The console war is over

Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo all want different things from the next generation -- is it really a war if everyone wins?

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djmindz68d ago

console wars lol good old days :D

solideagle68d ago

there is a joke on twitter that after Halo: Infinite demo, Sony will increase PS5 price hehehe I find it funny. :)

Smclaren198568d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Hahaha I was really hoping for more actual gameplay unfortunately I was let down by Microsoft again . I am fortunate enough to own both pro and Xbox one x but I’m not seeing anything worth a day one purchase for series x. All the games I am looking forward to is avowed forza and fable but they are years off and they showed no gameplay. Sony showed mostly gameplay I really had high hopes for Microsoft but as per usual a let down unfortunately 🙁

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darthv7268d ago

War.... what is it good for (absolutely nothing)

ABizzel168d ago


That's completely embarrassing.

This just screams this game was made for base XBO, and upscaled to 4K @ 60fps for Series X. I truly don't get why MS even bothered with the Series X if this is how they want to start their games off, or if they're in the business of pushing GamePass and play anywhere over their brand new console(s).

If that's the case why not just make your Series S and be done with it, so you have the minimum standard for PC gaming going forward. If this was Series S and aiming for [email protected], I would completely understand, but all the hype in the world about "the world's most powerful console" and this is what they bring with Halo. A game that's graphically inferior to a game running on a console that is around 8x less powerful give or take.

mikeslemonade68d ago

I’m getting both consoles. PS5 will sell more systems but Microsoft will earn more revenue.

Unspoken67d ago

McDonalds raised their pricing too.

anubusgold67d ago

OH please sony showed less real games than microsoft most of their games was indy crap. ON PS exclusives are old as well. Last of us , uncharted, god of war, grand tourismo has had just as many releases as the xbox games. And metal gear is crap because Kojima is gone.

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neutralgamer199268d ago

It won't be over anytime soon. It's only over because Sony is at top and Nintendo passed up Xbox if it was Xbox one on top we would see very different articles

When Xbox 360 was selling well on this site we got troll articles on daily basis. Whether people like it or not console wars are real and both companies even know that and they play up to it with some of their announcements. After 7 years of wait and see, after saying he was against paying for times exclusives, after watching sony's show saying we are ready and for this to happen Come on man

I bought the OG Xbox over PS2 I have been a fan since day one and that's when Ms thought outside the box but now they just want to keep saying phrases like optimized for XSX yet after 2 events what have we seen? At least ps5's event showed real gameplay(and I for one though the show was good not great) but after watching Ms 2 shows sony's show looks better and better

Phil has been talking since December 2019 about XSX and have had the mic to himself yet Sony can break the internet by releasing am image of their new controller

And before anyone accuses me I as a gamer want xsx and ps5 to do well sell neck and neck because when these companies are competing for our dollars and attention they will try harder but it seems Ms doesn't really care and they just want to repeat 2 phrase

Optimized for XSX
Day one of gamepass

To be honest it seems many of ma first party studios are actually doing AA games instead of proper AAA because of gamepass they want quantity not quality

For us gamers it's best when both Sony and Ms go hard but it seems only Sony is prepared to go hard while Ms is only worried about subscriptions

Phil is a con artist until proven otherwise because so far he has done all the talking without any substance. Maybe I am wrong we will see

sampsonon68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

"To be honest it seems many of ma first party studios are actually doing AA games instead of proper AAA because of gamepass they want quantity not quality"

That is the problem. I've been saying it a few yrs back and people on this site laughed at me.
Ok, who's not laughing now. I was right.
You get what you pay for

Smclaren198568d ago (Edited 68d ago )

My friend I couldn’t agree with you more , you make some very true points here. I’m my opinion the huge failure of the Xbox one this gen is really showing in the results for next gen . Where as Sony’s huge success has resulted in incredible launch line up next gen . I have the PS4 pro and Xbox one x . The Xbox one x is an incredible console but I went nearly 2 years with nothing to play on it . It’s been collecting dust ever since I upgraded to PS4 pro so many great games from Sony too many lol I’m so fed up with Microsoft letting the customer's down . Sony used to be very misleading in marketing too but they always deliver . Microsoft has been taking pot shotts at Ps5 recently it’s been very tasteless . I now see why as they know they can’t compete game wise and that’s what’s important Sony haven't even replied Much to there credit . I think it all depends on the series x selling if it does the games will improve . You simply can’t deny Halo infinite is not next gen. It looks slightly better than halo 5 I need a lot more proof next gen before I fork out for A series x too . Ps5 it’s 100 percent my priority . I’m not biased I just like being treated descent as a customer with good games it’s that simple

Sitdown68d ago

How exactly did the internet break?

