Xbox Series X games no longer defined by technology, says Microsoft

From Guardian Games: "The head of Xbox Studios says the machine removes the need to think about technical constraints – and discusses controversial Halo: Infinite and Fable demos!"

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seanpitt23916d ago (Edited 915d ago )

These guys need to stop talking man they are digging a bigger hole for themselves... saying xbsx has no limits or technical boundaries then they show us that mediocre demo

RpgSama915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

IF the Series X might not have technical boundaries then the developers CLEARLY do, I'll blame MS mandate to do most of their games as GaaS + work cross-generation and PC, that's bound to only bring the games down.

I think of MS leadership as Mugatu from Zoolander saying "GaaS, SO HOT RIGHT NOW",,

Bruh915d ago

PC isn't really a constraint, you can build on the Series X and leave the PC port to be run on brute force. The Xbox One with its abysmal 1.6 TFLOPs will always hinder graphical prowess

Ratchet75915d ago

You sir, deserve one big foamy latte.

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rdgneoz3914d ago

Cross gen is what will hold them back. Having to make sure a game works on an 8+ year old piece of technology, rather than focusing on the new systems (and PCs can be built to handle it as well, depending on the money you want to invest). You won't see a true first party next gen game on XsX for 2 years as a result.

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RauLeCreuset915d ago

Yikes! That was mean. I think we can put to rest that this is just something being talked about on corners of the internet casual gamers don't pay attention to.

Ratchet75915d ago

That was really brutal.
😂 😂

ABizzel1915d ago (Edited 915d ago )


dumahim914d ago

Funny coming from Dominos, since I don't think they've done a single thing new with their pizza since they added the garlic flavor to the crust, which was 2009.

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rainslacker915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

You got it all wrong. That demo was to show the power of retro gaming, in new glorious 4K/60 fps. It was really just a old crappy system filter you can apply....not ulike those black and white or rainbow filters that some games have.

MS is brilliant. They're just slyly making people think they suck, then BOOM!!!, they come out with a game that is marginally acceptable, and they are lauded for their innovation. Truly brilliant I tell ya. It's a great way to reduce production costs, because if you lower people's standards, then you don't have to work so hard to make awesome looking games, which means it lowers production costs, and then you can throw it up on streaming, and people will pay you all year for half decent games because the other option is below average games.

Just wait for it. It will all become obvious one day. The true power of Xbox isn't in it's Terraflops or Ray Tracing, or SSD, or CU's, or services like game's true power is the ability to lower people's expectations.


lol. Wow. Wouldn't expect that from Dominos. They're known to partner with MS for various promotions.

OTOH, it drove a ton of people to their twitter account. Could this whole thing become the next marketing meme? That would be something to behold.

Petebloodyonion915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

@ Rainslacker
So despite the fact that MS said several times that the SX version of the game would feel like playing on a Pc, that we have yet to see Multiplayer, if the game will be Coop, length, etc.. you are already disappointed in the game. It's okay I can respect your opinion
but I hope that If Spider-man Miles Morales feature a 6 hours story campaign with no multiplayer for 60$
or if it's just feature a little graphical update to ps4, that you will be the first one to mention it with the same passion you have about Halo and not suddenly change tune about game play or something like that.
Cause let's face it, the game, according to Sony, was made with PS5 in mind and that PS5 game should now way shape or form feel held down by the PS4 (like Halo).


HannibalLecter915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

It really is like they are setting their fans up to be happy with mediocrity. Lower them expectations and put out a ton of gamepass filler with a few first party games here and there.

Not caring about quality really but filler for the services.

Fans praised savior Phil but now we all know why he was promoted basically to corporate because he kept you fans waiting, hoping and wishful thinking for an entire gen with barely producing anything of substance but sure sold you a x1, x1s, x1d and the 1x and how many controllers.
Then discontinue the 1X.
Hell I'd promote the man too bringing in money selling you folks services with hardly any real investment and being able to spin that PR jargon like a non stop top.

