Check Your Notifications as Sony is Sending $10 in PSN Credit to Random PS Plus Subscribers

Sony is sending $10 in PSN credit to random PS+ subscribers so check your system notifications!

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Hakuoro459d ago

Hopefully I get one, I'm sure I can find something in the summer sale to spend it on.

dekke459d ago

i got mine 10€ liek 4hrs ago

459d ago
PoopsMcGee458d ago

Ha ha! Got it!

Thanks Sony!

Silly gameAr459d ago

I missed the notification because I was on Hulu, but I checked after I saw this and I got one. That's awesome because I never get anything like this lol.

Double_O_Revan459d ago

Same. I never get those coupons they send out ever. But I did see the notification on my phone from the PS App about getting the $10. Bought Control for $10.99 basically. Sweet deal. Been wanting to play that.

Petebloodyonion459d ago

That's a freaking sweet deal really like Control.

Masterchief_thegoat459d ago

I used that to buy some games on summer sales.

VsAssassin459d ago

I got mine as part of the PS+ 10th year anniversary!

ziggurcat459d ago

Wow, they actually sent me one of these things.

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The story is too old to be commented.