Microsoft still hasn't made the case for Xbox Series X

Yesterday's Xbox showcase failed as a pitch to buy a new games console - but perhaps Microsoft is playing a different game altogether.

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RazzerRedux921d ago

Starkly different approaches:

"The PlayStation Studios exclusives felt that little bit closer and more tangible than their Xbox counterparts, especially in the impressive gameplay footage of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Gran Turismo 7. It had a simple pitch: if you want to play these games, buy a PlayStation 5."

"Yet, when push came to shove, the company didn't seem willing to promise anything beyond Halo would actually get an Xbox One version, and a follow-up tweet from Xbox marketer Aaron Greenberg passed the buck to studios rather than settle the matter."

"we still can't be sure that we have seen a game running on Xbox Series X."

Then there is that.

Xb1ps4921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

For someone like me it’s just deeper than a “pitch”.. I don’t care if the game can be played on pc or a phone I don’t care how true of an exclusive the game is.. what I did care about was playing it on a console on my tv, that’s the only “pitch” I need to get my attention..

Then you get my money when you produce the game I want to play.. I bought the Xbox one day one and yes with Kinect,500$.. then I bought x, another 500$.. the only game from 1st party that I truly enjoyed was forza horizon and sunset overdrive, gears was ok and that’s about it..

I played the waiting game while dumping money on Xbox.. waited an entire generation... and now it’s probably another 500$ and you deliver halo to us looking like that, when it’s weeks away from launch?!

All those studios purchased and you had no mic drop for the launch of the “most powerful console” and again halo looked like that? All this damn time and you still need more time to even get 1/5th of what Sony did this entire gen..

Automatic79921d ago

I think everyone is forgetting that we are in a pandemic world. Halo is not some small DLC expandable game it is a massive game. Halo looks fantastic and that was a year old build. I can't wait for the final product. I think most people are going to forget about this reveal.

DivoJones921d ago

Definitely understandable frustration on your end. I also bought a day 1 xbox, watched as Kinect went from a pack-in to obscurity/obsolescence, and so few exclusives of consequence that I can count them on one hand with fingers to spare. I haven't downloaded/watched the 4k/60fps stream for Halo Infinite yet, so hard to say if the graphics quality was a result of the 1080p stream and artifacts or if it's indicative of the final product.

That said, It's very safe to say their vision for the future is Game Pass (and xcloud). While we'll have to wait some time for a lot of those exclusives to come through from all these studios, Game Pass does make a grand statement about their plans for the future.. services. How that all plays out in the long run, only time will tell, but at this time it does appear that Playstation has a more traditional and likely effective approach for the short-term. Once Xbox Game Studios exclusives really start hitting and you just get all of those games with Game Pass, it's going to be very intriguing to gamers.

If it comes down to deciding which console to buy first though, Xbox definitely didn't do much to make their case against the PS5.

TheProblem921d ago


You really swallowing Greenbergs excuses and running with them aren't you haha.

"I think everyone is forgetting that we are in a pandemic world"

Sony has managed to finish and ship 2 huge games right at the height of the pandemic and Microsoft can't even capture some current footage from Halo? Sure /s

ABizzel1921d ago


The pandemic talk goes out the window when it applies to every studio out there. PlayStation developers are dropping current-gen games that look better than AAA next-gen games, their first-party trailers on PS5 look amazing, and even on Xbox Remedy's Crossfire Campaign look great. Xbox had the audacity to show up to this with CG, alleged In-Engine, and PC builds for nearly all of their games after just being blasted about it 2 months ago, and promising to do better. They have done nothing but lie and misdirect for nearly a decade with the promise of having Xbox first-party being diverse and competitive in AAA gaming, and with the new acquisitions it may happen, but clearly not for another 1 - 3 years, aka more waiting.

