Star Citizen Videos Discuss Alpha 3.10 Update & More as Crowdfunding Passes $306 Million

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a couple of brand new videos about its growing online space simulator.

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RaidenBlack55d ago

Just please release the Squadron 42 campaign.
And keep on working on the main simulator. Don't care honestly.

lonewolf1054d ago

That's all I'm waiting for too.

Dudeson54d ago

Jeez how many years in a row has it been that I've been saying to myself: don't worry, squadron 42 will be out this year just believe!

LordoftheCritics54d ago

This year for sure.

If not we can discuss again next yr.


So release around the PS6 and next Xbox console? LOL

Deathdeliverer54d ago

This has got to be an example of poor management from top to bottom. Poor time management, money management, productivity management, you name it, it’s f’d up. It’s the only way this shit can possibly cost this much, take this long, and not be out yet. So what happens if funding stops TODAY. If nobody else donates or buys a damn thing do they just say “well guys, we ran out of money and shutdown production. We hope you’re happy with where it is. We wanted to do more than 5 missions but the funding just wasn’t there.” Really think the money given to these guys would have been better used on strippers at this point. At least it was fun, has multiple possible endings, and usually comes with an experience worth telling your friends.

Ezio204854d ago

Biggest scam of the decade

Reefskye53d ago

Paying to play online is the biggest scam of the decade.