Keeping you fans strung along an entire gen and actually still continues to do so and you fans eat that shit up. You fans seem to love it.
Well some the others jumped out long ago with more to follow this gen it seems.
Kinda crazy world we live in now. Smh

Petebloodyonion914d ago

@ rytmic
I fail to see how this is supposed to pick my interest. I don’t doubt the PS5 power nor I doubt that it will have great game.
But seeing how streaming load work on PS5 vs PS4 pro is a given.
Now personally I won’t cry a river if Spideman feel a transition just like Halo because history has shown that big AAA game that showcase the power or console are usually release in the end of the sec year.

Rhythmattic914d ago

If games can be designed on new hardware architecture, where actual game worlds or game mechanics can be expanded upon without being tied to just "less powerful" designs... Well good on Res and FPS... Because even a GIF is based on the exact rudimentary idea..

Its just like VR...Its a game changer.... But, There are games developed from the ground up, understanding the approach must be different... And as those developers and tools develop and become more mature, Its more than shop hip and a jump from the satndard "Flat" gaming medium.....

Its definitely changed the way I play.... And the fact people just think FLOPS , well , Id personally prefer a few flops less with exclusive games, VR , and new possibilities than the same old same old "Its Faster"
But thats just Me... Nah.... I imagine a lot of others think the same....

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DarXyde915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

I have to agree.

Their messaging has been abysmal in my opinion. Every time they say something, they raise expectations, only to under deliver or completely change their messaging.

Microsoft is literally the company that used TFlops as their indicator for performance on Xbox One X. Their devotees ran with that, and when Cerny said during the GDC talk that you have to look past that, the devotees once again said he was shook because "12TF>10.28TF". Great, they can do basic math. Now, Microsoft has mentioned TFLOPS don't matter ahead of their showing and didn't do a thing to say, "THIS is what 12TF can do with limited gameplay shown (and the gameplay that WAS shown really wasn't visually stunning—granted, I would certainly prioritize performance too, but nothing was shown that was outstanding and in game). They proceed to show Ori at 120fps, which would be great if it wasn't an old game.

I'm not complaining about Microsoft's showing exactly. I'm complaining about their hype and failure to follow through.

Now, we've got this whole "no limits or boundaries" messaging. Meanwhile, you're not taking advantage of its power any time soon and there's still no confirmed VR options for Series X. I think the box is a splendid piece of hardware and it's definitely going to impress technically, but Microsoft really needs to stop. Not to be political, but comparing this to the current state of affairs in the US presidential race, the guy in his basement seems to largely be the favorite according to polling while the guy who can't stop talking is hanging himself every time he opens his mouth.

Just stop talking, show gameplay, and let people form their own opinions. It's like they know what to say to get people excited, but haven't a clue when it comes to implementation.

Chaos_Order915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

This is like the "Power of the cloud" all over again.

I still remember watching that Crackdown 3 gameplay demo and having to pick my jaw up from the floor. At the event they literally showed gameplay in real time, with one of the devs shooting down a wall. I was absolutely blown away. It was incredible. There was no way they were BSing their way through that, right? We literally have gameplay! We can trust them... Right?

Sorry to go a bit off topic, but... That one still stings. And this time, with Infinite, even their BS "running on a PC" demo doesn't look great. Someone wake me up when GT7 and Rift Apart are released...

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dietis_h915d ago


microsoft is a joke.

DigitallyAfflicted915d ago

Power of Xbox depends on amount of vapour in troposphere/ more vapour = more power

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Hakuoro915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Ah, so I just had to read the article to ascertain the level of BS. (it's over 9000)

They start by making under the cuff excuses for not showing console and using PC to show their games.

And of course it wouldn't be a Microsoft interview without bringing up Sony specifically Horizon to try to capitalize on that games success and downplay Sony. (Anyone remember when Phil said single player games like Horizon and Zelda weren't relevant? Now they openly admit they are copying it.)

