissed.

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cooperdnizzle426d ago

How many of these articles are going to be written? The game looks like trash even if the author says, This is made for the xbox 1. The game just doesn't look good. Way more than just graphics in my opinion. Another thing is they are just copying Destiny. M$ is about 3 years late to that party. As those type of game are dying off. Gaas games are terrible and you are just waiting and waiting to have a full game fleshed out for years and years.. Its a fad that will shortly die completely

JTGA426d ago

I always find "How many of these articles are going to be written?" to be such a strange take. Do you mean "How many articles are going to be written where I disagree with the perspective of the writer?"

Surely exposing yourself to different opinions is what online discourse is for, right? If you only surround yourself with things you agree with, you exist in a vacuum, and are never challenged.

As for your point about "copying Destiny", this feels like "the Tomb Raider reboots copied Uncharted" as logic that makes little sense. Bungie created Halo, and then moved on to Destiny. As they innovated with their own formula, is it not reasonable to assume that 343i would continue to iterate on Halo now they're in charge?

If you don't like Games as a Service games, that's OK. Personally I haven't had to wait years for Apex, or Fortnite, or Call of Duty etc etc to become "fully fleshed out", but, each to their own I guess.

Blurry_Pixel426d ago

Very well written retort. My hats off to you. Discourse seems to be a lost art within today’s gaming society.

CaptainObvious878426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

I think it was pretty obvious he meant "how many of these damage control pieces are going to be written?"

I loved having discussions with people with opposing view points when they're talking in good faith, but I have no time for defence articles with deeply flawed logic.

Take this article for example. They support the ludicrous claim that halo isn't being held back in ambition, scope and complexity by an almost decade old console. Do I even need to explain why that statement is completely divorced from reality?

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Jin_Sakai426d ago

“Xbox One affected Halo Infinite's visuals, but not its ambition”

But Xbox fans swore it would just scale. There wouldn’t be any compromises only a drop in resolution. And to think, this is just the beginning.

I called it along with many others. This is why Sony believes in generations. Phil has no idea what he’s doing. All he cares about is Gamepass and getting everyone on a subscription service.

JTGA426d ago

I don't think they've compromised on anything apart from the graphics? What else has been compromised?

Bruh426d ago

Half of those games shown are coming only on Xbox Series X, so what part of generations did he miss?

morganfell426d ago

As Virgil Cole said in that great bar scene from Appaloosa, "I warned 'em."

But they wouldn't listen. They said the team were building it for the X Series and would scale it back. 12TF they said. They have to stop trusting Phil.

mark_parch425d ago

I was one of these people, I fell for the pr talk about how series x games wouldn't be held back by xbox one. The very first game they show gameplay for has clearly been held back by current gen so it is hard to take phil by his word anymore.

rainslacker425d ago

I do believe they could have done more even with the older hardware. The ambition seems to be held back more by resources, or possible ability. I didnt see a bad game when I watched the demo, I saw a game that is nowhere close to being finished. It's either behind schedule, or if it's on schedule, then I think that saying its ambitious is making false assumptions.

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343_Guilty_Spark426d ago

The demo didn't but the trailer does look good

mark_parch425d ago

The trailer looks exactly the same as the gameplay both looked poor graphically. They set everyones expectations with the in engine trailer and the actual game looks absolutely nothing like that trailer

rockwhynot425d ago

We are getting a full game right at launch though. Campaign plus Halo's legendary multiplayer mode right on day 1. Nobody will need to wait years.

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darthv72426d ago

I may be the only one who wasn't really bothered by the visuals because everything was in motion. It wasn't until people paused the vid to focus in on the imperfections of the images. Even those that MS released looked good in certain parts and not so great in others (like the Bob Ross trees).

Overall though, as someone who really enjoyed the halo series story, I am just glad they brought back a MC focused story this time and not one that was split between Locke and Chief. I view it as a fan service to the original that started it all but with more exploration and less emphasis on linearity. There will be an end but now you have multiple ways of getting there at your own pace.

I have multiple xbo systems and I will try it on each (og, S and X) and see for myself just how much of a difference in quality/performance each one displays.

JTGA426d ago

I agree. Any game will look dreadful if you pause it and zoom in close to a texture. There's no question that Infinite isn't winning any awards for pushing visual fidelity (The Last of Us: Part 2 takes that crown), but like you I'll generally take smoothness in motion and scale over fine detail. That's just my own personal preference. A lot of folks will prefer graphics to be bleeding edge, and that's OK too!

