Hangar 13 Confirms Infamous Racing Sequence Still Appearing in Mafia: Definitive Edition

Hangar 13 President and Chief Creative Officer Haden Blackman confirmed that the infamous racing sequence from the original game will be appearing in Mafia: Definitive Edition.

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REDGUM1037d ago

I'm quite excited for this title. I never played the original and it's shaping up to be a ripper from what iv'e seen so far.
I have only dabbled with the 3rd installment as it was free on psn. It's enjoyable, and quite like the setting and yet alot of players say it's the not so good one in the bunch. i will pick up the re-make of Mafia from what iv'e seen. Im gonna struggle with the car racer though, have always been better player on foot lol.

Kaze881036d ago

I was not expecting that this mission would not be on this remake, but for the love of god make it have proper physics and add some checkpoints. I would always topple the car on the last laps due to shitty physics or after the race and then you would have to start everything over if I remember right.