5 Shows That Should Return With G4TV

From Cinelinx:

This past week delivered the surprise reveal that G4TV was making a return. While we still don't have the details on how, there are some shows I hope to see return with it!

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isarai53d ago

Adam's Soapbox, loved his rants

darklordzor53d ago

Agreed. Most of his stuff was really good!

OtterX53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I only recently discovered that Victor Lucas is still doing The Electric Playground on Youtube! I'd love for his show to return, and even if Tommy Tallarico doesn't rejoin in full I'd still like to see him make occasional guest appearances!

Hopefully some of the old bloods for us aging gamers. I know they'll put a bunch of young new faces as well. Give us The Sess and Webb!


I want to be positive, but I fear that we’ll get a politically correct version of G4. A lot of the jokes/flirting/sexual innuendo wouldn’t fly in 2020.

gamer780453d ago

Ugh didn’t think about that, I hope they keep it edgy, But screensavers could still be cheesey

NecrumOddBoy53d ago

I want more old-school G4 than the TechTV stuff. the show with Tina Wood, Scot, and Laura Foy was fun. I also loved ICONs and used to stay up late watching Cinematech playing some of the weirdest trailers and gameplay. I think with Max Scoville on IGN, we are one down on X-Play. I also think the Sess isn't what he used to be. Sort of a douche. Tommy and Vic need a return though. Judgement Day was badass. Vic still does EP on YouTube.

blackblades53d ago

Thought I was the only one that actually like watching Cinematech. Anyways also enjoyed Attack of the show as well as seeing them and x-play crew doing E3 on tv like a news broadcast. I enjoyed watching on that stuff on TV then you tube these days. You tuber just grab stuff from what other people say and think there funny but not as well as drag on there nonsense.

Dixiedevil53d ago

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Almost everything that made it fun would have the evangelicals screeching to have it shut down. On top of that, it seems a huge chunk of the industry is onboard with that garbage as well. I think the new G4 will be a bland, woke train wreck. I hope it isn’t...but I’m bettin’ it is.

jairusmonillas53d ago

Sorry. Digital age doesn't need G4TV.

XxINFERNUSxX53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Maybe now Code Monkeys will make a return for season 3 :D I have both seasons I loved that cartoon ^)^ This one is a classic :D

I also remember Arena with Lee Reherman hosting. RIP :(

NecrumOddBoy53d ago


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