Of course mixed in with a ton of vague hyperbolic statements about power. And of course because Microsoft can double talk their own statements in a single interview they say things like. Yes we're beyond console technology, Then in the next sentence talk about how powerful the technology in their console is.

AngelicIceDiamond915d ago

"They start by making under the cuff excuses for not showing console and using PC to show their games."

MS has been using PC footage for its games since the 360 days, so who cares anymore. At the end of the day nobody cares, except you who toss and turns at night. Gee Its almost like MS are PC architects or something.

"And of course it wouldn't be a Microsoft interview without bringing up Sony specifically Horizon to try to capitalize on that games success and downplay Sony. (Anyone remember when Phil said single player games like Horizon and Zelda weren't relevant? Now they openly admit they are copying it.)"

Tell us where they brought up Sony in this specific article? MS: We have a strong console. You: That's a jab at Sony! Despite the fact that Sony can make the same general statement as MS because its true Sony has strong console, just like MS. You bought up The Horizon comments something that's complete irrelevant to this topic but you use that a go to excuse, for, reasons...I guess or no reason at all.

purple101915d ago

From what they showed. There console is anything but strong. I'm worried for xbox fans.

Personally I have always shared consoles with my brother.

Ps3 plus brother had xbox 360.
Brother also has xbx one.

Between us we've had them all and been gaming many, many years.

But when I got a ps4 for myself, I'm not going back to xbox. No way, Jose.

Thed have to pay ME to take one.

JEECE915d ago

As a longtime PlayStation fan who is buying PS5 day one and thinks it's pretty clearly the more compelling option, I don't get the hate. Sony fans are starting to get almost as bad as 360 fanboys were in 2005-2008 (almost...all the fake "MGS4 is coming to 360" articles don't quite have a counterpart right now).

Everyone uses PC footage sometimes, especially pre-console launch. It's certainly better than before XONE launched when MS got caught showing PS4 footage of Watch Dogs.

TheProblem915d ago

“ MS has been using PC footage for its games since the 360 days, so who cares anymore”

And it’s something they have always been criticised for.

Remember when they went full deception mode by hiding PC’s in cabinets while displaying the Xbox One in full view for their playable demo’s?

You would think they would learn their lesson

kayoss915d ago

@Angelic, you a Trump supporter? I see the same mentality in you as Trump Supporters. They will defend a moron like Trump regardless of how wrong he is.

CaptainObvious878915d ago


Please stop spoon feeding cnn.

HannibalLecter915d ago

Seems you keep owning yourself with these desperate attempts at damage control. You did it all gen, I even gave you the benefit of the doubt at one point it seemed you were starting to question things yourself from xbox camp. Then you jumped right back on that hype train and continue the damage control.
When will enough be enough for you? Going in circles never gets you anywhere.

915d ago
dietis_h915d ago

if this new console is so powerful, why can’t they show something running on it that looks next gen? what are they afraid of?

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crazyCoconuts915d ago

When they mention Horizon I think they're taking about Forza Horizon

AngelicIceDiamond915d ago

@The Problem and what had it resulted in at the very end of the day? Nothing. Ryse held up well graphically as well as several other games like Quantum Break. Gears on 360 also looked great for its time. Elder Scrolls same thing. Nobody cares as a whole because the games are good.

TheProblem915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

It resulted in their games being downgraded. Every single game ms announced was downgraded from announcement to release.

If you can’t see what is wrong with falsifying a product in order to sell it then you are in a world of your own. If any other company did it for a retail product they would be in trouble.

It is something Sony never do anymore Every game they demo is either running or rendered on their hardware. You have to go back to 2005 with the kill zone 2 target render and they quickly learned from that. MS continue to deceive and never learn

Redlife2g915d ago

😂 You're like a downvote magnet

915d ago
zeuanimals915d ago

Ryse, a launch game for the XBO, like you said still holds up. Actually, it looks better than Halo Infinite. Sure, it's 900p, 30-ish FPS, and not open world, but still, it came out 7 years ago on significantly weaker hardware.

