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"By now, you don't really need me to tell you how great of a movie The Dark Knight is but it never hurts to tell those seven or eight people out there what they are missing. Warner Home Video has given the mega-blockbuster a decent Blu-ray, with excellent picture and audio presentations, but iffy supplemental material nowhere near as good as it could or should have been. Still, you shouldn't let the latter stop you from owning the best summer blockbuster in ages on the best home video format around."

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Panthers4720d ago

My top movie of all time. period.

Bonsai12144720d ago

great movie, but the transfer that warner gave it is horrible. its not even tier 0 over at AVS. you compare it with the trailer they showed on a while back and there's definite problems with what they did with it. oh well.

we still got Wall-E which has the best blu-ray transfer to date.

SonyOwnsNextYear4720d ago

+1 DARK mighty nail in the dvd coffin

Slinger4204720d ago

I waited for this to come out on Blu Ray rather than sitting in an absolutely packed out theater with loud mouth fanboys. I'm sure it will be freakin awesome in 1080p !!!

QUNE4720d ago

This will be the first Blu-ray movie I buy, that's for sure.

SL1M DADDY4720d ago

If so, you're missing out on some other great titles. Iron Man, Pirates, Spider Man, Cars, Blackhawk Down, Transformers - All great titles to own on BD. If not for the movie itself, the sound in Transformers is frigging amazing.

xhi44720d ago

sell sooo many blu-ray players

and maybe even PS3's

cmrbe4719d ago

Why just buy a stand alone player when you can also get them gameing device as well for the family with the PS3.

I am sure most people will look at it like this.

butterfinger4720d ago

goodbye Iron Man blu ray records. lol.

will114720d ago

Well, i agree with this statement because this is actually the very first blu-ray movie i will buy on release date from excitement. I only own 2 other bluray movies and one was a gift and one came with the ps3.

Bathyj4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

I'm glad I never got Batman Begins on BR. Both are out in a boxset soon.

And now by special request.

Dec 10th. No doubt it will be cheaper at JBHiFi.

Rhythmattic4720d ago

In Oz ? When... When.. Tell me More.

Rhythmattic4720d ago (Edited 4720d ago )

Love the "Phantom" disagrees....

Must be an sore HD-DUD Adopter.

Thanks Bathyj. The 10th at JB in Sydney... Ye Hah..

Matrix BR Box set Next.

shelbygt334719d ago

I own Batman Begins (on HD-DVD) and it is awesome. I can't wait to pick this on up on BR. And I am excited to see that they used VC-1 to encode it - I generally find that codec produces sharper pictures than AVC (and MPEG).


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