Microsoft studio investments appear to pay off in Xbox Games Showcase

Mercury News: Company has slowly built a stable of developers and franchises that it needs to compete in the next generation.

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Rimeskeem322d ago

Well, at least we know those devs are good at making CGI trailers I guess.

King_Noctis322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

I might be wrong, but Forza Motorsport, Halo Infinite, Grounded, The Outer World DLC, and Psychonaunt have their gameplays shown.

IRetrouk322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Forza had no gameplay shown, it was an in-engine video.

King_Noctis322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

“ Forza had no gameplay shown, it was an in-engine video.”

I don’t think we need gameplay for a circuit racing game. It would just look boring, at least for me anyway.

Edit: you’re right, I just had another look at the video, it is in-engine and not gameplay. I thought we had a mixture of both. But I believe that if you had played a Forza game before, you would know what you are getting with this one.

IRetrouk322d ago

What? Of course you need to see gameplay! What kind of statement is that? You cant point out a games gameplay if there is none....

Hakuoro322d ago

Sony showed game play for GT 7...

LordoftheCritics322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Doesn't matter if they were shown 1 sec or 20 seconds. The idea is not to do just the minimum.

Were you satisfied? I wasn't.

dietis_h322d ago

@king: why should we NOT see gameplay? why is it that you guys keep defending microsofts crap?

Atticus_finch322d ago

Forza was running at 30fps. So no.
The other games where probably running on PC.

oasdada322d ago

The outer world's and psychonauts are also crossplatform games and grounded looked like a last gen game.. way to sell thr "most powerful" console ever

tontontam0322d ago

Forza Trailer is @30 fps, does that mean the game is 30fps?

S2Killinit322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

That halo showing looked sub par at best. Whatever it was.

Latex74322d ago

No forza game play at all

gamer7804322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

In engine graphics so In between cgi and gameplay.

VersusDMC321d ago

Outer Wilds DLC and Psyconauts 2 are coming to PS4 as they were in development with other publishers before Microsoft bought them.

umair_s51321d ago

Lol. Gotta hand it to you PS boys. There is nothing that looks close to Forza Motorsport visually. The quality on display was second to none. Take off your fan goggles and look.

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AngelicIceDiamond322d ago

You buy studios 2 years ago what do you think they're gonna show? It's either announce nothin and you'll be in here crying about MS having no games. Or show early stuff and still cry. Either way ppl like you are gonna cry anyway right? I mean am I right? Catch 22?

322d ago
crazyCoconuts322d ago

I knew they wouldn't have much just looking at the studios and what they've been working on. Sony has a similar predicament, though not as bad. The f'in crazy thing to me is that the 2 things that had lots of time for development and refinement ( Halo and Forza) were a disaster and a no show. It's inconceivable

322d ago
dietis_h322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

why did they even have to buy studios in the first place when they have every opportunity to match sony on exclusives?

stop making excuses for them. its getting pathetic now.

crazyCoconuts322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

@dietis you're both right. We shouldn't make excuses for Microsoft not acting until recently to take games seriously. That strategic error is going to follow them no excuse can save them at this point. Angelic is also right in saying it's going to take a lot of time for those investments to pay off, and we can't expect those studios to be ready with AAA exclusive games yet. I would add that even when they are ready with games, it's UNLIKELY that those games will be at the level of excellence that Sony's games are at because Sony has somehow cultivated absolutely amazing studios and they're at the top of their game. So we have to temper expectations. Even with that, their Halo/Forza franchise should have been in a position to impress and they didn't, which puts Xbox at an even bigger disadvantage.

Xb1ps4322d ago

No you’re not right for the simple fact that those developers didn’t just start existence when they were bought, simply put I found it hard to believe that not a single studio purchased had a single game in its chamber well into development..

15 studios and they all needed 4 yrs plus for a game?

ThereGoThatManQ322d ago

Votes say you’re wrong.

