Hideo Kojima in Talks With Junji Ito About Working on a New Horror Game

Renowned Japanese horror mangaka Junji Ito has revealed that Hideo Kojima recently contacted him about working together on a new horror game.

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Hakuoro64d ago

Wow... man I hope this pans out...

Kojima is a legend I don't care what anyone says.

Sonic-and-Crash64d ago

Kojima is God , Kojima is the last of the master oldschool developpers that know how to create properly a game from start to finish....

2080super63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Yeah, right...
You must be japanese.

morganfell63d ago

"You must be japanese"

That is a pretty racist remark. And it is a stereotype. I am as Caucasian as you can get and I agree with Sonic. This could be really good since Ito was with Kojima and Del Toro on P.T.

Hakuoro63d ago

Guess what, I don't care what you say.

RedDevils63d ago

Kojima is like mad scientist which is why his games is always different from the rest.

leejohnson22264d ago

I just want to see what twisted idea kojima has for next gen. Always interesting

goldwyncq64d ago

A Hideo Kojima Game

Norman Reedus


Quiet Mountains

SamTheGamer64d ago

Please I want Kojima's horror game.

zeuanimals63d ago

I want a Junji Ito game without Kojima. The great thing about Junji Ito is that he doesn't explain anything in his stories. And the often times great thing about Kojima is that he explains everything in his stories. I don't see the two styles mixing.

ThereGoThatManQ63d ago

Lol that’s a very angled perspective to look at it.

You should be happy someone who cares so much about story telling would take on Junji.

It’s good story telling that keeps you engaged but also unaware of all the elements in the story.

Like Death Stranding and MGS did.

The only difference is you don’t wrap up the unknown you leave it in the air.

Ninte64d ago

Just give me Silent Hill already.

Tarkus122764d ago

Those two could make a horrific masterpiece especially if they use VR...

Hakuoro63d ago

Oh Man VR would be awesome for sure!

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