Xbox has gone this entire year without a notable release outside of Ori, and prior to that Gears 5, WTF and WTH have they been doing. Halo 5 came out in 2015, it's 5 years later and this is their Halo. They tried to say it last-gen wouldn't hold back Series X and Halo, but obviously that was a lie, or in their case a spin because it couldn't hold the game back since it was already being developed with the XBO / XBO-X in mind first and bumped up to Series X.

The Xbox division is just lost when it comes to games. They are simply making Games as a service and buying studios to add more content to their ultimate goal GamePass, even if it means not caring about competition in quality anymore. They're perfectly fine with having mediocre - above-average games so long as they can be played for years and profit through expansions and DLC, which is unfortunate for the talent and teams that want to push their medium and art forward.

And I personally don't think it's a bad business model as far as overall gaming is concerned, but it is a bad business model for someone who has a console to sell because the millions of gamers who might have picked up a Series X if something they saw something that truly impressed them, are now better off downloading GamePass and using XCloud or building a gaming PC where they get all of the Xbox games and PC exclusives as well.

I truly don't understand the mindset they have, because the hardware in the Series X and even the rumored Series S are great. But if you to just get your games dumped to GamePass and in as many hands as possible, just release the Series S as it's going to be cheap an Entry cost, and therefore, easily in the hands of millions upon millions and keep upgrading your console with a new model every 3 - 4 years as you're rumored to be doing.

The Wood921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

'I think everyone is forgetting that we are in a pandemic world.'

Smh, Is the pandemic that secret timed exclusive for series X


GUTZnPAPERCUTZ921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

It's this simple, im buying both just like last gen. PS for exclusives and Xbox for the best visual and performance version of multiplats.

95% of the games I play (like most gamers) are multiplatform games like COD, GTA, APEX, Elder Scrolls, FIFA, Battlefield, The Witcher, Far Cry, Just Cause, Final Fantasy, etc. If they run better on Xbox then I will buy that version 🤷‍♂️

rainslacker921d ago (Edited 921d ago )


"Halo is not some small DLC expandable game it is a massive game"

Perhaps you missed the talk from 343 where they said this is actually the direction they're going with the game. They're making Halo into Destiny.

The reasoning that Halo isn't some small DLC expandable game doesn't hold much weight when there are games which are also in the same vein as Halo, and manage to impress much more, and most of them are current gen games, and most of them already look better than Halo did. H:I had resolution and frame rate, but not much else. No, it didn't look as bad as some people say, but what was shown is far down the scale of high end, and it certainly isn't setting any bars. For a game franchise that is arguably MS flagship IP, one should expect more than a basic design that lacks polish or attention to finer details, and they should expect at least a passable level of quality in terms of graphics, AI, physics, and object interactivity. Things severely lacking in the Halo demo.

And a year old? Where did you pull that number from? They said it's an old build. If MS seriously went to show off their next gen with a year old build, then they are just stupid. I'd say this build is maybe at most a month or two old. I'd even go so far as three given the Covid situation right now, but there is absolutely no reason for them to have to use a build that old for this show just because Covid was happening. Builds can still be made in ways that don't involve getting everyone in the studio.

BigTrain921d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself. You get my vote this fall for president of the US!!! Damn shame MS.

badz149920d ago


"Halo looks fantastic and that was a year old build."

for the most powerful console with 12TF, supposedly 500mil budget and "the most ambitious game 343i has created", NO, it isn't! who are you trying to fool here? even the last CoD looks WAY better on the base PS4.

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TheProblem921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

"we still can't be sure that we have seen a game running on Xbox Series X."

Yet didn't Phil Spencer show an image or video of him playing a game on the series X in his living room?

So yet another lie from Phil when Halo, a game coming in less than 4 months doesn't even have XSX footage. Phil most likely had a PC hooked to his TV out of view. It wouldn't be the first time.

Shameful behaviour from the so called boss of a gaming company.

