Official Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Logo Spotted in Dorito's Promo Bags

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War logo spotted in Dorito's tie-in bags that offer double XP, suggests Octtober release date.

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RaidenBlack63d ago

Dorito’s packaging? 😂
"Watch the new Mountain Dew ad to unlock the Reveal Trailer download link"

franwex63d ago

Wouldn’t mind Mountain Dew bringing back game fuel that they made for Halo 3.

I would buy a 10 year supply this time.

RaidenBlack63d ago

Some people still have them in immaculate condition.

porkChop63d ago

Jesus Christ. Stop with Black Ops. The last two Black Ops games sucked. Just call it Cold War and let it be its own thing.

RaidenBlack63d ago

Yea, I kinda agree.
But they're trying for that MW Reboot success to repeat.

excaliburps63d ago

C'mon! Black Ops 3 and BO4 weren't that bad. I mean the Specialist stuff was a bit too much at times and the MTX was insanely bad, but core gameply was good. :)

62d ago