Right now neither console is shaping up to be day one, even though I will still get both day one; but confidence is not what it once was. Unfortunately, Microsoft appears to be lacking gaming direction, and their pursuit of money is so overt. It's mind boggling that they continue in the same direction with just a new coat of paint. You had the eyes of the gaming community, and you tried to sell us Tetris. From the beginning this was just meant to be an Xbox event, but there was too much hype about the Series X that distorted the intentions, and the backfire is great.

fiveby968d ago

If there are no exclusive AAA 1st party games for XsX then why even release a new console? I think MS is releasing the XsX merely to have a new console at the same time Sony does but for no other reason. And it is for certain that if MS is peddling Gamepass, they need content for it. So their studios will need to build product which keeps thast business model profitable. They are not going to make big budget games across the board for $10-$15 per month and make money. No thanks. I'll stick with Sony this next gen.

ActualWhiteMan68d ago

Crackdown 3 is a great example of a wasted opportunity that was downplayed because it was just free fodder for Game Pass. If that game released at $60 and didnt have a free option, there would have been riots.

Sea of Thieves was boring... Gears 5...boring.... Bleeding Edge.....ZZZzzzzZZ. Halo Infinite looking boring AF.

Microsoft hasnt been worth their salt in a long time. Where the hell is Battle Toads? Havent heard about that one in a while....

Ratchet7568d ago

What I'm really crossed about is the lie Phil Spencer perpetuate when saying games are cross Gen because they care about gamers.
Now we know by watching the show it was an outright lie.
The only reason they re going cross Gen is because they have no games ready for Xbox SX. Games like Avowed, Everwild, fable, Forza... are clearly 2/3 years down the line.
Which once again prove my point when I say that Phil Spencer doesn't know how to run the business.
$1/2 billion spent on Halo Infinite for what? If I was Bill Gate, judging by what we have seen on the show, I would ask for my money back.
I mean seriously Imagine what kind of launch game Naughty dogs, Santa Monica studio...etc. would do with that budget.

I could go on and on but without Game pass, Xbox brand would be dead by now.

anubusgold65d ago

@sampsonon AAA games are just filled with micro transactions anyway with cut out content to sale you later.

Smclaren198561d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Fantastic my friend , nice to see another honest gamer I completely agree with all you said here 👍. The Xbox 360 If you could get one that didn’t break lol and original Xbox was a great console and had some of the best games on the market. Iv wanted microsoft to get back to that for a long time but I just don’t think they will. It’s us the costumers who win , competition is good for the consumer . Think about it it’s smart on Microsoft’s part the got destroyed by Sony this generation so microsoft is bound to have limited there cash injection at least temporarily going into next gen just incase the same happens with ps5. It’s looking more and more likely . There relying on game pass to get majority of the income, plus there Cross generation. The ones that aren’t look more like AA games. It just wouldn’t make sense for Microsoft’s as a business to spend so much in an uncertain success. I could be wrong but there a huge gap between the quality of Sony’s showing and Microsoft’s . It’s just an opinion but it’s looking more and more like this is the case. It’ makes logical sense too. Sony’s sakes are guaranteed Microsoft’s arnt

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crazyCoconuts68d ago

Don't worry, the wars are not over by a long shot. The platform has always been about where you get your games from. Right now and for the near term future, it's a console ( not counting mobile games of course). Whether it's sub or direct buy, the companies want a bigger slice of a somewhat fixed pie$, so they're really in the same fight over us. Perhaps someday the console moves to the cloud, but they'll still be fighting over the platform, it'll just be called a service.