And xbox fans are still trying to convince people that the original Hellblade 2 trailer is in game XSX footage. SMH

Father__Merrin921d ago

I've a feeling Phil hit the gas and drove home quickly to hide

rainslacker921d ago

I'm sure the game runs on XSX at this point. They wouldn't be waiting this long to be doing console testing or builds. But, if they don't have the PC version optimized, which is generally easier than console optimization, then it doesn't bode well for the console. Some of the issues in the Halo demo weren't GPU power related either, but rather issues with actual core design implementations. If the XSX is more powerful than the PC they ran this on, then it doesn't mean those things will be fixed. It's also reasonable to assume that adding RT onto the graphics, if the game was having issues and needed to be at this level to run, it's not going to help with the graphics themselves. It may help with the rather basic lighting they had for the game.

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rainslacker921d ago

To me, if a company has to start making lots of excuses after their show, they did something wrong. Yeah, there is some element that the community can be a**holes, and often take things out of context or blow things out of proportion, but there is a difference between clarifying an issue, and just trying to curtail the negative responses.

What I see from MS is them trying to mitigate the negativity more than I see them trying to clarify the misinterpretations. The reason for this is because they seem to at least passively admit that they didn't meet expectations, and are trying to reason their way out of it by hoping that people will give them another chance with some new information that is brought to light. Unfortunately for them, what they're asking people to consider aren't things that would have changed or fixed the criticisms that people are lobbing at them right now.

I've seen some within the Xbox fan base not being so kind to them right now. If this were just a bunch of irrational Sony fans trying to bring down the XBox, MS could have a different reaction. But when their actual user base seems discontent, and upset, then they have a problem, because those were the best people to market the console to early on. If MS stumbles out of the gate, they're going to have a much harder time getting those subs they so desire.

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i3eyond the Circle921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

Xbox show was better than the Sony show maybe by a fraction presentation wise. And the whole gamepass day one stuff is cool but still they absolutely FAILED on presenting anything that personifies what they’ve adveritised.

BBC Holy grail articles, a fucking velocity architecture ad, Jason Ronald interviews, Phil Spencer saying he’s confident in what they have etc etc

For the only real gameplay to be Halo Infinite which idgaf what you say cannot fix some of the fundamental problems it has. Jank animations, 360 era grappling hook... I mean... it sounds like he’s attaching a mf Jeep Wrangler tow line to a tree branch to clear the road and item pull looks like when a MF wumpa fruit goes to Crash Bandicoot...*clink* *cringe* I just at least thought a new engine would make it at least look like air exists in the Halo Universe.

timotim921d ago

I agree...but just barely imo. What they failed to do however was demonstrate games running on SX to the masses, and since it was a SX event, then it was a fail. They only had a better show than Sony imo because of the games announced, especially from a first party perspective...but the vast majority of those games came with CGI and very little gameplay.

sinspirit921d ago

Oh. Okay. I'll host a game conference and announce a bunch of games if it's that easy to get your money.

They shoved streamers and social personalities in our face. Didn't show SX footage, or any gameplay footage for the majority of everything. Other than Halo, every other game is essentially a cgi trailer for a game that is 2-3+ years away. They shoved as much as they could in to this show to fluff it up, and god the distractions are out of hand. Youtubers, streamers, pointless dev talk, and games irrelevant to fixing the problem of xbox games because they're so far away from release. Terrible.

It's also terrible when agenda pushers fake objectivity with things like "it's close" or "slightly better". We're not stupid. We know about discord, party chats, and snapchats. It's blatantly obvious when the usual handful come on here saying exactly the same assessment despite how clearly forced it is.

And as for games announced. Hardly any exclusives. Timed exclusives after Phil lied, again, acting like he was above that now. And. What big AAA exclusive announcements were there? What big games were announced? They "especially from a first party perspective" won you say. List me all the AAA exclusives announced for the first time. The only big one is Fable. We always know Forza is coming. Now list me the small exclusives that are really so great looking.

