Ghost of Tsushima Shines in Duel and Kurosawa Mode Gameplay Videos

COG writes: If you love samurai warriors, the clanging of swords, and the ability to sneak up on unexpecting foe, Ghost of Tsushima checks all of those boxes and more. And we've got some gameplay to show you just what the game's all about.

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Christopher87d ago

Gotta be honest, that's some bad playing. Using spear stance on sword people, sword stance on a shield guys, not dodging arrows, and wasting time trying to outshoot 2 or 3 archers without using concentration mode.

I can understand why people might rate the game lower if this is how they're playing it. Not the fault of the game, but people obviously aren't using what they're given properly.

morganfell87d ago

Ha ha hilarious. I am not sure why the site picked these videos to show case. Sheer incompetent button mashing. When you have the right techniques unlocked, and with the number of resolve circles showing the player should have a few, you can fight like a brilliant swordsman. The fights become a ballet of death with brutal moments in the interim.

potatoseal87d ago

LOL I know right. It's the most efficient way of killing enemies. I'm playing hte game on Hard and taking out the archers at close range first when i can and, with other enemies, changing to the correct stance is an absolute 'must'.

Duels are some of the best things about this game. Every single time I get to a duel I get super excited. I actually wish there were more duels. Maybe even like a 'mini boss' system like in Sekiro, kind of. Duels make this game shine so damned much.

Christopher87d ago

I'm hoping they add duel challenges as a free DLC. Replay duels with challenges to them, like perfect parry only, dodge only, no life bar, etc. Even have us duel the camp leaders with all the moves of their weapon from all the enemies.

UnSelf87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I’m ready to upload a few of my encounters. That video was horrible. Yeah I think ima do that. Show what a true skilled swordsman looks like

StoneyYoshi86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I wouldn't mind checking them out if you do. Link me if you do.