THQ Signs In-game Ad Deal with Microsoft's Massive

Microsoft's in-game advertising firm Massive Inc. today announced that it has signed an exclusive deal with publisher THQ.

The multiyear deal will see Massive serving dynamic in-game ads into many of THQ's existing and future products, with the company mentioning Saints Row 2 as a prime example.

"With an open-world, mission-based game such as 'Saints Row 2' coming into the Massive network, we can work creatively with advertisers to place their brands in new, edgy environments," said edgy Massive COO Eric Bassman.

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oriol0034250d ago

Here comes a new era of games were advertisements in games are actually real pretty lame it would only be good if they would lower the prices of the games I can see that maybe happening with the xbox 360 and wii but the ps3's discs will remain the same considering they use expensive blue-ray discs sucks to have a ps3.