LOGICWINS921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

Despite the event being a failure in terms of selling us a Series X at launch, we have to give Microsoft credit for their diverse lineup:

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Psychonauts 2
Crossfire X
Stalker 2
Tell Me Why
The Gunk
Halo: Infinite
The Ascent
The Medium
Hellblade 2
...... and many MANY more things that haven’t been announced

For 15 years Microsoft has been the “NO GAEMZ” platform. No one can say that anymore. Of course we need to DEMAND better, but we can’t pretend that Microsoft hasn’t made large-scale improvements to Xbox Game Studios.

isa_scout921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

Half of those games aren't exclusives though. And I'm not even talking about PC. Literally half of those games will come out on PS5 as well.

RazzerRedux921d ago

I agree Microsoft has definitely improved, but including non-first party and timed exclusives comes across as just trying to make the list bigger.

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Psychonauts 2
Halo: Infinite
Hellblade 2

These are the games Microsoft should get "credit" for and I think that is a fine list.

RosweeSon921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

I think the whole no games thing gets misconstrued massively all platforms have games that’s what 3rd party are for they all have first party offerings as well or they should do but it’s about the quality of the 1st party output. If you can play the 3rd party stuff anywhere the 1st party stuff needs to be top notch and it really hasn’t been for an entire gen now. The games are looking promised grounded is my personal favourite something fun and original but waaaaay to early to say on majority of games for next gen even Sony ones however things like horizon I have no doubts about.

921d ago
Automatic79921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

At logic not worth debating. Xbox had a great lineup.

We have a lot of games.

Halo Infinite
Crossfire X
Warhammer Dark Tide
State of Decay 3
Gears Tactics
Flight Simulator
The Gunk
The Medium
Call of The Sea
The Outerworlds DLC
Second Extinction
The Ascent
Wasteland 3
Project Mara
Hellblade Senua's Saga
Tell Me Why
Dusk Falls
Grim Fandango
Day of the Tentacle
Full Throttle
Age of Empire III
Age of Empire IV

elazz921d ago

Those games still didn't release, half come on PS5 eventually, some have questionable quality and others are mediocre. Flight simulator is amazing but won't really attract gamers. It's also quite expensive if you want a bit more content. Forza is consistent but most others it's wait and see.

Wait and see to be dissapointed happened to much for many xbox/pc gamers when it concerns Microsoft games.

RPGer921d ago

It is about quality not quantity BOI. Library will eventually expand by 1st or 3rd party. But nothing will take place a good game, just like how nothing is taking place Forza Horizon 2,3,4 on X1. Or nothing is taking place of UC4, GOW, HZD, BB, GOT, etc on PS4.

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XabiDaChosenOne921d ago

"Xbox show was better than the Sony show maybe by a fraction presentation wise."
Lol please, give me a break. Outside of that abysmal Halo Infinite showing and Psychonauts 2 Microsoft showed literally NO gameplay.
Sony showed gameplay for Rachet and Clank, Returnal, and GT7.
Where was the Forza 8 gameplay? Fable? HellBlade 2? State Of Decay? Where were they? Nowhere, that showing was a JOKE. I was LAUGHING the entire time. All that 12TF talk that Phil Spencer and his fanatics where beating their chest about just to open up with that LAUGHABLE, ABYSMAL, Halo Infinite gameplay LMAOOOOO!

i3eyond the Circle921d ago

Don’t get it twisted the Xbox line up is still MUCH more appealing for this Holiday. Halo will still be a fun game regardless of its disappointing presentation, every game most likely will perform better on Series X.

I’m merely judging this showcase. They didn’t hit it on the head like they absolutely needed to. Now they are scrambling. It went from going to steal the show at e3 to “its old footage on PC guys” When it comes to Halo.

rainslacker921d ago

I have a feeling that Spider-Man is probably going to be a bigger draw this holiday than Halo. Maybe if MS killed it with the demo they just had it'd be a different story. Chances are, given how good the first SM game looked, and how good it was, that when they finally do show something, it's going to catch a lot more attention.