You guys forget Sony is also in the console run and they are doing fantastic. It’s not our fault if Xbox has bad business

322d ago
IRetrouk322d ago

Slish, halo has had about 5 years, forza has had 3, they had more than just those devs and the new ones they bought, they have had plenty of time to have games ready, a whole gen and a half infact, I was honestly excited about this upcoming gen from ms, but going by everything they have said/done/shown so far it has all really tempered my excitement, it's almost like they dont know what they are doing, it seems crazy to me that they have yet to show any series x gameplay 4 months before release, it's made it a honest wait and see for me.

sinspirit322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

So, what's your actual point? Not to criticize them for waiting so long to at least prepare for this generation, let alone doing nothing all last gen?

So, we shouldn't criticize them because we know the reason why they're not prepared? We should do what then? Trust that in 3 years of waiting that they'll finally have gameplay of games from these CGI trailers?

They waited so long to act. They played with 40+ million consumers who already bought their console, saying that sales don't matter, while running the biggest PR campaigns, running buzzwords, and exploring methods to get more customers rather than focus on the ones that were there. Then finding ways to squeeze more money out of those same consumers without providing games. They only finally did something just before next-gen and found it's too late. Now they are going to launch a box that isn't ready content wise and exploit early adopters again by relying on old tactics and spin again. If sales truly didnt matter, then they would be delaying the console, maybe even allowing a few more improvements to actually make the performance difference enough to notice, and allowing devs time to get quality experiences on the hardware. No, they want to play with hope again and try to release it this year to strike the market they aren't even ready for, while confusingly trying to act pro-consumer with PR statements that they contradict.

S2Killinit322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

At this point crying might be the sane thing to do. Or else you can wait till E3

“Sony has somehow cultivated absolutely amazing studios and they're at the top of their game.“

I agree wholeheartedly. I believe the reason has to do with Sony’s background in entertainment. So, when it comes to storytelling, Their studios draw upon that collective experience.

Off point:
I have a hunch ND’s next franchise will be a superhero society. Something along the lines of the Sony owned Amazon Prime series “The Boys” (awesome btw) and “My Hero Academia”. I think The cards you collect in TLOU are foreshadowing their PS5 franchise. Anyone else get this feeling?

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Bathyj322d ago

The biggest disappointment for me was ninja theory. Seriously after all the boasting I heard about graphics not only did they not have any gameplay they didn't even have another trailer just a stupid announcement about it Dev diary on location scouts.

322d ago
Bathyj322d ago

I get there will be more events but MS had to really knock it out of the park here.

Let's look at the timeline of events here and realise that momentum is a hugely important thing leading up to launch.

MS had good momentum 6 months ago. They were all about their power, Sony were saying nothing, except their hardware reveal which I really liked but many found too boring.

Then in a matter of months MS have their 3rd party "gameplay" reveal which everyone hated. Sony meanwhile have TLoU2 and GoT state of plays which are fricken awesome. Both games release and are critically acclaimed and sell by the bucket load. Epic side with Sony and show off UE5 which blows everyone's minds, the the PS5 event happens and makes the Xbox show look decidedly average.

So it's fair to say momentum has shifted drastically and Microsoft had a lot riding i6n this. And they dropped the ball big time. Halo looks terrible graphically. Unpolished and current Gen looking. This is their flagship game. Hellblade their graphics tent pile was absent. Nothing looked next gen except medium. Everything else was just a trailer.

And it was all on PC. I don't mean the games will come out on PC I mean the trailers were literally running on PC.

Sloppy sloppy work Microsoft you're not giving me any reason at all to jump in on your side. It's a new gen and I will buy whatever console looks like it will give me the games I want. I saw nothing to entice me to get a second console when I already know I'm getting a PS5.

Atom666322d ago

Can we really blame devs nowadays for not wanting to show off gameplay of games still in development?

I think the media and many, many gamers have proved that they lack the maturity to appreciate that games change throughout development. When we're not screaming downgrade on games from top devs like CDPR, we're counting blades of grass or mud physics.

There reaches a point where gameplay has to be shown imo, but the mob attacks over every little thing.