Starman6968d ago

Still haven't worked out if snes or mega drive was better... 😳

Antifan68d ago

Remember Mr. X and his whole XBOX propaganda campaign against Playstation years ago? He had an army of trolls to create fake news about Playstation. I still have console war PTSD lmao. Good old days

gamer780468d ago

lol is this article a joke? they are still competing heavily, its just the launch guise of "we offer something really different" when they all offer similar things, switch is the only one thats really that different.

kayoss68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I dont think they are competing anymore. If you look closely, MS seems to be nonchalant about the series x. He stated that he wont force players to upgrade to the new console. This is just ploy to say, "Dont have to buy our console, just get a gamepass subscription to play our games for the next two years until our exclusive are released, then you can upgrade." If you think more about it, its a smart ploy. Most players will buy the subscription gamepass, and when exclusives are released only on the series x. Most player will buy the new console, but at the same time they probably wont even cancel the gamepass subscription.
In addition, a subscription base market is more sustainable and more manageable than having to release a physical console. Lots of money going into developing a console. If this subscription thing works out for MS, just dont be surprised if they stop supporting the series x in the later years of its life cycle.

gamer780468d ago

@kayoss you have to look even closer , why are they letting people keep their old console for 1-2 years?, there is an actual reason and its not to "not compete", its cause they know the games that need the full power of the console won't be out for 1-2 years, so why not market it as a good thing (which it kinda is). its the same nearly every generation, the first couple years of games are more basic and don't fully use the console. Trust me they care or they wouldn't have done any of these things or made the most powerful console ever.

pornflakes68d ago

@smlaren = true troll...

Everything you saw will be day 1 gamepass. If you dot need an xsx MS is fine with it as you will still play all these games on a Windows PC.

The fanboys own of course all a 2080ti 😂😂

1Victor68d ago

👴🏿 Back in my days it was fought in the school backyards

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Shalawsorchi68d ago

How is Xbox winning? Even their fans are upset after yesterday’s disaster show.

majiebeast68d ago

I have no idea, but GIbiz has been on phil's D for a while now.

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bouzebbal68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Was a painful showing.. First party games and they cannot squeeze more out of the hardware.. Halo is as good as ps3 game.. It's even eat below current gen standard.. And they really wanted to start the show with a bang.. Was dull, boring and no gameplay.. Hellblade in Iceland, I couldn't care less.. Ori 120fps why?? Why use time doing this? TV s don't support that and it's worthless.. Destiny 2, Tetris.. Where is a new Killer Instinct? Phantasy Star online... It's this the only thing you could pull from Japan?? Timed exclusive for 2021, coming to x1 as well...

.....And all games will be on game Pass from day one.. So what's the deal really??

sampsonon68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Gamepass is destroying xbox and the people that down voted you were praising it. Now it slapped them in the face. The old adage "you get what you pay for" is truth, it doesn't matter how much you fanboy.

$70 to PS will be fine by me as long as it stops Sony from helping MS to destroy AAA gaming.
$10 more is a good investment to insure Sony stays true to the hardcore gamer.

bouzebbal68d ago


Blows my mind xbox fanboys who say Gamepass is a great deal.. The thing is slaughtering the idea of owning an xbox, xcloud even more because you don't even have to download anymore..
Yes it's a great deal for those who don't own an xbox, but stillwater play one of the games for 10 bucks a month.. For xbox owners it's an insult.. I'd have had it same way if ps now had all PS games day one... I'd save space on my TV table.. But I do not believe in digital future, it's garbage and removes all kinds of freedom.

ThinkThink68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Fanboys need to give it a rest. It was a good showcase of games coming soon. They held back more than I thought they would but I have faith that most of xbox game studios will deliver. Game Pass was the true star of the show though while Series X took the back seat. Either way, it's pretty clear where Microsoft is going and I for one, am all for it.

Smclaren198561d ago

Yeah this was there chance to show me and others fans , the series X is the console to get . Unfortunately just like this whole generation all there touting of “true 4K “ and “The Most Powefull Console Ever”. Amounted to nothing to show for it . It makes sense to me now why they have been taking pot shots at Sony so much . It’s becoming more and more clear to me developers who have been coming forward praising ps5 for a very good reason . I was going to buy both next gen consoles. I own both now and iv went nearly 3 years with nothing to play on Xbox one x. On the PS4 pro I can’t keep up to be honest . I won’t make the same mistake next generation that’s for sure

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blackblades68d ago

Na you still have some delusional fans like timdog and his crew that hangs with xdealer that think the show was good. Which is funny cause they complained Sony show was lackluster from gameplay and interesting games.

L7CHAPEL68d ago

no, they're not.

yours is just another comment to add to the mountain of bullshit.

