What In The World Is Going On With Nintendo?

GB: "I’m hoping that they consider the response to their last few streams, and decide to actually let us have a peek beyond the curtain for a little while longer. Announce games that are more than a few months out, show off stuff that might be out next year, and build some hype. Get your fanbase energized again. Because there are almost 60 million owners of the Nintendo Switch at this point – unlike the Wii U days, Nintendo can’t afford to ignore fan expectations for too long, because they have literally four times as many eyes on them. So here’s hoping that they speak up again, and soon – and that they don’t put their foot in their mouth again when they do."

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FallenAngel198459d ago

You’d think with Nintendo having a platform that would foster their console and handheld titles there’d be a never ending deluge of first party titles

This gap is really disappointing as they’re not living up to their true potential

--Onilink--59d ago

They already released 3 1st party games in the first half of the year. Since when do Sony or MS release 5,6, 7 or more 1st party exclusives every year?

I dont get why people complain that Nintendo is not releasing games every other month, no game developer does.

As for the communication part, that is definitely lacking so far

vfl52358d ago

Because, unlike Sony and Microsoft, they are not as reliant on their 1st party studios as Nintendo. They get all the big 3rd party games while Nintendo doesn't. And I'll suspect that's only going to get worse with the transition into the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

remixx11658d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Also the titles they released this year come off as a bit smaller than those MS and Sony release. Combine that with the fact that a large large large portion of there releases are supplemented by ports and remasters, it just doesn't look as strong

They are still amazing but they definitely don't give that AAA feel so alot of people just don't see them

King_Noctis59d ago

So far this year they had released:

Tokyo Mirage Session FE
Animal Crossing NH
Xenoblade DE
Clubhouse Game
Paper Mario

5 games in the span of 7 months, I don’t consider that as a “gap”. Should they do better? Definitely. But you’ve got to realize that Nintendo has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

58d ago
Einhander197158d ago

Them titles may interest you but I want to see a new Starfox, some Metroid footage, more Mario, more Zelda, something to get really excited for.

Tacoboto59d ago

This gap is disappointing to us, meanwhile the Switch is selling better and faster than ever outside of holiday time.

Nintendo's doing the least marketing for the best return. Sounds like good business strategy! The Paper Mario rumor turned out to be true so if the other part of that is too - 3D Mario Remasters across the board - then they've got nothing to worry about.


"What In The World Is Going On With Nintendo?"

Judging by their sales figures....success.
I still have a huge backlog of Switch JRPGs that I know I won't finish until 2022. And I still haven't bought Three Houses or Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition yet.....not to mention the upcoming SMT Nocturne, SMT 5, BOTW 2, Bayonetta 3 etc.

I'd love to see the gamer profiles of people who criticize the Switch's lack of game releases considering that their premier titles tend to take 100+ hours to fully complete (Super Mario Odyssey, BOTW, DQ 11 S, Octopath Traveler etc.).

I assure you that most Switch fans are satisfied and our backlogs are huge.

iQuasar59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Already beat Octopath, BotW, Xenoblade, and Baynetta on Switch.

You know what, I beat SMT 4 on other consoles. As well as most of the RPG game catalog on other consoles. If Nintendo wants to be that platform that copies remakes and re-releases like mobile phones and PC I guess they can do it. BUUUUT I will not be buying stuff because its on the new hotness console.

We hate Bethesda for it, why does Nintendo get a pass?!


Did you also complete Xenoblade 2, Mario Odyssey, Luigi's Mansion 3, and Three Houses?

Sciurus_vulgaris59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Look at the passes Nintendo generally gets:
1. Dated hardware
2. Expensive Games (including selling low budget games at an AAA price and a lack of price drops)
3. Poor netcoding
4. Dated Online Infrastructure
5. Lack of new IPs
6. Re-selling ports
7. Build quality
8. Selling and re-selling 2-3 versions of the same game.
9. Very dated visuals in some of their titles (e.g. Pokemon Sword and Shield)
10. Poor performance in some of their titles (e.g. Pokemon Sword and Shield)

Zhipp59d ago

1. Switch hardware was not dated at launch.
2. I'll give you that one. At least it means you can resell them for a high price if you want.
3. They don't get a pass for this. People constantly complain about it. I think the only reason it's not an even bigger deal is the fact that, with the exception of Splatoon(which has solid netcode) their games all focus on local multiplayer.
4. Isn't this the same as #3?
5. New IP's are overrated. There. I said it. New IP != new gameplay experience, and new games in old IP's can still be innovative.
6. I'm guilty of giving them a pass on that one too, so touche.
7. Switch's build quality is the best we've seen from a Nintendo launch system to date, with the exception of those pesky joycons, which they are rightfully being blasted for.
8. Same as #6? Unless you're talking about Pokemon, in which case... yeah.
9 & 10. You should check the Pokemon Sword & Shield metecritic userscore. I think you'll find it enlightening.

