10 Best Video Games to Play With Your Children

Franlin writes: Many adult gamers want to share their passion for gaming with their children. It’s natural – many of us have fond memories of gaming in our youth and want our children to have similar experiences, ideally with us.

I remember the days when my mother, cousin, and I would play games together. Sometimes we’d pass the controller while playing through a single-player game, but more often than not, we’d play multiplayer games for all of us to enjoy without being spectators. When it comes to playing games with your children, I’d recommend multiplayer games over single-player titles, especially in the beginning. It gives you the opportunity to teach your children that it is okay to lose sometimes and that there is fun in just playing, win, lose or draw.

I’ve put together a list of 10 great video games to play with your children. They span a range of genres and gaming generations, and while many are multiplayer, there are a handful of single-player classics thrown in for good measure, too.

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Petebloodyonion51d ago

I'm currently playing Wii Sport with my boy (he turned 4) and he's playing a mean game of tennis and Wii boxing.
But I agree with Mario kart since you can use the motion detector like a steering wheel.

Positivelypositive 51d ago

The fact that the new mario kart on the switch has the auto lane correction and auto forward so you don't have to hold the gas button down had my four year old sure he was playing. Really he just shot off the items but after a while he did begun to steer himself. The training wheels really helped him get started and now he loves the game normally years later.