Gamespot: Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff Review

Nostalgia can only take you so far. Such is the case with Tecmo Bowl Kickoff, an attempt to remake the superlative Tecmo Super Bowl on the Nintendo DS. Developer Polygon Magic should be given credit for successfully translating Tecmo Bowl's singular style of gridiron action to the DS, adding stylus control while maintaining the classic arcade football gameplay. But a lackluster season mode, the lack of any true star players (fictional or licensed), and one of the worst menu systems in years keep Tecmo Bowl Kickoff from reaching the hall-of-fame status of its hallowed predecessors.

The Good:
* Classic Tecmo Bowl gameplay
* Updated soundtrack and effects
* Good use of stylus control
* Fully customizable teams and players.

The Bad:
* Menu system is confusing
* CPU offers no competition
* No star players
* New super abilities seem to happen at random.

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