What Made Sunset Overdrive Great? Fun Traversal Mechanics Tony Hawk Would Be Proud Of

It’s the most shocking reveal after finally putting proper time into Insomniac’s first open-world game.

Its rebellious, punk, but ultimately fun take of the apocalypse. There’s not enough discourse about this one thing that made Sunset Overdrive great. Maybe because it’s so painfully obvious, but we need to talk about it.

Let’s talk about Sunset Overdrive’s great traversal mechanics.

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Minute Man 721418d ago

This was a fun game, too bad Xbox gamers never supported this.

moriarty1889418d ago

Insomniac reached out to Phil and MS for a green light for the sequel multiple times as per Ted Price and they never even got back to them. MS dropped the ball big time and now Sony owns Insomniac. Hope we get a sequel on PS5.

LucasRuinedChildhood418d ago

I'm not sure why Sony haven't ported this yet since they own it now.

LightofDarkness418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

It's probably a sticky situation, with this particular product still likely being the property of MS. They could just reboot it, perhaps, but it might have to a be a whole new product.

Honestly, it seems like it should be a lot of fun but it just isn't that great, IMO. They're onto bigger and better things with Spiderman.

Tech5418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

it's an alright game. (steam version) after my second play-though i still have have the same issues with it though.
it's a pretty good launch title but it lacks depth in character creation.
wished it had more options for voices and clothing.

Sayai jin418d ago

Xbox gamers? I don't know why people put people in a camp as just Xbox gamers, PS gamers, PC gamers, etc. I own all platforms and played this Sunset Overdrive. It is true that this game was not heavily adopted on Xbox, but I knew many multi platform people who had PS4 and Xbox (some Sony fans) that slept on this game.

I am sure Sony will green light a sequel to the game. Which I will play for sure. Is might be a little weird to launch a 1st party sequel, when the first game was not on the platform.

The Wood418d ago

Kinda reminded me of jet set radio. I enjoyed that game hard

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Imortus_san418d ago

Sunset Overdrive game was boring just like all Insomniac games, they start great and then fall fast.

2ndhandcorn418d ago

I enjoyed it co op was fun would play more.