Obsidian Is Becoming Bethesda Since Bethesda Stopped Being Bethesda

EM: With the announcement of Avowed and after the success of The Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment is a better Bethesda than Bethesda.

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RaidenBlack331d ago

They long surpassed Bethesda with New Vegas.
Now Avowed will romple stomp Starfield.

King_Noctis331d ago

With the news that the next Elder Scroll still use Bestheda’s outdated Creation engine, I think Avowed will have a really good chance of becoming the new Elder Scroll for fans.

RaidenBlack331d ago

If Elder Scrolls and Creation Engine is to be defended here ... then I can add, from what i've read thus far, the devs are overhauling the ageing engine to much degree by including much photogrammetry assets, just like Infinity Ward did with their old engine.
But the boatload of bugs Bethesda will introduce in the process is upto anyone's imagination.

Darkborn331d ago

@Raidenblack I feel like Bethesda doesn't want to change the engine because they are used to fixing the same bugs at this point. Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 had some of the exact same bugs at launch. It's easier for them to crunch them it seems like even though it takes them years to do. I hate their engine and even when skyrim initially launched, like 15 launches ago, it still seemed kinda dated to me.

331d ago
neutralgamer1992331d ago


You and few others have been working extra hard defending Ms last few days

On topic

We will have to wait and see. Bethesda failed with 76 but they have a new IP and than 2 sequels afterwards (ES and Fallout)

Maybe I am in the minority but I liked fallout 3 more than new Vegas but I wasn't a big fan of fallout 4. I felt like it was less of an RPG

Games obsidian showed are years away from release so we will see

Kados331d ago (Edited 331d ago )


Visuals have never really been the issue with it. It is the underlying bugs and lack of features that is at issue, and none of that can be fixed. Notice there has never been ladder climbing animations in an Elder Scrolls game? The engine physically cannot do it. Creation has already been "overhauled" twice since Morrowind came out in 2002. It was called NetImmerse back then, it was rebadged to Gamebryo for Oblivion, and now they call it Creation. All are the same engine, all have the same underlying issues.

Their official excuse for why they have not changed it is that the PC modding community is too used to it and would have a hard time adapting to a new engine. As a modder on PC myself, it is BS.

King_Noctis331d ago

“ You and few others have been working extra hard defending Ms last few days ”

How is it any different from people like you going into every MS’s article and downplay them?

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averagejoe26331d ago

Unfortunately, most of the employees who made New Vegas no longer work at Obsidian. They're barely the same company. You can really tell when you play Outer Worlds. It didn't hold a candle to the writing in New Vegas.

Deathdeliverer331d ago

Wayyyy too early to say some half baked shit like this.

King_Noctis331d ago

When was the last good game Bethesda has developed?

King_Noctis331d ago


Doom Eternal was developed by id Software, not in-house by Bethesda.

pwnmaster3000331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Lol when did I ever say Bethesda was trash and the “bad guy”.... don’t worry I’ll wait.

Deathdeliverer331d ago

I loved Skyrim. Liked oblivion. Loved Morrowwind. Liked Fallout 4. Dishonored I liked, Deathloop looks very fun, and Wolfenstein was actually good. Obsidian made outer worlds and gave a 20 sec trailer that showed a concept, not anything actual, and it’s better than Bethesda? Seriously? New Vegas was the last game they made that I liked similarly to fallout 4. I think people are just too eager to like something. You need something to justify things so you’re elevating that game wayyy to high. I’m interested in avowed, but seeing nothing and saying it’s better than the work of a company like Bethesda off of a ONE recent game and a concept? Seriously people?

DOMination-331d ago

Strange question... Well technically Fallout 76 wasn't in house either. The last great game they made was the last one.. Fallout 4.

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AngelicIceDiamond331d ago

Bet if it was on another console youll be bowing and praising.

pwnmaster3000331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

I mean let’s be honest here, the same can be said with you if it was the others way around.

Lol but reading your comments you like to play the “Xbox fanboys are a victim role and Sony Fans are the worse”.

medman331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

You're off the mark for one simple reason...Sony showed games at their event that for the most part are due in the launch year window of the ps5. Microsoft showed no gameplay, just trailers, for first party titles that are ALL still very early in development.