Smclaren198561d ago

Exactly the show was a a disaster , they showed next to no gameplay. This tells me all I need to know that none of there games are anywhere near ready there years off. The ones they did show looked current gen

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zsquaresoff68d ago

It was over when ps4 out ran everyone to the top spot. Expecting the same with ps5 especially with xboxes showing yesterday.

execution1768d ago

Probably be a bigger gap when they do the next state of play

sampsonon68d ago

Oh my! Sony held most of their heavy hitters the last time.

crazysapertonight68d ago

Console war won't be over until you stop comparing Spider Man DLC as the only one big PS5 launch exclusive with brand new Halo game)

majiebeast68d ago

Seems like a Halo game they dug out of the trash from the 360 era.

Shaggy230468d ago (Edited 68d ago )

It certainly looks better than a 360 game, I agree it looked rough around the edges, and who knows if it will get any better.

I guess we will find out in a few months time.

gamer780468d ago

They confirmed this is an earlier build and no ray tracing in it yet.

Shaggy230468d ago

Eleven people disagree with my comment saying it doesnt looks better than a 360 game.

Wow, I'm guessing their are a lot of fanboys out today.

morganfell68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

One excuse after another. What company wants to wow and show why they are the company to watch and does this. When are people going to learn. This excuse article is Redmond in a nutshell demonstrating their philosophy that you do not deserve the best. Any old thing will do for their fans. And raytracing won't fix the issues in that demo. Don't forget that the biggest MS fans were screaming 12Teraflops non-stop then yesterday didn't mention and that and were saying graphics do not matter its the gameplay (which is in reality the truth). Now they are going to run to raytracing? Really?

monkey60268d ago

Why is it every time MS have a showing they have to clarify something.

It doesn't matter what Sony show now, I'm getting a PS5. Microsoft had everything to prove and they failed to do so.
Playstation is a safe bet because they have a proven track record. A loyalty from me that has been built from years of support and performance on their end.

That is a kind of trust and devotion Microsoft just do not deserve

ABizzel168d ago


I'm sorry their main counter point was "Go look at the game in 4K and 60FPS". Resolution does little to nothing to increase the overall graphics of the game outside of clarity and making some textures more detailed. They need to vastly increase the foliage of the world, have significantly better ground maps, have better enemy design, more particle effects, much better rock tessellation, and more. They have 4 - 5 months left before this game releases, and at this point, the game should be getting ready to go gold, not trying to squeeze the life out of all the developers to revamp the graphics of the entire game if it looks like this.

RauLeCreuset68d ago


An early build from when? It wasn't stated. That's the sort of empty talk that's frustrating. They make statements to create a favorable impression but are evasive on the details that would allow people to evaluate what they're saying in the proper context.

He also said he thought it looked good. His remarks make it sound like he's just flinging stuff at a wall to see what sticks, and that's before we consider the source is Greenberg.

“'Yea, I mean listen,' Greenberg replied. 'We’re in the middle of a global pandemic. It’s July, we’re far from Holiday, you’re seeing a work-in-progress game. That said, you’ve probably watched the stream in 1080p, maybe. So we’ve put up a 4K 60[fps] on-demand stream. Go look at the game in 4K and 60FPS.'

"The marketing manager added, 'it’s very hard to show the full power and graphic fidelity of what Xbox Series X will be able to deliver for you over a stream. So go back and look at it in 4K and 60FPS. The only thing I’ll just say is, it’s a work-in-progress. So, what’re seeing today, and I can tell you because we see check-in builds every week, and they [343 Industries] made progress week after week. Between now and Holiday, it’s just going to get better and better.'"

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RazzerRedux68d ago

Spider-Man Mile Morales is a stand alone game. It is not DLC.

stuna168d ago

People say it's DLC to help with their Insomnia!

You get it!? It's made by INSOMNIAC, so it helps them sleep better.

leejohnson22268d ago

Halo reach looks better than a halo game with 5 million budget and 2000 devs and it still looks worse than shadow fall. Spiderman is built from the ground up on ps5, its not dlc, you sound like a delusional school child

Snookies1268d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I'm sorry, Halo Reach does NOT look better than Infinite. Straight up. Not to mention Infinite is open world and we don't even know exactly how large this game actually is in size. I'm not a very big Xbox supporter. Always been a major Sony/PC guy. But the hate Infinite is getting is just childish at this point. (A lot like the 'mostly' unwarranted hate Last of Us 2 was getting.) The game looks fine. Nothing particularly ground breaking about it. But it looks like it'll be a ton of fun to play. I just hope they fix up some of the issues with pop-in and load-in for lighting and textures by Infinite's release.