Take the guys at Insomniac. That Miles Morales game launches in a few months. For their big trailer, they show a CGI intro, in game cinematics, and what might be 5 secs of player-controlled gameplay.

Sure, we'd love to see 5 minutes of actual gameplay, but do we really want 4 months of people criticizing puddles again? Busting out their 10th grade geometry notes to show us how the angle of the sunlight in one screen is off by 15 degrees?

We share a lot of the blame for why we don't get a ton of gameplay anymore. Unless gamers and the media change their "everything is shit" attitude, expect to keep seeing those "cinematic" trailers.

chiefJohn117322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Well said. That's I said stop focusing on graphics so much and pay attention to the actual gameplay. Halo is a perfect example they released actual shots of what the current build look like, days before the demo and it's good. No complaints but an early build demo ppl couldnt STFU about graphics. Now other devs seeing this and probably won't show off gameplay now till weeks before actual launch.

oasdada322d ago

We cant blame the devs but comon man keep ur pr on a leash.. specially that greenberg guy and big ol mouth phil.. phill good guy havent done a thing past 7 years and people hail him as a hero.. all he does is talk BS

Atom666322d ago

I feel like a lot of the problems would be fixed if they just said "deep dives into individual gameplay will be shared in seperate videos where we can really show things in detail. For now, we want to give fans of a variety of genres a look into what we have coming." Then do your little 1-2 minute trailers and release more vids on your media channels later.

I would have tossed Greenburg a long time ago myself. I have to believe he's really good at something else behind the scenes, because I don't get it.

I like Phil, and believe he's got their division in the right place overall. He can't take 100% of the blame all the time, just like he can't take 100% of the credit. People act like it's a one man show over there. Why don't people call out Booty for any of their disappointments in 1st party games over there? What about Loftis? Where is Ross to take the fall for Halo criticisms?

But on topic, if I was a dev, I wouldn't show gameplay, I wouldn't engage with people on Twitter, and I wouldn't kiss the media's ass with review copies and free merch.

I probably wouldn't be able to sell many games that way, but dealing with the constant hate and bullshit would push me over the edge.

stuna1322d ago

That's funny you should say that! "I think the media and many, many gamers have proved they lack the maturity to appreciate that games change throughout development ". Because as it stands the vitriol comes moreso from the Xbox camp when looking at that issue! Why do you think it's always a contest concerning multiplatform games? Everything hAs to be better on Xbox even when it isn't!

You know something is wrong when you have to base your argument on a 3rd party game to support your claims! Right now it's not even subjective that practically the majorty of Sonys 1st party games have literally decimated everything Microsoft has released almost this entire generation, whether 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party. Yet we'll have the odd one in the crowd try to make the comparison, when in all actuality there really isn't any comparison. Why do you think Microsoft pushes B/C so tough? because that is the only area they can effectively compete in at the moment.

Microsoft themselves know they have a problem, especially if They've seen the meme of the character models of Joel from the Last of Us, and the model of that gorilla creature in Halo!? There you have a 4.2 teraflop console effectively competing with a 12 teraflop console or PC equivalent and besting it visually! Something is wrong with that picture.

Atom666322d ago


Close your eyes and pretend it's some time between 2013-2017 (up to the time of the X release).

Now read your fanboy rant again and enjoy the irony with me.

(And I know it's the weekend, but that's no reason to skip a dose of adderall.)

stuna1322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

You should know when a person ain't got nothing, when they have to belittling and resort to name calling, but have yet to offer a counterargument!? Adderall is the best you can do? Lol.

Bathyj321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

Obviously releasing gameplay is a risk anytime you put something creative out into the world it's going to be judged and you might not always like that judgement. But if your product is of good quality then you will standby it.

Look at when Killzone shadow fall was announced. look at when Horizon was announced and more recently look at when the new ratchet and Clank was announced.

All those games looked amazing and they didn't have to hide behind smoke and mirrors.

