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Oscar Garcia writes: "Just like Super Mario did in his day, The Last of Us part 2 will change the paradigm and concept of video games. Sitting in command we will see how we are ashamed of our own feelings, guilt will drag us to the depths of our misery, anger will stir us on our sofa and without a doubt we will feel disgust at the innate evil of the human being.

Ellie's journey will make us scream, laugh, cry and wonder if after this adventure we are better or worse people. Naughty Dog's work transmits feelings and sensations that have never been experienced in any other medium before, capable of polarizing and confronting opinions. With The Last of Us part 2 the video game can no longer be seen as just entertainment, that border has already been crossed, from now on the video game is already art."

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Gianoni33543d ago

Agree. Not my GOTG, but still a piece of art. That will change and inspire few things in industry from now. Thanks ND.

potatoseal543d ago

It's mine too. Ghost of Tsushima is a close second, although I haven't finished that yet. I'm on the 3rd Act

TheKingKratos543d ago

Mine as well and GOW2018 is close second

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VerminSC543d ago

It’s my game of all time.It makes me kind of sad because I don’t know if I’ll ever like a game this much again.

Clover904543d ago

Gotg 1)Tlou2 2)GoW 3)Death Stranding

DrDeath543d ago

Death stranding doesnt even come close to top anything. Lol it had great cinematics i guess

God of war. Spiderman etc eat it for breakfast and spit it out

iplay1up2543d ago

I just finished TLOU remastered. Other than the story I thought it wasn't that great at all. I have never been happier seeing credits to a game roll.

I will pick up part 2, when it is $20.

potatoseal543d ago

I surprised you'll even play part 2 at all, seeing as though you didn't like the first game. Maybe they're not for you.

anast543d ago

IKR? I surprised he/she even finished the first one.

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Qin1982543d ago

TLOU2 is my GOTG. No doubt.

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The story is too old to be commented.