Xbox Is Pushing Me Towards The PlayStation 5

Rocket Chainsaw: After yesterday's Xbox Games Showcase and the myriad CGI trailers, it's beginning to feel like the PlayStation 5 is the true next generation console at launch.

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Jin_Sakai179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

It’s no wonder Sony doubled the PS5 production this year. It’s almost as if they knew this would happen.

Vervain179d ago

I think the increase in production is largely due to soaring console sales in general in the middle of this pandemic, but they definitely seem to be confident in their console/lineup.

Darkborn178d ago

I kind a think they purposely let out that they were going to make less consoles due to covid and a higher manufacturing cost, but after the internet exploded over people freaking out at not getting one, they had to double production and publicly state that they will not ghost drop the pre-orders. I think it was planned that if there was no public outcry, it would be better for them due to less loss at sale and if they needed to they could produce more to appease the masses. Either way, they win.

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Godmars290178d ago

Still going to wait because, launch consoles.

indysurfn178d ago

It's like Sony had a Spy at Microsoft that said they dont have any games within 2 years of releasing (maybe a food server to the big wigs). And Sony said, seal it up. Lets launch within a year. And Microsoft panicked and went studio shopping. And machine component shopping. Too little too late.

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Father__Merrin178d ago

Sony doubled the production because they predict extra demand I think because of price. Its going to launch cheaper than xbox series X I think its worked out cheaper to go with cutting edge ssd tech over going overboard with gpu specs

Chris12178d ago

Total BS. You have no idea on price and having a fast SSD does not make up for the lack of power. Lets wait for the DF comparisons and then you can find another excuse.

kreate178d ago

I just can't get myself to think that Sony will launch the PS5 cheaper than the Xbox, or the series X specifically.

If PS5 is $400-500, than that's a win right there. If it's $500-600, than that's a rough start.

kayoss178d ago

Yes the PS5 may not be as powerful as the series X, but do need to be more powerful. With Sony's track record, even with a weaker console, they have developed some of the most stunning games. Xbox so far have not shown us anything that can compare to most of Sony AAA exclusives for the the xbox one X and now the series X.

rainslacker178d ago

The SSD tech is likely to be harder to get than the APU tech. Memory prices also went up, and there demand for various memory techs is increasing. The actual chips inside the SSD are used for more than just the SSD, or at least the materials for them are, although that would effect sourcing later down the line, as Sony would have it's current manufacturing costs and wholesale parts costs locked in for at least 6 months, if not a year.

Any company would be good to have as many available as possible. Shortages look good for building demand, but not having the product means you limit your revenue to whatever it is you can make.

Father__Merrin178d ago

@chris you only need to look at the meltdowns on twitter with the graphics on that poor old grunt

lazyboyblue178d ago

@Chris12 No need to wait, I can make an accurate prediction.
Xbox SX will be slightly better on 3rd party games but will have little else going for it.

Bathyj178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Chris Sony does not have a lack of power. It's plenty powerful. Just because Xbox guys have this TFlop number in their heads they think it's some unconquerable beast.

Xbox got that number by simply adding extra cores that they may or may not be able to keep busy all the time, some of them may lie idle and not the fully utilised which means the slight teraflop difference is moot.

But the graphics cores on Xbox are all slower. Theres just more of them. If you want to win a race do you drive the car that goes 220 or 2 cars that go 180? When the graphics cores are slower the cache is slower, rasterization is slower, the command buffer is slower. Do I know what all of that means? No. But Mark Cerny does because he said it and I believe him. He seems to know his way around a graphics chip.

Someone said it best after the initial reveals, Microsoft went wide Sony went fast.

Seraphim178d ago

there's likely several factors but I'm sure they do expect demand to be up. Demand, games sales, etc have only grown from the PS2/XB era to PS3/60 and PS4/One. It makes no sense not to meet the demand when a product drops. And if they are able or willing to eat the losses to drop at $400 there's no doubt these are going to flip like hot cakes. I expect $500 though. Personally I see demand being high. As it stands a few friends of mine who would normally wait 1-2 years before upgrading to a new console all plan to pick one up at launch or as close to it depending on supply. Coupled with the history of increased demand. That alone is reason enough to up production but there's surely there's a multitude of reasons.

snoopgg177d ago

Man chris is a salty chip !!!!

nytebyrd177d ago

I just dropped $400 on a nvme ssd. Granted, its a 2tb and the controller dictates speed more than just about anything where as capacity and type of modules dictates price. Lets not pretend a highend ssd is all that much cheaper than a mid range gpu though.

Its also worth noting a 16 teraflop rtx titan is outperformed in gaming by lesser cards. And ray tracing tech has a greatly outsize effect for data computation, but really doesn't do anything for actual graphic performance. It just calculates how light and reflections should respond and the rest of the gpu still has to render it.

Which is just to say that those tf scores are even more arbitrary than initially perceived. Simply, we don't know how much of these gpu are dedicated to ray tracing. We know the rtx 2000 cards are heavily bogged down by it and AMD's gpus will only be adding it in late this year. Will their first cards designed for ray tracing be on par w/ Nvidia's 3000 series? Or some where between the 2000 and 3000 series cards?