Don't make excuses. Halo infinite looks current gen and worse still it looks incredibly unpolished graphically. This game should be nearly complete and going into the bug testing stage.

If you like it that's fine Microsoft is apparently very good at drawing a lot of customers that are very forgiving to them. But don't act like all the Xbox fanboys and Microsoft themself haven't been screaming world's most powerful console for the last 6 months. And this is how they prove it with their flagship title? So not good enough.

Atom666321d ago


I think I made my point. You on the other hand, tried to make 17 points in some incoherent venting session.

Focus, son. Try not to spew a decade's worth of fanboy bullshit to me in a single comment. Got to learn to space that shit out.


I'm not trying to speak for "all" of any group or a corporation. I'm not sure why you took it to Halo when that is the one game no one can say that they didn't show footage of.

The point I made is in response to the "no gameplay" talking point. There's a valid reason why devs don't want to show gameplay, which is to my point.

But just so we're clear, I'm going to play Halo, because I'm a fan. I'm going to play a lot of games on PS5 and Switch too, because I'm a fan of their games too. Some will show me CGI trailers, and some will show me gameplay during their reveals. Somehow I will muster the mental strength to overcome this incredible challenge that befalls me.

And somehow I won't spend hours of my day hating on games for the sake of it.

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medman322d ago

The games look interesting. The only caveat is no gameplay. I get it....they're all super early in development. But it kind of makes you wonder....Microsoft has been trailing in console sales from the start of this generation. Halo Infinite was supposed to get released on xbox one, but was pushed back for the launch of series x. I find it incredible that not one single Microsoft first party studio has a game designed from the ground up for series x that is due to launch in the first year of the consoles release. Not a single one. Staggering disappointment.

I hope all these titles turn out to be great. I look forward to playing them. It's just extremely questionable how all of them are so early in development.

EazyC322d ago

They would go straight into my gaming 'Room 101', along with rebooted titles and microtransactions


@bathyj Please elaborate on what ps5 games appear to be "next gen" in your opinion? Other than a cell shaded platformer ratchet and clank 8. FYI I am not biased to either consoles if anything I steer towards PS (pc gamer who has owned every PlayStation). To me it would appear to be ps4 with better loading times but then my opinion might have been jaded having had a 1060 6gb (equivalent of a pro) and now a 2070 super. Personally I am disappointed in both consoles offerings and am only interested in HZD2

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Automatic79322d ago

Xbox has a lot of games in Development. We know this for over a year since every interview Team Xbox has been telling us. Gamers wanted Xbox to improve and they are. I am impressed with the launch lineup. I absolutely think if Xbox pursues their plans of realizing 4-5 solid games a year we are going to have a beautiful generation. I am pushing for more positive dialogue on this website(whenever I provide opinion). Please feel free to share comments, good or bad. I will be glad to respond.

Poopmist322d ago ShowReplies(1)
2cents322d ago

it is admirable that you are trying but after being here over a decade, nothing changes except the user names. The vitriol xbox faces here is beyond comprehension. I gave up trying to have debates and conversations here a long time ago. There was so much good stuff shown, for games coming soon and in the works. I am more than pleased and will be picking up the series x day 1. I really am looking forward to the new gen and gamepass is by far the best element of this, knowing that everything shown will be coming to the service. Once x cloud goes live... it will be hard to put down, but n4g will find a way. Good luck with you attempts to encourage positive dialogue, it brought me out of the shadows to comment.

djplonker322d ago (Edited 322d ago )


Ps fans for years: halo gears and forza are overrated and overused

Xbox fans: Noo thats not constructive criticism but boy those halo gears and forza games are amazing best in genre.... Sony has nothing like em.

"12tb power vs 10tb Lololol xbox beast"

Halo trailer drops:
"iTs aBoUt ThE GaMeplAy"

Remember sony announcing games that years away from release and that wasn't okay according to xbox fans?

Well those same people are saying its ok if xbox does it.

