Buy these Wii U and Vita games before prices skyrocket!

What games will increase in value over the next few years? We don't know, but here are a few guesses. Hint: Wii U and Vita are looking good.

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trippyaaron180d ago

Props to the author, really well-written compared to most 'journalists.'

Longie_long180d ago

Wow, thanks! That's a big compliment.

rye74179d ago

investing in video games is not wise.

Longie_long179d ago

It's more like, if you want these, get them before prices go up. VG's definitely not going to fund retirement.

FanboysKiller179d ago

I own most of these games but I'm not a fan of paying a hefty price for a single copy ,that's just not me.

franwex179d ago

The wiiu being a failure sales wise-but having extremely good games will probably make it a hardcore collector’s item in the future.

179d ago