And I guess people do care because many of the games have been mediocre or just okay.

dietis_h915d ago

do you work for microsoft? this is pure dmg control and you know it.

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rainslacker915d ago

Also remember when Spencer said he wanted a game that could go up against Uncharted as his reason for getting Tomb Raider. Haven't seen that come to fruition after what....4 years now?

Personally, I don't ever take anything Spencer says he wants to do seriously, unless it sounds like something that will change consumer buying habits, or involves MS going towards another market that exists in the overall gaming market. Anything else is pretty much just hot air.

CaptainObvious878915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

I'm starting to see the same pattern again that occurred years ago.

At the time of the original xbone announcement it was clear what a disaster the launch was going to be after the 24 online check in and DRM. And I distinctly remember for about 2-3 weeks after the horrible announcement there were 2-3 articles DAILY coming out with new disastrous news. An MS excec would put their foot in their mouth or one of their lies being exposed, or they'd confirm some new anti-consumer information that made the whole thing even worse.

Day by day is was getting worse and worse. So bad in fact that xbox diehards even saw it, but of course they could never admit it. They couldn't reconcile what was happening to their beloved brand, so they went full frothing at the mouth, hyper aggressive fanboy. I was genuinely, and I mean genuinely, concerned about their mental state and well being. You could feel the seething anger and utter desperation in every comment.

Fast forward to today and it's clear (even in this article some people are getting very angry and defensive) that same pattern has started again and I can pinpoint the very date it commenced. July 23rd 2020.

I'm pleading with you xbox guys, don't go down that dark path again. Please.

SamTheGamer915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

It’s called double standard by MS

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waverider915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Microsoft less talk, more work...

cesar4915d ago

Work takes work but bs is free.

Kaedro915d ago

Wow man, I think you clearly summarized Xbox's strategy.

rainslacker915d ago

LOL. Love that statement. Gonna use it from now on.:)

nowitzki2004915d ago

Im convinced they spend as much time researching BS they will use as they do making games.

915d ago
AngelicIceDiamond915d ago

This looks more like backtracking to me. This is just a fancy way of them saying our 1st party is working on X Series games. I'm curious because now its seems like The execs and the developers, their own teams never communicated their strategy I guess MS assumed they were making generational exclusives.

But to be fair MS never specified, or it was limited to their own first party though.

"It'll be a year or two before the console has first-party exclusives" That's the writers headline, which largely false.

What Matt Booty really said was:

"As our content comes out over the next year, two years, all of our games, sort of like PC, will play up and down that family of devices," Booty said."

"Content partners" 2nd and 3rd party indie, AA or AAA. So games like Tetris, Gunked, Bright Memory, The Ascent, Tell Me Why of course Halo Infinite which was already being developed on X1 way before the X Series and Psychonauts 2 again well into development on X1 and PS4 before MS bought them. Call Of The Sea. Only 2 1st party games are cross gen and the rest are cross gen, plus more will undoubtedly be announced if its the first year or two, that's fine by me. Also proof that MS wasn't dictating its 1st party to do cross gen stuff. They kept to their word and let the teams work on whatever hardware they choose, on whatever game they decide to make. So MS never back tracked or double talked at all, at least here.

That makes my first statement pointless now lol.

neutralgamer1992915d ago


All I know is you have been at every Ms article defending them like you are getting paid. Right now what they are getting is fair criticism only with that criticism can they really improve moving forward

Instead of always defending maybe try to see their shortcomings too. Your heart might be in the right place but your comments are clearly defensive and show favoritsm

AngelicIceDiamond915d ago

Ok stop, stop stop what do you have to say about my post stay on topic. Don't worry about what I'm doing. What do you have to say about my post on MS cross gen approach?

yomfweeee915d ago

Phil Spencer 100% said "You won’t be forced into the next generation. We want every Xbox player to play all the new games from Xbox Game Studios. That’s why Xbox Game Studios titles we release in the next couple of years—like Halo Infinite—will be available and play great on Xbox Series X and Xbox One. We won’t force you to upgrade to Xbox Series X at launch to play Xbox exclusives."

