Watch Dogs Legion Won't Be Another Boring Watch Dogs Game

COG writes: Watch Dogs Legion is making a lot of promises but so far they seem to be holding up. Check out our discussion on what you can expect from the next entry in Ubisoft's hacker franchise.

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jznrpg64d ago

That’s was the feeling for 2

KyRo64d ago

There was nothing wrong with 2 except the cheesy, Americanised cliches. It was cringe but the gameplay itself was a million times better than the first game and a lot smoother.

From what I've seen from WD:L it's going down the Saints Row 3 route of being silly which makes it a no from me.

BrettAwesome64d ago

"It was cringe"? Man, that makes me anger and sadness at the same time. A minute ago I was happiness, but now I'm annoy

Marcello64d ago

I dont trust Ubisoft at all anymore especially after Far Cry 5 & the terrible remaster of AC3. So Ubisoft can count me out of any game they make.

AcidDvl64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I bought Assassin's Creed III and Watch Dogs day one. Worse purchases of my life.

They're not very good at games tbh. Feels like they treat games like products, unlike game from Sony, which you can feel the love of the devs when they talk about their games, like Cory Barlog and Bryan Intihar for example.

TheFallen132764d ago

You mean naughty dog, santa monica ,etc etc

Marcello64d ago

@AcidDvl Spot on m8, Ubisoft process their games whereas Naughty Dog craft their games.

Muzikguy64d ago

Watch Dogs I also bought Day 1. Definitely the worst game I've bought this generation. After that I haven't touched Ubisoft games (I did try out the Division and wasn't thrilled there either). Plenty of better games to play than their garbage

sprinterboy64d ago

Just another rinse and repeat game. I'll give it a miss.

Razmiran64d ago

I thought 2 was fine, by the time its stealth arenas got repetitive it was close to being over

Psychotica64d ago

This game gives me the Saints Row over the top vibe for some reason. Maybe it's the flying drones that you stand on while wearing a pig mask. Idk, I wish it wasn't future based and was more serious\realistic.

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The story is too old to be commented.