Does Sony's design have independent processors for the calculations? Is MS simply trying to brute force the calculations?

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DeadlyFire178d ago

Sony has not even shown all their cards yet though.

Father__Merrin178d ago

Yes August 6th will be a hammer blow

RaidenBlack178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

The situation kinda reminiscent of E3 2013's Don Mattrick comment: No Internet? Get an Xbox 360!
SGF 2020: Want better games? Get a PS5!

gamer7804177d ago

neither of them have, this is only part of the conferences... people need to pay attention. I never realized how important e3 was until now from a messaging standpoint, people can't follow along.

Sitdown178d ago

You have over a 100 likes, because people really believe Sony potentially increased production because they saw Microsoft faltering. Over 100 million PS4s, and people think an increase in production has something to do with Microsoft. Wow!

Sitdown178d ago

Ha, you must be new to N4G, to some that is the Gospel truth.


and now they have to do it again after MS show

RangerWalk267177d ago

The problem I've had with the PS over the years, is the lack of good first party games that offer more than just an interactive movie. I don't rewatch movies very often, unless they're bangers. Even then... They are only a 2hr experience. I have not played ANY single player game more than once. On any platform. Xbx , PS, or PC. So the Exclusives are not the selling point to me. I have and will always purchase both consoles... But 90% of the games I purchase this coming Generation will be on the more capable machine. And so far, that's the XSX. Things might change... But I doubt it. The power delta is just too much in favor of the series x

SpadeX177d ago

"good first party games that offer more than just an interactive movie"

I don't know where you got that from, but these aren't the only games Sony offers. I've read similar bullshit from Techradar a while ago, it was cringe stating that Sony's exclusives lack variety compared to Microsoft's offerings when if you dig deeper you'll find hidden gems that are "more than just an interactive movie".

Littlebigplanet, Dreams, Patapon series, MediEvil, Gran Turismo, Spiderman, Ratchet and Clank, Horizon, infamous.

PS3 classics like Resistance, Warhawk and Starhawk.

PS2 classics like Jak and Sly.

Come on now.

Now some of those games are indeed story driven, but having a narrative in a game doesn't automatically turn it into an interactive movie.

Rhythmattic177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

"I purchase this coming Generation will be on the more capable machine"
Yep , me too... Capable of playing Multiplatforms, which will always have to adhere too a lowest common denominator, and one that also plays exclusives....... 
Do you not see the fact that one console is all you need ?
If Pixels make a game, Asteroids and Battle zone would not have happened...

You see, Those games where cutting edge... An advantage when gameplay/ideas aren't tied to thew one single idea...

Count the games a PS and PC can play.... And you just keep counting Pixels.
Good on ya.

Zeref177d ago

Yall are delusional 😂, you want Xbox to fail so badly. When you look at the launch games. Xboxs lineup is objectively stronger.

Lazarus69177d ago

Correction Subjectively Stronger not Objectively as it just your opinion and nothing else.

Also besides Halo what other games have been confirmed to apart of the Xbox launch line up?

antikbaka177d ago

actually before these 2 CGI presentation-fails from Microsoft I was thinking in an opposite direction.

Demon37177d ago

I was in in for Xbox until that event. It made me realise that Playstation is the way forward.

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ABizzel1179d ago

I was always getting a PS5, but what Xbox did is push me completely towards upgrading my PC without a reason to ever invest in an Xbox.

MagicLebronJordan179d ago

Have to agree. Never thought I would go back to PS as my main console but Xbox really let me down this gen.

nirwanda178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Flip flopping between gens is a great idea, I have had a PS4 this time and loved it, gen before a 360 , this time maybe a series X with gamepass and play a shit load of XBone games(gears Forza etc) I missed plus first party for free.
I don't see what all the fuss is about with these state of play things Sony and ms have done why buy a console based on who can make the prettiest trailer, wait till they are out for review in a few months then decide.
From what I can see only GT7, halo, and ratchet (big games)have shown gameplay.

DigitallyAfflicted178d ago

I might get Xbox if it can run all the old games from it's original discs it would be best retro console in the world

fiveby9178d ago

My console of choice will be PS5 and continue to use my PC. There is no compelling reason for me to buy an XsX anytime soon.

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RazzerRedux178d ago

That was always the case for me. Xbox consoles are redundant devices to what I already have.

fathertime4464178d ago

Funny, Microsoft doesn't care if you upgrade your pc. They only care if you buy their games on it. So I'm guessing you'll be supporting them anyways

Kryptix1178d ago

That's because they perceive the Xbox as a failure, that's why they put their games on Steam. Xbox is not their place to sell services anymore.

