‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is the Game of the Generation

Forbes - "'Ghost of Tsushima' encapsulates every game design trend of the generation, and it does so beautifully."

Hakuoro1422d ago

It's definitely a fantastic showcase of the quality of Sony's gaming developmental talent.

morganfell1422d ago

For me it isn't about Sony's talent, which they certainly have. I said the other day several times it is my GOTG. That has not changed. So for me it is about the experience this game brings and that is like nothing else.

cesar41422d ago

But didn’t Sony approve and fund the development of that experience?

Army_of_Darkness1422d ago

My gotg is still horizon zero dawn... But only because I have yet to play tlou 2 and GOT... So we'll see.

morganfell1422d ago

They did but what does that have to do with the price of matcha in Japan? Sony made the game and it is my GOTG. It is a result of the talent but my focus concerning the brilliance of this game isn't about the talent. My focus is what that talent did. My focus is the game itself. No matter who made this game it still would be my choice.

Hakuoro1422d ago

"No matter who made this game it still would be my choice."

Sure, that's a fair comment, but it was made by Sony and Sucker Punch. And considering it's the only AAA big budget samurai game in generations probably since Onimusha I think respect is due.

morganfell1422d ago

"Sure, that's a fair comment, but it was made by Sony and Sucker Punch. "

But...nothing. You are talking to a certified Sony fanboy. For me, for any 'gamer' it is the game first and then the tech, and then who made it later. They deserve all the praise in the world but the game matters far far more than the company who made it.

If you had never heard of the game and were given a generic controller and allowed to play a portion of the game and then allowed to ask one question, what would it be? What would matter to you most? Who made it? Not if the game is a genuine masterpiece. If it is a Game of the Generation, if it is wonderful engrossing story telling, then what you want to know is more about the game. Who made it always comes second when a game is a genuine work of art. I never watch a landmark movie and then halfway through ask who made it. Even once the film is over what matters to me more are the characters, their motivations. The director, producer, distributor...always come second. Yes it is Sony once again doing something different this generation. And its one of the reasons I love this company. But...game first.

The_Hooligan1422d ago

To me it is a toss up between Bloodborne and GOW as the GOTG, but to be fair I haven't started on GoT yet because I am still finishing up TLOU 2. But to be honest it is a good problem to have when you have several titles that can claim the GOTG title and can't decide on one lol. At the end of the day it all comes down to each individual's preference. And this is one of the reasons why I love Sony first party devs. Many different options for many different type of gamers. Not to mention each of them are high quality titles.

Hakuoro1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )


Wow I concede that you made a fair comment and you still attack me.

I have heard of Sucker Punch and I know Sony funded the game, and if I saw a great movie I liked of course I would want to know who made it.

But I should have known you being you as soon as I said the word respect you would get offended.

But w/e I am grateful Sony and it's studios are still making big budget games like this and not yearly cash grabs and GaaS loaded with real money transactions or other B.S. to maximize profits.

And yes I respect that as well as the people who worked on the games.

morganfell1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )


I am not attacking you. You have made some insightful and wonderful remarks on this board and that was not my intention at all and if you took it that way then I am truly sorry. It just seems when pointing out Game of the Generation people seem to be focused on who made it. Game of the Generation shouldn't matter one iota who developed or who published it.

I am a hardcore Sony fan. That is the company in which I believe. But GOTG is about the game. That's it. It is why I said 'but nothing' because who published and who developed it should not be a part of the conversation. Period. It is about the game, the experience, the art itself.

There is a place to discuss the incredible achievements of Sony and its subsidiaries. But for once when we really really talk about a landmark, sales, publishers, developers, all of it needs to go away for just a brief moment. GOTG is something that for all of our disagreements should cut across all lines, all platforms, all beliefs. For a fleeting moment we should just be gamers.

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Masterchief_thegoat1422d ago

For me I like got more than the last of us 2 since I platinum tlou2.

Masterchief_thegoat1422d ago

But For me gow is playstation game of the decade. till part 2 come out. Thor vs Kratos. I can’t wait for that epic battle. For ps5 only.

kayoss1422d ago

Kratos killed Zeus with his bare hands, I wonder what he would do to Thor? Honestly the only chance thor have is to Go for the head.

TommyVercetti881422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Kratos is no match for Enlil.

Ratchet751422d ago

How great this generation has been.
So great in fact that we cannot agree on which game is GOTG. 😉😉

meganick1422d ago

It’s certainly one of the better games of the generation.

Kavorklestein1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I agreenis is a good one, but It is not the game of the Generation.
I think TLOU 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn are better games and are better choices for GOTG.

Ghost is more Repetetive than an Assassin's Creed Game (not saying that is necessarily a bad thing cuz I love the AC games, and I love Ghost) but Assassin's Creed has more to do and has more life and activity in it so it doesn't get as stale.

Ghost is actually as far as it's setting and visual style, and unique as far as the verticality of some areas and the way you climb or explore some rock faces or find shrines, but it is not even close to Game of the Generation in my Opinion.

I wouldn't say AC is game of the Generation either even tho I prefer Origins and Odyssey to GoT, and I'm about 30 hours into GoT.

Silly Mammo1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Only about 5 hours into the game and I'm really enjoying it. The only thing that kind of bugs me is that I'm suppose to be this honorable samurai,, yet I'm running around stealing supplies, linens and such from poor peasants and temples. I understand for the purposes of an open world game you need to do it, but for a game so steeped in honor and sacrifice it feels slightly off.

Small complaint. Still think the game is great.

SamPao1422d ago

I think of it as gifts from the people to help me fight the mongols :)

LucidIllusion1422d ago

Honor is a huge trait for Samurai, but how long can the average man keep persevering without change? The world is as unfair as the rule and the invasion of the Mongols. If you don't get dirty when the moment calls for it, way more innocent lives would be lost to pride. And to be completely honest, no BEING can stay consistent forever. Expect hypocrisy and uncertainty since it is no more than factors of everyday life.

LiViNgLeGaCY1422d ago

It's freaking fantastic, that's for sure.

zumlauf141422d ago

please name one thing Ghost does better than TW3 other than combat? Story? No. Characters? Hell no. Side quests? BIG no. Mission structure variety? No. Customization? lol you get one sword and a handful of armor sets with color customizations that TW3 also has. World building? Other than its geography, the world itself is lifeless. Lifeless npcs that you cant speak to and most dont achnowledge you. The npcs don't adapt/live around the day/night and weather cycle like they do in TW3. TW3 has much more enemy variety thst also bleeds into the wildlife whete ghost only has deer/bear/pigs/birds. Every Ghost settlement has the same npcs doing the same animations over and over rain or shine. I can go on and on. Im not saying TW3 is the GOTG. But anyonr saying GHOST is better is completely delutional. TW3 is unrivaled in the open world genre and design. Rdr2 comes close(didn't like botw).

1422d ago
GameZenith1422d ago

Exactly, 5 years from now people will still use TW3 as an open world benchmark

gleepot1422d ago

but breath of the wild is the benchmark, so

WillyC0091422d ago

Breath of the Wild isn’t even in my top 3 Zelda games of all time. I really wish people didn’t talk about it like it’s the greatest thing ever. I stopped playing about 3 quarters of the way through. Have no desire to go back.

robtion1422d ago

GoT is amazing but there are so many other greats like TW3, Bloodborne, God of War, and others.