Former Suikoden creators reveal new JRPG Eiyuden Chronicle

A group of experienced game developers have come together to establish Rabbit & Bear Studios, a new company based out of Tokyo. The team, which features talent that includes the former creators of Suikoden, have also revealed their debut title – an JPG titled Eiyuden Chronicle.

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OtterX177d ago

Yes!! Suikoden 1 & 2 are still two of my favorite games of all time. I had to look and see if there was any video footage after reading this, and wow the combat looks amazing! Taking the old school and making it dynamic in a whole new way, while still honoring its roots. This looks like it's going to be epic...

jznrpg176d ago

I love Suikoden . I will definitely get this for PS5 and maybe Switch too

Deathdeliverer176d ago

Same here. I’ll trust these guys.

blackblades176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

Always wanted to try it but never did, but this game looks so good. Like did I just see the characters in different locations and not lined up side by side like the typical jrpgs. Hmmm kickstarter dont those usually take a long time to release the game.

OtterX176d ago

The characters, animation looks so much like Suikoden! It's basically Suikoden, the Hundred Heroes is so similar to the 108 Stars of Destiny. The upgradeable fortress.

Yep! THIS is the Suikoden sequel we've been waiting for... in the form of a spiritual successor.

I don't back things often, but I think I'll back this!

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SaiyanFury175d ago

This looks fantastic. I'll be getting it on PC the day it releases! :D

KingofGambling175d ago

I can't but help notice that the characters bio have a favorite food, so I'm guessing a cooking competition? Like Suikoden II (one of the best jrpg of the 90s)