And to support them, it doesn't matter. You're a weirdo if you find satisfaction in supporting the corporations. The more important thing is where do I, the gamer, the customer get the most out of. On PC, you get the benefit of Game Pass and Steam sales so upgrading parts or investing in building a PC would be the wiser choice.

fathertime4464177d ago

You just called me a weirdo for supporting corporations.... do you have a preferred cell phone brand or is, do you use windows or mac preferably, do you specifically by playstation products? That's all supporting a corporation whether you want to admit it or not.
See I don't think xbox is better, I just prefer it. It suits me, do they do things wrong, hell yeah but so does sony. They just screw up in different ways.
But I digress. It's more weird that you think your not supporting a corporation by not buying an xbox, even though you support other corporations. At least I'm honest with myself

Father__Merrin178d ago

I was thinking the same but the thing is Xbox game etc on PC the prices are Sky High at least on the console even if you get the lock heart you might get lots of good Bargains pre-owned etc etc or trade-ins

Kryptix1178d ago

I have a 3700x and it's a fantastic CPU. I can game at 1440p 155hz and stream 1080p 60fps with no issues. One thing I learned from AMD is wait for sales as they come in quickly after a year. A $250 3700x and then wait for Zen 4 or Zen 3+ price drop would be the smarter decision as it would save you money for even a bigger CPU with more cores later down the line. My 3700x rarely hits 100% and if it does, I'm either streaming or rendering something.

Bobertt178d ago

Xbox is focusing on backwards compatibility and seems to be trying to push a netflix type service for games with Gamespass. They even said to stop calling it a console war because they have given up on making the best games possible with focusing on making all their games cross gen for the next 2 years. Value wise they might win for the sheer amount of games on gamespass and maybe a cheaper console but if im buying a next gen console its for next gen games.

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sourOG179d ago

Imagine having to choose one platform. Not for any real reason like money issues, but branding platitudes. How bad would that suck?

Rimeskeem178d ago

Imagine not giving money to companies you don't think deserve it to make them do better.

sourOG178d ago

Imagine trying to justify your hatred in comment sections as “tough love”.

djplonker178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

SourOG right now:

"Buy an xbox because it exists"

The Wood178d ago

There was this game back in the day called lemmings. . . Not sure why I thought of it popped into my head. Weird I guess.

Assuming people hate something just because they don't like it is so reachy it's comical. Just because I don't fancy fillet mignon doesn't mean I hate it or would never eat it. I suppose extreme defence needs extremities

quenomamen178d ago

Wait, you think companies should get people to buy their products by making them instead of just cuz they make them ? You maniac.

BeOpenMinded177d ago

Imagine not liking new game reveals and not understanding people want a varied slate of games. Both systems have some cool stuff in pipeline. Really not interested in fable or obsidian rpg? Really? Is it just cuz its a MS thing? Is it because its on PC too?

gamer7804177d ago

if you see a future for Sony in gaming and like their ecosystem, why not give it to them? No ones stopping you.

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Cmv38178d ago

This type of consumer logic is terrible. Why in the video game arena do you have to buy all competitors go prove something? Nobody buys a Ford and Chevy to prove they are really into cars. Ms enjoys consumers like you because they don't have to provide anything, just exist with a price tag.

subzero1992178d ago

Why care about a product you're not interested? Negative Xbox opinion pieces are so weird.

Koolaidude178d ago

That’s a terrible comparison. A vehicle is just a means of transportation. Consoles provide the deepest level of immersion and are in a billion dollar industry. People have no problem upgrading phones for hundreds, but consoles are a no. I get all three consoles every gen so I don’t miss out on anything. Nintendo for amazing exclusives, PlayStation for certain exclusives, and Xbox for a few exclusives and services/multiplayer. It’s sad that fanboys are missing out on such great games and it’s not like you have to buy them all at once.

Koolaidude178d ago

Get a system for a game you can’t miss out on. I got the PS4 when Spider-Man came out.

nowitzki2004178d ago

Im not with MS til death do us part, sorry bro not everyone is like you.

Atticus_finch178d ago

Imagine being an adult with family, a business and hobbies.
Life is short I'll stick with ps5.

Koolaidude178d ago

What game has made you NEED a PS5 this year?

Hakuoro178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Look at it like this, the $500-600 I could spend on an SX could buy all my games for my PS5 for a year maybe even two. Or if I really wanted to play xbox games I could use that money to upgrade my PC which has way more value than any console.

sourOG178d ago

That’s multiple platforms... what are you disagreeing with exactly lol?

Koolaidude178d ago

What games are you going to be getting on PS5 within the first year. I get all systems and there is no game that has made me need either system revealed for launch yet. Plus PlayStation normally has dry year and half to start.

LordoftheCritics178d ago

Donate your money to charity instead.

sourOG178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

[email protected] triggered ass comments. Relax. All I said was imagine having to choose one platform based on superficial purposes. I wasn’t talking about any specific platforms. Your struck nerve and guilty conscious doesn’t matter to me. I wasn’t personally attacking you.

dietis_h178d ago

we all know what you were referring to.
dont backpedal now.

sourOG178d ago

Oh you’re a mind reader? No that’s just you assuming things. I’m not back peddling at all, I’m standing by exactly what I said. Not what you think I said based on your cognitive bias.