Why Sleeping Dogs Is The Best True Crime Game

Sleeping Dogs was in development as a True Crime game at one point, and it's the best of the series.

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Sokol1042d ago

I believe that title belongs to the Yakuza series for the last 10 years.

Sleeping dogs is also a very enjoyable game in similar genre but the level of polish and budget lags far behind Yakuza.

Still a good game.

warriorcase1041d ago

"Sleeping Dogs was in development as a True Crime game at one point"

"True Crime" was a game series with True Crime: New York and True Crime: Streets of LA.

Sleeping dogs started out as True Crime: Hong Kong. They're not talking about crime games in general.

Terry_B1042d ago

Are you okay? The King of Crime games is Yakuza since many years. Get serious with your next article ^^

SickSinceSix1042d ago

True Crime was a game series, GTA even had a True Grime billboard in San Andreas parodying it. I never played the second but the original even had Snoop Dogg as a playable character.

Profchaos1042d ago

True crime was hugely ambitious but bit off far more than it could chew which is a shame as sleeping dogs proved the series had great ideas but needed refinement.

Maybe one day it can return but I doubt it Activision really butchered true crime new york personally I actually liked it but I know it was pretty hated all over but I loved being able to arrest random people extort stores and search car boots at random

1041d ago
NVMGaiden1041d ago

Sleeping Dogs is still better than the best Yakuza (0). Yakuza is also not true crime nor is it in the series True Crime. Also Sleeping Dogs has a more interesting protag and tighter combat. Yakuza is much closer to Shenmue if anything.

Terry_B1040d ago

The combat in Sleeping Dogs is ...lame. I give you that the main protagonist was more interesting..but the giant cast of antagonists with a ton of personality made the Yakuza game's story superb in comparison. And "not true crime" What is that even supposed to mean?

DanielEndurance1042d ago

Nah... Streets Of L.A. baby. Just for that soundtrack.

FallenAngel19841042d ago

Lol at the fail at people who don’t realize this article is comparing Sleeping Dogs with the True Crime franchise

Why dafuq are y’all talking about Yakuza like it’s part of the True Crime series?

Dissidia1042d ago

Many don’t know Sleeping Dogs started as the next in the True Crime franchise before Square grabbed it

MrSwankSinatra1041d ago

Yakuza is hot dog shit anyways

Bathyj1042d ago

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isarai1041d ago

Duk Laaa! I'll bere right away!

So many lines engrained in my memory from that game.

staticall1041d ago

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