Xbox Series X Still Needs To Prove Its Worth

KeenGamer: "Microsoft's recent disappointing Xbox Game Showcase shows how far the Xbox Series X still has to go to be worth any kind of significant financial investment. There are some things to be optimistic about, absolutely, but we're not convinced that this particular showcase will turn many heads."

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purple10154d ago

At this point, for xbox it's like climbing everest with one foot.

chrisx54d ago

In this case MS isn't even trying anymore. It looks to be another mediocre gen for xbox again.


Led by Phil "Can't Get Right" Spencer.

Sonic-and-Crash54d ago

probably they quit trying to compete with Sony and just release a generic console-type-thing for those who dont have PC -Windows....all their revenue comes from windows and they centered their attention there for games ....also stupid moves by Sony(relasing Death stranding Horizon for Windows ) basically empowers MS and their Xbox ecosystem as they have to pay MS rights for the game to be released on windows and additionaly PS loses its exclusive catalog

kreate53d ago

i have it just to have it. Xbox console is pretty good. it just doesnt have any games but 3rd party.

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stuna153d ago

I can't help trying to imagine that lol.

zacfoldor54d ago

One game could do it, but where is that game? Microsoft having great games would be great for all of gaming, imo. It is a loss for all of gaming when they don't deliver. When they don't deliver, gaming doesn't deliver, so please Xbox do better. I still believe in them, honestly, they just need to fix whatever is wrong here.

CobraKai54d ago

But wouldn’t that one game also be available on One and PC for their “ecosystem” and game pass? I think the problem is why get Series X when you don’t have to?

FlavorLav0154d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Gonna be a couple years before I see that purchase as necessary since the 1st party line-up looks barren for launch. Steam and PS5 should have me covered until Fable and Avowed arrive in 2022 or later. Even then a month or 2 or gamepass should catch me up on PC. Definitely won’t be spending as much with xbox this gen so that’s good, but you typically get what you pay for...

Gamist2dot054d ago

The live stream was terrible. Saw the showcase again in 4K, HDR, etc and it wasn't that bad - kinda impressed but not as impressive as Sony's because of their display of more in-game footage. It's that MS kept mentioning 4K/60fps and most powerful console which you would expect to get blown-away but didn't find it in the showcase.

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