GTA Online and Red Dead Online Updates Coming Soon

R* writes:

With both games playing home to more players than ever before in recent months, we know the community has been awaiting news of any updates for GTA Online and Red Dead Online and we are happy to share that both games will receive exciting new updates in the weeks ahead.

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OtterX368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

The naturalist Frontier role sounds interesting on RDR Online. I actually got my 70 year old dad into playing RDR Online with me, as we live 4000 miles apart. Sounds like he would like that. He loves the fishing, the nature exploration and everything with me.... but he gets so pissed at the kids who troll us while we're trying to fish! haha He wants to know why we can't play on our own private server. Competitive gaming isn't his thing, so I do hope they add a passive mode to RDR Online like they have on GTA Online.

DrDeath366d ago

Playing ghost really proved how boring this game played. Realism< fun

TeamIcoFan366d ago

This is all you can expect from Rockstar now people, get used to it.

Magog366d ago

We want an outlaw role, dammit. Lazy content.

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