Halo may sell well itself, because it isn't exclusive to the XSX, but I don't think it's going to be a driving factor for XSX sales this holiday. At least not on a system seller level scale.

Dragonscale921d ago

The xbox show was nowhere near as good as ps5's fgs lol. It was laughably bad hence all the articles like this. You xbots sure are deluded.

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fonger08921d ago

Honestly neither really have IMO and so rarely do with their usual launch games. While the new Spider-Man 1.5 game sounds fun... at launch for the PS that’s really all there is. Xbox, I mean Halo will be one the Xbox One so there’s no real need to upgrade yet there either. If the PS5 is priced right and has BC right out of the box, then I’ll probably go that route first just so I can trade in my loud af ps pro.

TheEnigma313921d ago

PS5 will have bc out of the box. Sony said all popular titles will work.

fonger08921d ago

Yeah but do they mean by most “popular” titles? Is it mainly just 1st party? Will digital only games transfer? There’s a lot left they need to explain on that feature.

ABizzel1921d ago

You are correct, but that's not what was said. The PS5 will have a PS4 and PS4 Pro boot mode, which will allow the vast majority of PS4 games to be playable unless there is some kind of peripheral issues, just like Series X not having compatibility with Kinect.


The "Popular Titles" (aka the 100+ games) are the games that are aiming for Native PS5 support.


The difference is that Sony can afford to have a sparse launch lineup due to 20 years of worldwide goodwill with fans.....Microsoft doesn’t have that luxury.

fonger08921d ago

Xbox has a massive fan base here in the US. If priced right and Halo is it a hit, it could just as easily rival the PS5 for sales here stateside. For as poorly as the Xbox One performed this gen, it didn’t get outsold at nearly the ratio one would assume it should have here. Goodwill and PR, are a year to year thing in the video game industry, where you have all the momentum, and blow it by saying “people will work more hours to buy one” to the RRoD to one of the worst online security breaches ever to presenting a system that’s always online with a useless camera at a $100 more...

Father__Merrin921d ago

Remember 2009 xbox 360? Bioshock masseffect halo 3, lost oddesey, infinite u discovery etc etc.

It made you feel proud to own a machine that has all these exclusives that are not found anywhere else ie this is a reason to buy one.

Xbox needs to return to that level, dump the pc garbage ASAP and tone down gamepass it will all hurt them just wait and see

Hakuoro921d ago

Who said Sony's lineup is sparse? Everything Sony showed is likely to launch before the end of 2021, where as half the list of Microsoft games aren't going to release before 2022.

It blows my mind to see people talk like Sony isn't going to have games, they have had a non-stop train of games especially if you look beyond the big AAA GOTY contenders to things like Dreams Concrete Genie Erica ect and PSVR games like Astro Bot, Iron Man VR, The inpatient ect. as well as all the remasters.

rainslacker921d ago

The last Spider-Man game was more of a system seller than the last Halo game. Last available numbers put SM as selling twice as many copies as the last Halo, and Sony saw a significant surge of PS4 sales at it's release, and through the holiday season.

I think you may be over-estimating the appeal that Halo has to sell systems any more. There is a pretty decent sized community for the franchise, and they're very committed to the franchise as a whole, but that community isn't as big, and MS doesn't have the same appeal that it used to to drive additional sales with that franchise as a figure head.

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waverider921d ago

They did. Gamepass. Quality games cant be made for services. It takes 4, 5,6 years to make. Those Kind of high profile games dont work with services that need games and more games

Baza921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

MS priority is getting as many people to sign up for Gamepass as possible. From a business standpoint its great revenue $$. This is MS we are talking about here. It just seems like they don’t prioritize quality gaming content

Masterchief_thegoat921d ago

Facts. They are letting me know get ps5 first. Since ps5 will have better lineup and next gen graphics

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