Someone's remade Beat Saber in the Dreams PSVR update

Earlier this week, Media Molecule finally released its much anticipated VR update for Dreams and of course one of the first things made by the community was a remake of Beat Saber.

You can watch me take this tribute for a test drive in today's episode of Ian's VR Corner, along with a selection of other Dreams VR creations that have been made by both Media Molecule and the community.

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THC CELL126d ago

Something more original on vr dreams where u travel inside a human body I forgot the name but is very good I'll post it when I'm home

SullysCigar125d ago

Yes, that's awesome! Also try a racing game called Tectonic. You're driving through a storm and an earthquake hits, ripping up the road and changing the layout right in front of you - it's really well done!

Hakuoro125d ago

I feel like Dreams deserves more respect than it gets.

Knushwood Butt125d ago

I don't own Beat Saber so will check this out.

SullysCigar125d ago

The creator has made a great attempt, but it's really just indicative of Beat Saber at the moment. The game proper is awesome.

I'm sure he intends to tune it far more and I know his intention is to allow custom songs for anyone!

Even as it is now, it's a commendable achievement and I'll be watching as he evolves his work.

119d ago