2cents322d ago

Nothing anyone says here is new. Same old arguments. Heard it all before. A total inability to stick to the topic, bringing in every argument, excuse and the kitchen sink.
Same from both sides, all bias fans are full of sh*t. Its just there are way more Sony diehards here so the xbox camp and every article is totally swamped by the stench.

Day 1 for both ps5 and xsx for me, I'm really excited for it all, I just don't express it here anymore. Waste of time.

djplonker322d ago


"its just there are more sony die hards"

Almost as if sales do matter....... Get outsold 3 to 1 then expect 3 sony fanboys for every 1 xbox fan.

Simple maths

2cents322d ago

Simple math does not help improve dialogue.
1 idiotic xbox comment, brings 3 idiotic PlayStation comments. So your assessment leads to reinforcing my first point that this place is overrun by soy bias. Which it clearly is. Also your sideswipe comment about sales also bring to light the point I made about people not sticking to the point being discussed and argue point not brought up assuming everyone thinks the same. For so many this is a competition , whereas for me, gaming is a way of life, every generation being better than the last.

I don't need you or anyone else to like xbox to make me feel better, or vice versa.
What I would like is for people to get along and realise that we have so much in common when it comes to experience gaming and we should have so much to share and talk about in a positive way. But no, not here, not ever.

Whatever the case, enjoy your games and console of choice, maybe let others do the same. Change happens when we change, or you can just continue to flame the fires "because everyone else does". Be different. Be better. Peace.

RauLeCreuset322d ago

"1 idiotic xbox comment, brings 3 idiotic PlayStation comments. So your assessment leads to reinforcing my first point that this place is overrun by soy bias."

Automatic79 said they were pushing for more positive dialogue. The first 3 replies, including your own, were complaints about Sony fans. Ironic.

djplonker322d ago

"Whatever the case, enjoy your games and console of choice, maybe let others do the same. Change happens when we change, or you can just continue to flame the fires "because everyone else does". Be different. Be better. Peace."

So you want everyone to be different...... By acting the same way?

Huge logic

2cents322d ago

The desired outcome of my comments are to assist in constructive dialogue by highlighting the issues that hinder it.

Not by adding to the hate. Read my words as you may.

And with this toe dipping, I'm already done with this place again.
So long and thanks for all the fish.

JohnnyRico305321d ago

I have 1500 saved for both so I’m just waiting for the preorders to pop up and boom. I’ll have both before Christmas

Automatic79321d ago


I appreciate your follow up. We need more like you on N4G. I understand where you coming from. Every so often I give myself a break from N4G and then return. Not sure why I pursue positive dialogue. I don't see why so much hate. Maybe I want to hear an explanation/opinion rather than trolling. Overall, thank you for your response. Also, super hyped for Xbox Series X, especially for Halo Infinite, The Medium, Crossfire X, State of Decay 2, Avowed, Fable, Stalker etc.

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chiefJohn117322d ago ShowReplies(2)
Atticus_finch322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Stop blaming PS fans.
All the constant chest beating and nonstop hype coming from Xbox works against them when they don't deliver. And they didn't.
Lackluster graphics, running on PC, no release dates, 30 fps and games years from finished.
I wouldn't be very happy, but I have standards.

monkey602322d ago

Thats a great attitude. Fair play to you.

Others will tar everyone with the same brush. From both sides. Not everyone who has an issue with how Microsoft is handling things at the minute is a Sony fanboy. Plenty of Xbox fans have been underwhelmed lately. Microsoft would have always gotten grief for the showing that was inevitable but their touting prior to the showcase is what has really got them in the crosshairs.

Jokes and memes can be made without volatile intentions. I've loved the memes since Thursday. Same as the laugh I got out of the PS5 console reveal a few months ago (and I even like the look of it)

What I would say though is pressure put on Microsoft now can only be a good thing. They're a disaster currently. If backlash is all that's going to sort them out then so be it.

Personally I worried GamePass was going to have an effect on the quality of titles they would release in the future. Ive yet to see that fear be eased. I simply don't have enough faith in Microsoft built up over the years to trust this will work itself out either.