Relientk7768d ago

You mean that underwhelming gameplay that Microsoft showed off yesterday? You could have told me that gameplay was from Halo 2 or 3 and I would have believed you. It was generic Halo. Nothing mind-blowing or Next-Gen about it at all.

FlavorLav0168d ago

This was my largest complaint, it looked bland, empty-ish, and uninspired. Could’ve been copy and pasted straight from the original and it showed. Definitely unworthy of the “power of 12TF” lol

Hellcat202068d ago

The worst part that I’m hearing is that this will be the same Halo engine going forward for the next 10 years by going the Destiny route with expansion packs

chiefJohn11768d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Lol ikr it's a joke can't take those people seriously. Comparing dlc to the greatest FPS franchise in history

execution1768d ago

Halos popularity pretty much disappeared the day Bungie left

RazzerRedux68d ago

"Comparing dlc to the greatest FPS franchise in history"

The amount of intellectual dishonesty in your post is not surprising.

Elda68d ago

The supposedly greatest FPS franchise took a severe hit in quality.

BehindTheRows68d ago

It is YOU that people obviously shouldn’t take serious.

RauLeCreuset68d ago

I don't know why you set yourselves up like this. It's more objectionable that Xbox is compared to PS than any comparison of Miles Morales to Halo at this point. PS and Xbox have been "competing" for 3 generations now, with Xbox only really being competitive in the gen they had a head start on, RROD boosted sales, and still sold just below the PS3, coming in 3rd place. PS has won 3 of the 4 gens they've been in, including their debut gen, and it didn't take them until the next gen to maybe fix the exclusives problem they had when 3rd party heavy hitters that had been synonymous with PS went multiplat with the 360. Some of you still haven't learned to let Xbox build up that resume and prove themselves before you try latching onto any petty little point to claim victory over a brand that has been spanking that @**.

rainslacker68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Who's comparing dlc to half life or doom?

What I have a hard time taking seriously is people who call out downgrades on puddles, or point out the pop in of some lights in a driving game, suddenly not seeming to notice the rather glaring problems shown by the halo demo yesterday. Even beyond the graphics, there were technical and design issues that were glaring, and it seems some people are willing to think this build is ancient and not maybe no more than a month old. This wasnt a live demo. They could have put it all together last week. Live demos are maybe a month old, because they'll want to work out bugs that come up during the testing of that demo. No need to do that for a prerecorded session.

You're free to accept mediocrity if you want. It's your money. But dont call out others to excuse MS ineptitude

_dangerclose_68d ago

Its not DLC its a stand alone game that's already been confirmed by the dev so why don't you stop trolling.

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neutralgamer199268d ago


Which will sell better? I would say spiderman since last halo game to sell like a big IP was halo 3 at launch of Xbox 360 and that trailer got people excited yet this new halo looks like a last gen title

Elda68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Sony confirmed the supposedly "dlc" is a stand alone game which looked remotely better than most of what was shown yesterday.

neutralgamer199268d ago

Thing is spiderman is a huge IP and to be available at launch would be huge sales boost for ps5 along with ratchet and clank it's kind of funny insomniac would be delivering both launch titles for ps5(I also think demon souls remake would be a launch titles because it has been in development for a while now

TheTony31668d ago

Miles Morales is a stand alone game but whatever you say.

purple10168d ago

Halo infinite looks like dlc from the last gen, with a slightly higher res display.

It's over.

Ps: Ratchet and clank say hi!
I reckon ratchet alone, is better than the halo demo we saw. Let alone all the others. Wait for killzone ps5 to come.

Then put down your buzzing vibrating awful triggers, and get hold of a dualsense.

chiefJohn11768d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Wanna make a bet on that? Dead serious R&C vs Halo infinite. Friendly wager? We all gamers trying to enjoy a hobby so let's have some fun and share the love with a bet. Any takers?

Lol Killzone been talking about killing Halo it's old news doesn't hold a candle to halo never have never will.

rainslacker68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Ironically, it appears MS plan for halo is to make a lot of its content dlc. I figure H:I will ay least have a full SP campaign though. But I expect SM:MM will as well, and no one has thought this was a DLC except the xbox fan boys who desperately need to downplay a franchise that is bigger than gaming, and much bigger than halo


How could one make that bet? Do you expect MS to disclose their numbers for sales. I'm sure theyll say how many people played it because they love promoting game pass