BehindTheRows426d ago

From "THE BEAST", I think anyone would expect bleeding edge. Where were the mic drop moments? Best looking games on the best console? Didn't exist.

Locutus_of_borg426d ago

I always liked those Bob Ross trees and all the little critters that can live in your own little world.... but i guess a lot of people here wont have a clue who he is and what im on about ...

Blurry_Pixel426d ago

Bro...there are no mistakes...just happy accidents....

CaptainObvious878426d ago

You know something tells me if this was a sony exclusive and sony had been running their mouth for the last 1-2 years about DA pOWer of tHE PS5 and all the flops its going to come with you would be completely shredding halo a new one.

But it's a ms game, so you gota play defence instead of admit the truth.

TheRealTedCruz426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

To make a point, I saw nothing but trashing of visuals of the Xbox One vs the PS4 when the originals came out.

When they did the mid-gen refresh, and the X had a pretty strong lead vs the Pro, all that stopped.

N4G - visuals matter when Playstation's are better. Not that a lot of Sony's exclusives aren't amazing looking. They're also the exception to the rule.

Spicyram426d ago

In addition to the graphical woes, I wasnt convinced by the acting as well. The speech from the main boss at the end especially felt off. Not only was the in-your-face camera angle weird and jarring, but it just dragged and seemed artifical. It didn't help that his animation was stiff, and poor lip syncing, just cant help but feel this was a misfire. A little cringey if im honest.

The Pilot in the beginning was also a bit baffling to me. The voice acting and the character movements felt very disconnected. This section felt off in general and out of place for a halo game, in my opinion. This game is releasing in 3 months supposedly. 343 have a lot ot work to do, and all the spinning and excuses isnt convincing.

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aconnellan426d ago

I’m hoping that in your face camera was for the purpose of character introduction, and not in the final game, because you’re right that was super jarring and off putting. Plus the graphics on him weren’t great, so why do like a minute of close up??

I know it’s an old build, but you’re right it comes out in a few months, so I’m really not sure how much they can change between now and then. I’m not confident, but we’ll see what happens I guess

Gamist2dot0426d ago

Both annoying in-your-face yelling from the pilot and the final boss.

Knightofelemia426d ago

The graphics are shitty we all saw the release trailer with game play whether they ran the trailer off an old demo or off an XB1. It's still not a day one buy for me I am not a big Halo fan now if this was Sony showing off Resistance with the Halo graphics I would be pissed.

zacfoldor426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

So the Xbox One is the reason that the game doesn't look good, and also, everyone admits the game doesn't look good visually?

That's a question. I really have no idea at this point. All I can say is that the Xbox software showcase(or whatever) was...interesting, lol. It's like a show with reasons to keep me from pre-ordering the XSX.

I'm actually happy. Before I was kinda depressed/worried because I was going to have to buy an XSX on launch and a PS5 too. That's because the XSX had so much better specs, and I just knew that Halo Infinite was going to be GotG like I knew TLOU2 was going to be GotG this time. Well, TLOU2 wasn't GotG(imo), and Halo Infinite doesn't look good at this point, and Fable looks a long way off(but I do want to play that, no, I WILL play Fable) so I'm only getting PS5 for now unless they convince me otherwise between now and then.

To mess up that badly makes me worry that either they don't know what they are doing, or had nothing amazing to show. How, for this long, is that still a thing? Xbox 360 had good games. Xbox had GREAT games. How did this happen? Somebody, somewhere, knows the answer to what caused this, but I don't think we'll ever know. Just think, we cry and complain about Nintendo and Sony when they don't have top tier games lined up for the end of this year. Imagine if their software was more like Microsoft's devs. What happened to the wonderful times with Fable, Gears, Ninja Gaiden, and Halo on the Xbox? Those were awesome game times for the console maker, and they could find it again. They had it and lost it, and now they can't seem to find it again.

ForwardDude426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

They tried to beat the Wii with Kinect thinking Grandmothers and Uncles gonna buy the Xbox360 like they did with the Wii in 2006-2009. That failed miserably, but try to double down with Xbox One + Kinect 2, and failed again more hard this time. They reverse course and released the One X, but failed to nurture good AAA studio like Sony did, so the One X bomb too and they had to cancel it recently. Now they double down again with Series X, but failed to account for 343i incompetency to make good games with good graphics. Now they have the Greg meme as their only 15 minutes of fames since the first half of the 360 generation.

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