Can Halo Infinite Really Last 10 Years?

Halo Infinite plans to be a ten-year game, but can 343 Industries really keep fans invested in the game for an entire decade?

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lifeisgamesok121d ago

Judging by the gameplay so far, I'm going to say no. This was also the plan for Destiny 1

RpgSama120d ago

I hate these GaaS route that MS plans to take with their games, Halo GaaS, Forza GaaS, Fable probably GaaS (those are the rumors at least), Everwild GaaS.

Does this mean we will get even less games from MS if all those teams are supporting those 10 year plans?

CyberSentinel120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Exactly my fear as well. I want to support M$ next generation, but I’m getting nervous. I have no interest in Gamepass, or 10 year “serviceable” games without sequels.

PyroMessiah86120d ago

Lot of assumptions going on here. Little fact.

gamer7804120d ago

depends on the game, sometimes GaaS works great, sometimes not depends on the game and the implementation.

Army_of_Darkness120d ago

@CyberSentinel want to support MS, but have no interest in gaas or gamepass which is what Ms is all about right now so my question is, why exactly do you want to support ms new console then?

CyberSentinel119d ago

@Army of Darkness

I love some of M$’s franchises like,
Gears, Halo, Fable, Crackdown, Ori, Cuphead, etc. I want to own those games on physical media. I want Sequels.
If I’m not going to be able to have those things, then I have no reason to buy a Xbox.

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BlackIceJoe120d ago

If Halo Infinite wasn't a Xbox One game, but Xbox Series X and PC only game, the chances it could last ten years would be greater.

I personally hope Microsoft rethinks their strategy and comes out to say that their cancelling the Xbox One version.

Having Halo Infinite exclusive to the Xbox Series X would be a reason to upgrade to the next Xbox system, because unfortunately right now there isn't any Xbox Series X exclusives until 22.

The reason I say that is because all Microsoft showed was CGI trailers and as a gamer I want Xbox Series X to be successful, because it pushes PlayStation 5 to bring out better games too.

I really want Microsoft to stick around in the video game market, but unfortunately from what was shown, I can still play Halo Infinite on my Xbox One and Xbox Series X exclusives games won't be coming out soon.

So that is why I say cancel the game for Xbox One and make Halo Infinite an exclusive, then after that happens I'll have a reason to buy a Xbox Series X at launch.

LordoftheCritics120d ago

Not gonna happen.

It would be backing out of a massive commitment that was started with Play Anywhere since 2014.

BlackIceJoe120d ago

I agree it won't happen, but as a Xbox fan, I personally think it would be the smarter thing for the Xbox Series X in the long run.

Yes in the short term you'll have Xbox fans angry about it, but giving fans a reason to upgrade is the smarter choice long term.

ActualWhiteMan120d ago

Scalability doesnt change the quality of a game. I can play todays best game on a laptop with integrated graphics and it can look like an N64 game, or I can play it on the best PC money can buy and it would blow your mind. The issue is development breakdown likely pandemic related.

I_am_Batman120d ago

Well thankfully they've only comitted to cross-gen for a year. Next-gen only multiplats might give people enough of a reason to upgrade, although the PS5 might look like a more attractive option if Sony manages to have the more impressive exclusives early on.

Backing out of their cross-gen commitment won't really help those early titles, because it's too late to fundamentally rework them now. It would seem like a desperation move to make people buy the new console. Flip-flopping on that issue with their flagship title wouldn't sit well with their fanbase after MS have adamantly proclaimed how anti-consumer such a move would be.

I'm afraid they have to sit this one out and hope that 3rd parties carry them through the transition period.

morganfell120d ago

Is it a year? Or is it two. Microsoft have actually been quite vague about something that should have been marked on a calendar:

“As our content comes out over the next year, two years, all of our games, sort of like PC, will play up and down that family of devices,” Booty explains. “We want to make sure that if someone invests in Xbox between now and [Series X] that they feel that they made a good investment and that we’re committed to them with content.”