ZeroBlue259d ago

Because Nintendo gets a pass on everything. Never understood why.

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georeo59d ago

Your backlog just seems like you don't have time. I don't need to tell you that you are damage controlling.


I’m not. The stats prove that most gamers don’t beat their games. Why would you ask for more food if your plate is still full?

King_Noctis59d ago

His backlog consists of a lot of rpgs. And you know how long an rpg usually is.

Riku0759d ago

I completely agree with you. I know not every gamer on the switch out there could have completed their backlogs. I have huge backlog just like you. And this just on switch and not counting the other system I owned. I am playing daemon x machina, grandia HD collection(I haven't even started it yet, just bought it), fire emblem 3H(very long game but I completed the side story dlc), dragon quest XI S(another freaking long game), octopath traveler(yes I know this game came out a while ago), the dlc story for xenoblade 2 but I completed the main story for xenoblade 2 a long time ago. And this isn't all the switch games I owned. If you want to exactly all games I have and what I am focusing on then ask me lol. The point is that a break from games releasing for a while is not totally awful for everyone. There will be a lot more games coming out. We just got to give developers more time to create. BTW I didn't list any of the Wii U ports for the switch because I already played most of them on the Wii U. I still have a couple of Wii U games I didn't finish yet

NotoriousWhiz59d ago

Nintendo definitely should be releasing more games. It doesn't make sense. How many games have been rumored to be almost complete, including some by Nintendo's own staff? (Looking at you, Pikmin 4) This is not the time to be holding back. People are at home, people want more games to play.

BloodyBorne59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

“Most Switch fans are satisfied and our backlogs are huge.”
Got some receipts for that statement?
Quit being a corporate slave.

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Sciurus_vulgaris59d ago

Nintendo has a tendency to slow down first party releases and coast of the strong sales of their games. The Switch will maintain strong sales due to existing strong, well reviewed Nintendo games and a general lack of competing handles.

zugdar59d ago

With Nintendo not dealing with two systems at once I was hoping for a more consistent release cycle for the Switch.

computeSci59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

That's what we were told per Iwata. However that idea of them merging handheld with console game divisions to produce faster first party output never became into fruitation.

--Onilink--59d ago

We are on July and they have already released 3 1st party exclusives. Thats basically one every other month. How on earth are you expecting more? Do you now want them to release a game every month and have 12 exclusives per year?

computeSci59d ago

12 exclusives per year, sure why not? It's not like they have the 3DS to worry about.

King_Noctis59d ago

“ 12 exclusives per year, sure why not? It's not like they have the 3DS to worry about”

You do know how long a game takes to develop, yes? This is not like the 3DS era where muddy texture and low quality asset are acceptable. Sony or MS could only produce around 2 or 3 good first party exclusive per year. You’re kidding yourself if you think any gaming company can produce 12 quality game per year, exclusive or not.

computeSci59d ago

I guess I'd say my expectations were just too high but I had imagine their new release schedule would be like them basically combining their Wii U and 3DS schedules under one platform and we will be getting new games from Nintendo all the time. I'd say we lost the portable half of Nintendo usual software output without a proportional gain in their home console output. Not Iwata's plan at all.

zugdar54d ago (Edited 54d ago )


Paper Mario and Animal Crossing are the only higher tier games so far this year going on 8 months in. Xenoblade DE and Clubhouse games are ok fillers and quality games for what they are but hardly stir excitement. If this was 3DS/WiiU pacing at their mid life we would have at least one more of each tier at this point. Also bare in mind that a strong number of the first party Switch games are ports of the WiiU or remakes. For a system in its golden years, this is when they need a steady flow of games to keep momentum or risk the drop that the Wii had. COVID can delay things for sure but sure seems barren considering the changes from within.

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gamer780459d ago

I just want to see what bayonetta 3 looks like

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