Microsoft makes a phone with Nvidia

What do you get if you take an Iphone, remove the clean UI, user friendliness, nice industrial design, battery life, cachet, functional OS, and in general everything else that makes it worthwhile? The new Microsoft phone, powered by Nvidia....

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TruthBTold4241d ago

Device might burn your face LOL, just kidding dont anybody loose their cool.

theEnemy4241d ago

M$ really wants a head-to-head battle against Apple.

They failed with the Zune.

Now the iPhone ?

Let alone other brands.

Kakkoii4240d ago

The article writer doesn't seem to know that Nvidia's cellphone/mobile platform is highly advanced, far beyond the technology in an iPhone.

Sure, Microsoft might make a flop of their phone, but at least it will get the Nvidia Tegra out in the market more prominently. It's a piece of hardware I've wanted to get my hands on for quite some time.