I_am_Batman120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

@morganfell: I agree it's a very vague statemement. It could be interpreted as everything from:
-a little over a year from the point of the interview to
-two years from the console's launch

In a sense it's a fairly non-committal statement, but my main point was that pulling current gen support from the titles that have already confirmed it wouldn't be a good move.

I could see the transition being much less significant than many people think. Especially now that we know that Hellblade 2, Avowed, Fable, Everwild, Forza and State of Decay 3 are next-gen only titles.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Halo Infinite was the only cross-gen game we've seen from Xbox game studios.

Edit: According to wikipedia Grounded, Psychonauts 2 and Wasteland 3 are current gen.

sprinterboy120d ago

Playstation 5 will be sitting at approx 30m plus by the time series X gets a decent 1st party game.
The goto system for the casuals would have already been won by playstation by that point and only see series X at 10/12m after 2 years.
After that reveal event its already game over.
Within the nxt 2 years Phil Spencer will be gone aswell and it'll be a fresh start.

Minute Man 721120d ago

@ sprinter

If the PS5 is @$500, Good luck selling 30 million consoles in 2 years

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zeuanimals120d ago

It's way too late for them to drop XBO support and to take full advantage of the XSX's hardware. That's something they gotta do much earlier into development.

outsider1624120d ago

"So that is why I say cancel the game for Xbox One and make Halo Infinite an exclusive, then after that happens I'll have a reason to buy a Xbox Series X at launch."

It's too late to cancel it for xbox one. Ms from the beginning of Halo infinity's development should have been exclusively for the series x. Take advantage of the Series X's graphical power, the fast SSD etc.

Imagine the difference that would have made when comparing it to previous Halos. Im pretty sure the xbox/halo fans wont mind at all.
I mean just look at the difference between R&C ps4 vs R&C Rift apart(ps5)
Horizon zero dawn and Horizon Forbidden West.

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Shubhendu_Singh120d ago

I am gonna gamble and say Yes, but not 10.

Halo fans LOVE Halo. They keep coming back to it. And almost no hardcore fan disliked Halo 5 Multiplayer. Given most of this "Halo as a Platform" will involve small story tidbits and mostly multiplayer activity I think it can last 5 Years. (10 is just unrealistic and you know it)

That was IF the game had been a graphical knockout or atleast passable next gen. The tech and game design are already set in stones now, nothing going to change drastically in just 4 months. But I do not dare predict against Halo fans, they love this shit so much so yeah they will singlehandedly carry this franchise into a 3 - 6 Million Seller in year one.

rockwhynot120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I am a hardcore Halo fan who disliked Halo 5 because it had squeaky hit marker and shield regen sound effects. I never completed a single SP mission nor MP match in H5 those sound effects were so obnoxious to me. 343 i even responded to heavy criticism by dialing back those horrid sound effects to occur only after getting a kill instead of how it was in the beta where literally every single solitary shot landed bathed the sound scape in bird chirps and consequently nobody could even hear the actual gun sounds!

sinspirit120d ago

Please don't fabricate the meaning of "hardcore Halo fan". Most fans didn't like 4 or 5. The ones that stick with it are part of the problem. The games are just not good. They're average games in a Halo skin and spit on the past titles. They show that they've been written by too many individual authors of generic sci-fi books and not creative minds with a hint of originality like the original Halo writers.

rockwhynot120d ago

All of my friends and I had a blast with Halo 4. Both its campaign and multiplayer were lit. 343 Industries even said " beginner's luck" when praised by critics.

ForwardDude120d ago

3-6 million for a game free on Gamepass?? 3-6 million download maybe with a nice graphics that show how many million hours played or how many billion "Greg" killed. Also Ghost of Tsushima a new IP PS4 exclusive sold at 60$ sold 2.3 million in 3 day. 3-6 million in one year for a Halo game released on 3 platform is really low.

lonewolf10120d ago

Only full MMO's seem to last that long.

rockwhynot120d ago

So long as they don't bring back those squeaky hit marker and shield regen sound effects from Halo 5 yes!

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