When will Avowed be released? 2023? 2024? 2025? Forza? Still so early in development all they had was in engine footage. Everwild? Rare is on record stating they don't even know what the game is yet....they still haven't decided on gameplay mechanics. State of Decay? It's in pre-production. Fable? Perhaps as far away from release as Avowed.

It's not about "bowing and praising"....there is some harsh reality that so many of these games (which could be very good, but without gameplay who the hell knows) are so so far from the light of day. Without seeing gameplay, it is super early to be touting any of these games to be the next so and so. They've showed nothing but concept. And we've all seen games, particularly from Microsoft, where concept doesn't equal gameplay, and worse yet, many titles canceled, some of which we HAVE seen gameplay for. Do you remember people being so excited for Scalebound? I remember clearly arguments back and forth in these same forums with xbox only gamers boasting about how much better Scalebound would be than Horizon Zero Dawn. Yikes. Let's stop putting the cart before the horse. These companies need to prove, before we praise.

331d ago
pwnmaster3000331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

I agree, I can’t wait for Bethesda’s next game so they can shut all the haters up..
Been a fan since playing Morrowind on the original Xbox. Good times.

I like Obsidian and I think their next games will be good but let’s get real

TheOptimist331d ago

Skyrim, Fallout 4 and especially Fallout 76 were crap though.

King_Noctis331d ago

So suddenly Bestheda is a good guy now, even after the Fallout 76 and Elder Scroll Blade bs that they have pulled.

As long as you’re against MS, even a turd can be turned into gold it seems.

Imalwaysright330d ago

Real about what? Obsidian surpassed them even at what they do best as New Vegas is better than Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Atom666331d ago

Is it? I'd say we've known that once Fallout 4 and 76 failed to outdo New Vegas.

Even with a fraction of the budget, Outer Worlds was better than 4 imo.

Hell, I'd say Stick of Truth was better than what we got from Bethesda this gen. Unless we see ID Software in the credits and it'sjust published by Bethesda, how can we really defend much of their overall output this gen?

averagejoe26331d ago

Outer Worlds was so boring and generic. The people who wrote New Vegas don't even work at Obsidian anymore. It's obvious. The Outer Worlds did not do well with fans or critics.

Atom666331d ago

Seems to have done pretty well according to reviews (both critic and user).

DerfDerf331d ago


Dishonored, Deathloop and Wolfenstein aren't developed by Bethesda.

King_Noctis331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

I think he got confused between “develop” and “publish”.

WelkinCole330d ago

Was there any gameplay footage of Avowed that I didn't see?

Deathdeliverer330d ago

Zero, but people are absolutely blown away. By a concept. I’m actuality it’s could look and play like a broken bus, butttttt it’s incredible based on future vision.

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RazzerRedux331d ago

I certainly hope so. I want more games like Elder Scrolls as there are just not enough true fantasy RPGs. Bethesda should have had another Elder Scrolls by now but with the way Fallout 76 turned out, it may be a good thing they haven't. If Obsidian can take MS funding and fill that void then I'm all for it.

phoenixwing331d ago

yeah if they can make something at the same level of the outer worlds or better in an elder scrolls like package i'll buy it

jambola331d ago

That's a bit mean don't you think?
I'm pretty sure obsidian aren't starting to release outdated buggy crap, right?

Vanfernal331d ago

Saying Obsidian is becoming Bethesda is not a compliment. Bethesda has always made games with lots of content that somehow always got a free pass even though they were buggy messes. When Bethesda released a game with no content (Fallout 76) and people could see the bare bones job Bethesda does, they wised up to their lack of quality and started seeing them for what they are.

RamRod88331d ago

They're referring to when Bethesda actually made good games people wanted. Not current Bethesda. Obsidian is now seems to be the ones filling in the role of old Bethesda.

starchild331d ago

I loved Jade Empire, Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect trilogy. They used to be great.

Vanfernal331d ago

That's Bioware dude. Bethesda is Elder Scrolls/Fallout etc lol.

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