AngelicIceDiamond915d ago

Notice he only mentioned Halo Infinite. A game that was deep in development on X1 for a while. A launch game, he mentioned one game from its first party but Psychonauts is also cross gen title as well. The rest are from 3rd or 2nd party. Matt said from its content partners but not 1st party.

rainslacker915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

I love how suddenly H:I is a cross gen game, and that a good reason to not have high expectations of it. I mean, I recall how the cross gen stuff wasn't going to hold back the next gen. How if you even mentioned that H:I was a current gen game with enhanced graphics but nothing else, you were shot down by every Xbox fan boy here as a hater, or fan boy, or hypocrite. I recall how the XSX was the lead platform for H:I, and they were scaling back for this gen. The list really goes on and on about all the things that H:I was going to be. Countless arguments made up to defend MS, and every one of them ended up being proved wrong less than a week ago.

I've noticed this quite a few times over this gen, where prior criticisms of MS are made into positives when it can be spun around, and past defenses on those things are ignored.

Hell, I recall when one user mocked me because I once made mention that H:I could be a GaaS game, not as it would be a bad thing, just a speculation based on the name, and not one I even pressed that often....even in the face of MS moving towards GaaS models. He went on about how wrong I was, and how MS was all committed to AAA, and all these new studios were proof of that. here we are, and H:I is the laughing stock of the internet right now, oh, AND its going to be a GaaS game. I'm sure soon we'll hear how that's a good thing, so I really should pour through my comments to find that particular conversation.

Oddly enough, that person hasn't been around much since the conference, and hasn't posted in four days. I'd say maybe they got a restriction, but they haven't been in any of these negative articles, yet what few comments they do have are still positive towards mS, so it's not like they have finally seen just how bad MS actually is like I've noticed from a few other super fans around here.

What it comes down to is that H:I was the dinner bell for the serving of crow. An entire generation of MS performance, marketing, and PR BS exemplified in an 8 minute video. It's a last straw, and it's finally something that is so obvious, that it can't be denied, and people are going to take their shots at MS, and MS will continue on it's same performance path, use the same marketing, and talk the same PR BS that they have before, because if there is one thing that actually is consistent over at MS, it's that they never learn.

RpgSama915d ago (Edited 915d ago )


" I mean, I recall how the cross gen stuff wasn't going to hold back the next gen. How if you even mentioned that H:I was a current gen game with enhanced graphics but nothing else, you were shot down by every Xbox fan boy here as a hater, or fan boy, or hypocrite. I recall how the XSX was the lead platform for H:I, and they were scaling back for this gen"

Up until a week ago they were still going on about sliders and scalability, even Phil Spencer said it speaking to GamesIndustry, he called the idea of games being held back "a meme that gets created by people who are too caught up in device competition."

And fanboys used that quote for a good 13 days until they saw Halo Infinite, now it's ok for it to look old gen, actually it was expected according to them, it's us that are blowing things out of proportion by pretending too much from a cross-gen game, as always MS it's great at moving goal posts.

Outside_ofthe_Box915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

If only people viewed it as such from the beginning.

Prior to the 23rd people swore up and down about how pro consumer it was that games were cross gen and how MS wasn't abandoning millions of current gen gamers just to sell/force you to buy a new box that will take devs a couple years to fully utilize it anyway. People were also adamant that if a game could run on previous consoles, why not release them on there as well. Also oftenly brought up was how you can build for next gen first and then scale down to lesser consoles.