Phil Spencer is con man and Aaron Greenberg is a pleb. Wouldn't mind seeing both get booted to be honest.

All this aside I genuinely hope you and whoever else is excited for it get what you hope for and Xbox does right by you

Automatic79321d ago

@Monkey- I disagree with your comment about quality The Outerworlds, Forza Horizon, Ori 2, Halo MCC, Hellblade, Gears of War, Minecraft Dungeons etc are proof that on Xbox GamePass they have quality games.

monkey602321d ago

Oh I dont deny the value of Gamepass. So far at least.

Forza, Outer worlds, Gears 5 and a couple of other were great examples of games to get on launch day as part of the service

Bleeding Edge, State of Decay 2, Crackdown, 3, Sea of thieves were not.

My issue really isn't with how gamepass has been so far. Its more how I fear its going to become. Once that foothold is built. The effort will made will drop. Games will become more half baked on launch and "early access" or some such phrase will be used as an excuse. I can genuinely see Microsoft pen the excuse that they want the community to help develop the game into something perfect or some nonsense.

I can already see it with Halo Infinite and the new Forza. Theyre not numbered sequels because they are going to be games as a service. Ongoing attempts at making a bare bones launch into a good game over the following years

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Hakuoro322d ago

You forgot the /s after the title.

TheHunter81322d ago

It was a PC games showcase. MS already confirmed everything that was shown was running on PC. The real value and what the show was really about was their game pass. There is no reason to buy an Xbox.

Automatic79322d ago

Hunter not sure it was a PC showcase the way your comment paints it. Xbox is showing games far out ahead as many gamers have been asking for.

RazzerRedux322d ago

His point is those games were running on PC and will be available on PC. There was more PC gaming in that show than Xbox gaming.

Poopmist322d ago

PC is the clear choice this gen I think if someone were to only pick one

sampsonon322d ago

God help us all if what MS is doing to gaming becomes the norm.
Sony, i will pay $70 per game as long as you stay the course.

chiefJohn117322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Hell no I'm not paying $70 for a 12 hour gaming experience idk why you or anyone is okay with that.

IRetrouk322d ago

What was the last sony 12 hour game? Had to be an indie game surely? Almost everything they have released this gen has been almost double that, if not more......

chiefJohn117322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Off the top of my head R&C was a 10 hour experience. Majority of non open world/semi open are 12 hours or less. Which is why you see soooo many games going open world nowadays as they last 24 hours or more. It's why MP games are held in higher regard than linear SP games from a value standpoint cause it's more gameplay time for your dollar.

DRambo322d ago

You get more value from games if you are shit at them.

anonymousfan322d ago

R&C was not price at full 60 $ retail when it released thus its shorter campaign was still a good bang for your buck.

IRetrouk322d ago

R&C took about 10 hours to go through the main story, the side stuff took longer, it was also a cut price release, not a full priced game.

So again, what full priced sony game only lasted 12 hours?

Nobody was talking multiplayer vs single player or which is held to a higher regard, you just pulled that from your arse.

Elda322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

That's what having a job is for,to buy things that you need & want including entertainment no matter if it's $70 especially spending that much to own.

chiefJohn117322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Multiple devs have said it Phil Spencer has said (y'all took it as him saying SP was dead) and gamers wallets says it.
Knack was a short game although it was a launch game so I'd give a pass. Spiderman was around 12 hours, give a hour.
Forgot the name, the game you have powers. my friend had beat that quick
And Uncharted 4 was barely longer than 12 hours barely maybe 14 hours
Tell me I'm lying about any of these games (can't confirm the superpower one tho)

You also said R&C was full price so you should want to keep it that way. Many of those games aren't worth $70

IRetrouk322d ago

That reach must hurt man🤣
All you are counting is how long it takes to finish the main story, your being dishonest and you know it, so yes you are wrong.

I didnt say r&c was full priced, i said it was a cut price release.....

So I'll say again, other than indies almost every game sony has released has taken longer to complete than the made up figure you stated. Like it, dont🤷‍♂️