Opinion: How Perfect Games Exist More Often Than You Think

Steve Esposito for Seasoned Gaming: "Upon my initial completion of 2018’s God of War, I found myself sitting in reflective silence. I think about the virtual journey I was on and what it was all about. I think about the characters and the world that I was a part of. Musing over the completion of games is a rather strange ritual. I know that I will never get to experience these games the same way ever again. I also reflect because I am sizing the game up against other experiences I have had in the past, and wondering where this game stacks up against others..."

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TheRealTedCruz52d ago

There's no such thing as a "perfect game". You may love it. It may be considered a masterpiece, but there's always room for improvement.

Sub4Dis52d ago

Excuse me Zodiac Killer? Don't you know what website you are on? Every Sony exclusive is a perfect game.

TheRealTedCruz52d ago

That's the narrative lol. You get under an 8, it should have gotten at least a 9.5, and there's a conspiracy against Sony and the PS4 - the highly selling console with multiple goty awards under its belt.

dnAWE52d ago

There's no such thing as a perfect game, therefore the games that get closest to that moniker deserve it. The question now is what defines a game as "perfect"...

goldwyncq52d ago

There’s no such thing as a perfect game. 10/10 games aren’t meant to be perfect, they’re a 10 because they represent the best of what their genre has to offer.

masterfox52d ago

God of War imo is the game of the decade, Santa Monica evolve the gameplay of a legendary classic while retaining the badassery of Kratos and not only that but also adding a new character that is original in its own way, after finishing it leave wanting for hell more!.

Petebloodyonion52d ago

I'm sorry but I do believe that perfect 10 game exist.
In my book a perfect 10 is a game that you can still play years later on, you don't really have complaint and you feel that it can't be really improved.
Per example Ms Pacman is perfect game for 1982 and it's still super fun today.
Metal gear Solid 1 on Ps1 is also a perfect game it push the ps1 to the limit and again the game is super fun today

Unfortunately there's also bunch of fake 10 that are often delivered in fears of fans backlash or expected because of Hype.
As much as I love MG1, Mgs5 is far from a perfect game but all reviewers made it a 10 out 10 because it was Kojima.
Tlou1 in my opinion was a weaker game to Uncharted 2 due to 40 sec loading each time you died and the last mission was quite rushed (its still a great game).
Bayonetta 2 for no reason at all gets a 10 on Wiiu despite being almost exactly like the 1

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