Now games that were listed as coming to XB1 are being removed from the platform. And now people are like "MS never demanded cross gen in the first place!" Oh really? Then why weren't people saying this before? The 23rd comes and goes and all of sudden the cross gen vs next gen only debate is no longer a thing. Weird.

AngelicIceDiamond915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

We mainly took Matt's words out of context or we didn't read what he said rigbt. We saw 1st party, but he said content partners. We just immediately thought he meant their studios and ran with it. But he never said that all. I would of made clarity on his statement if I didn't read it wrong like everyone else did.

Outside_ofthe_Box915d ago

But do you understand my overall point?

Correct if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that people only took that stance because they thought MS was pushing for it and not because they truly believed that cross gen was the best way to go. Otherwise one should be upset if a game had XB1 listed as a platform, but is now removed.

AngelicIceDiamond915d ago

They're still pushing for it, just not for 1st party. Matt could of re-clarified what he meant at the start.

rainslacker915d ago

That kind of stuff annoys me to no end. Countless arguments on here saying the same thing you said that is now used as a defense by the side that you were arguing with months, or even years ago. People that swore up and down how wrong you were, only to act like they always believed what you said to be true, and refuse to ever admit that others were saying that before, but as a criticism, not a positive.

Spin is an amazing tool, and MS does have it's loyal followers trained well. But, if you notice, it usually takes a few days for those things to start making the rounds. I'm starting to come to the belief that MS is putting this spin out there for it's community to use to negate the criticisms, because from what I can tell, most people who make these positive statements on bad things don't seem very good at coming up with any kind of original thought based on critical thinking skills. It's always just parroting the current talking points that paint MS in a good light.

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robleroy914d ago

People (xbox and ps fans) are missing the big picture.

SONY and Microsoft are two different animals.

SONY is a hardware and entertainment (media) company which must rely on the quality of its products because of the name\brand SONY. (SONY means quality)

MICROSOFT is a IT product provider (internet and computing services) with a large portion of marketing wizards who are the best in marketing whatever they have (Microsoft has developed great products by copying/buying technology and marketing them at AAA level (Exchange,Skype,Windows etc etc))

From my point of view Microsoft is busy making gamepass their primair golden goose.
(I remember the 360 days when Microsoft pushed the 1parties to develop their games towards xboxlive (HALO3..Do we remember the quote "single play games are dead"/ paywall etc etc...?))
and turning down a HALO movie directed/helmed by direct9 and lord of the rings two directors because of an extra 100.000.000 and stating afterwards that they invested 300.000.000 for the design of the xbox one game controller.

Naturally BUNGIE left MS ofcourse to try to continue to conquer the world with destiny.

What I read trough the lines, is that MS is less interested (only during the OG xbox) in creating the best games, but more interested in having the most games\subscriptions and creating revenue because of that.

I do not blame MS. They've tried during the 1 xbox, but it was a financial disaster to compete with SONY to manage game companies to create AAA games that could compete. (yes ther were very succesfull in topping SONY at their own game, but the investments and cost to manage game development was too much of a challance)
It's easier to create HYPE and a lot of hot air and invest 0 or less possible in gamestudios or games.

The ps5 development cycle was longer (2017 :sony's first confimation) compaired to the xbox x series, and the design should say a lot in how much investment was done in each of the consoles.

The gamepass method/stategy is mostly good for newcommers or indies. This is good because MS has been criticised because of this in the past.
The bad news is because of the multi platform playability pushing, AAA game development will be prioritised less. (the game/goal will not be about selling the most consoles anymore for Microsoft, but selling the most gamepass subscribtions)

I was betting on HALO to lure me into getting a xbox (I really miss the halo and halo2 days...Halo 3 was also great for multy play, the single play not so much)).

It looks like I'll be staying at SONY. ...I just can't see 343 or any company fixing HALO infinity to the level that it at least looks miles better than Destiny2 and maybe a little next GEN feel would also be good.

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