Rocket Arena May Already Be Dead Ten Days After Launch

With a dwindling player count and long matchmaking times, Rocket Arena might as well be an offline game. The game's $30 price tag and heavy microtransactions could be to blame.

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CptDville88d ago

It's an EA's game you have to pay for playing, with microtransactions and paid battle pass. Not sad at all, it's well deserved.

SamTheGamer88d ago

One day will come when we have to pay to visit EA's store

NVMGaiden87d ago

It's still a talented dev team full of human beings with mouths to feed, working people actually understand that.

ForwardDude88d ago

This game should have been free to play day one. It's a no brainer. Even more so if there is a battlepass and microtransaction day one. Lesson learned the hard way for the develloper: never trust greedy EA.

Rangerman120888d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Agreed. This game could have gotten the Apex Legends treatment but they decided not to.

zsquaresoff88d ago

It's an EA game so it's alright. Feel bad for the creators but if you're going to put microtransactions on a 30$ game then screw you.

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isa_scout87d ago

Sad thing is its a pretty fun game, but they sent it out to die by not making it F2P. They need to make it F2P asap and give people who purchased it some free levels on the battlepass then maybe people will come to it.

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