It looks like Microsoft is already breaking a big promise with Xbox Series X

Did Microsoft convince you that you wouldn’t need to next-gen hardware to play Xbox Series X games? Think again: fully half of the next-gen games that Microsoft showcased at its Xbox Series X showcase today, including Forza, probably aren’t coming to Xbox One.

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crazyCoconuts294d ago

They said everything would run on X1 FOR THE NEXT FEW YEARS. Which is simply how long it'll take them to get these games out apparently. When you got a bunch of lemons, sell lemonade

StoneyYoshi294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I really hope that isn't the case. No true next gen FIRST PARTY exclusives for 2 +years? I really hope they have more exclusives set aside to show off that will be coming out on all Xbox systems Over that waiting period for SOD3, Forza, Fable etc.

RpgSama294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Phil Spencer is so full of S***, just a couple of days ago he said exclusives are ‘Completely Counter To What Gaming Is About,’ I guess he believes that only for the timeframe while MS only has current gen games that they made cross-gen because their next gen games were so far out.

They found themselves in the position where they would have nothing or close to nothing for the next couple of years, so they tried to spin a negative into a positive.

_dangerclose_294d ago

It is the case, sorry to break the news to you.

darthv72294d ago

MS never made that promise. They said there wont be SX specific games for two years. That means that when an SX specific game does get released... it is for the SX not the xbo as well. Only the games already in development for xbo/ sx will be cross gen.

Fable and Forza arent even in alpha yet so those are outside that two year mark.

Unspoken294d ago

Wouldn't need to next-gen? Wtf does that even mean. Probably...? We don't know but maybe possibly? Who posted this garbage. Wait a second, didn't Sony cult claim it was necessary to move to next-gen? What a bunch of idiots now claiming it's bad Microsoft has next gen games...

mcstorm294d ago

Tbh you don't see true next gen games until 2 or more years I'm. Show me one game on the Xbox one or ps4 that look 10x better than what the previous gen had. None did they just added more things in like kz had bits being blown by the wind and forza 5 had bins and skittles on the track to show the consoles could have more. The only game that really looked next gen was BF4 and that still looks impressive today.

DJStotty294d ago


It is not the case, we will have series x only games in 2021, bookmark this comment.

yomfweeee293d ago

As the article points out, Microsoft has repeated that multiple times. But no one would be surprised if Microsoft lied again.

yomfweeee293d ago


Yes, Spencer has directly said that. An article written directly by Spencer (which this article refers to). All Xbox Game Studio titles in hte next couple of years will work on Xbox One.

"You won’t be forced into the next generation. We want every Xbox player to play all the new games from Xbox Game Studios. That’s why Xbox Game Studios titles we release in the next couple of years—like Halo Infinite—will be available and play great on Xbox Series X and Xbox One. We won’t force you to upgrade to Xbox Series X at launch to play Xbox exclusives."

darthv72293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

@yom... thanks for proving my point. In case you didnt know, "couple" means two. And two happens to be the number of years the xbo / sx will be cross gen for MGS games.

Forza and Fable are just outside the two year mark. Hence making them SX class games and not bound to be cross gen.

sprinterboy293d ago

They've had nothing this gen, so what have they been upto over the last few year the mind boggles.
You'd think they would have had a bunch of games ready for the series X launch but NO

kreate293d ago


Sometimes I wonder if ur just throwing words out there for the lulz...

Marquinho293d ago

"Forza Motorsport, Fable, Avowed, As Dusk Falls, Everwild and State of Decay 3"

From those games, I'd only expect Forza to come out before 2022.

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Hakuoro294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I've been saying the two years thing was just B.S. and that the real reason they said that was to try to turn the fact that their development was behind because Phil spent 3/4 of the generation saying games don't matter. Microsoft
had basically no new games in development from 2015 on and didn't start development with the new studios until 2018 so those games won't be ready before 2022'ish given current developmental cycles.

Microsoft knew they were screwed so they PR'd an idea to try to spin it into something "consumer friendly" and "forward compatible" was born.

People praise Phil but honestly at least Mattrick knew games were important, the DRM was first class BS but aside from that he did a better job than Phil has done and there is no reason to think Phil wasn't on board with the DRM as well.

Rude-ro294d ago

What was it, two months ago they were sending out halo questionnaires...
You are correct and the proof is in today’s showings.
Not only not running on the hardware, but mainly cgi... yelp...
You know what they say ...”wait till next year”.

crazyCoconuts294d ago

My man Phil: "But when I think about the position we’re in with the games we’re gonna show with the hardware advantage that we have I think we’re in a very good position. So, I feel good about July.”

cell989294d ago

@crazycoconuts lmao I picture him in a clown costume when he said that

Zeref294d ago

Phil said games aren't important and yet is buying studios left and right? 😂 😂

Make it make sense.

SDF is out in full effect 😂

Petebloodyonion294d ago

I have been saying the same thing regarding Xbox1 forward compatibility that the 1 to 2 years was for transition periods and it was an easy adjustment to make since the majority of big publishers won't risk losing money by doing a next-gen only game when there's not a big player base yet.

Do you know MS or Sony launch Lineup?
the only games we know for sure are Halo "must run on old Xbox" Infinite and Spiderman ODST
Can't say that I'm impressed by both offering

but just mentioning that all major AAA games from Sony had at least 2 years gap (usually 3) between the E3 reveal and the release date And the reason is simple.... money
Would you prefer selling the game that cost you several million to make at a crowd of 10 to 50 million of owner or a crowd over 50 millions of potential customers?

And just to prove my point name 1 BIG AAA must-have launch title that Sony's studio made in the history of Playstation
I'll give you my best pick: Uncharted on Vita (and it's not on par with the others).

Ausbo294d ago

Under Don Mattrick, XBOX had like 4 studios. So don’t tell me Don knew games were important. Yeah the guy who unveiled the Xbox as a TV device

DJStotty294d ago

The thing is, they did not even say what these articles are saying they said.

Matt said in January, over the next 12 months (minimum) games will play across the family of devices.

So any game after Jan 2021 release has made good on their promise.

DJStotty294d ago


Halo Infinite gameplay was CGI? What?

dietis_h293d ago

phil is all talk and no show. he's destroying the xbox brand.

derektweed1291d ago

Let's look at the games.

Forza Motorsport - Turn 10. they released Forza Motorsport 7 in 2017
Fable - Playground Games released Forza Horizon 4 in 2018
Avowed - Obsidian entertainment released outer worlds in 2019
everwild - Rare released Sea of Thieves in 2018
State of decay 3 - undead labs realeased state of decay 2 in 2018

Can't you give them some time to make their bloody games. People complain about games being rushed or being pushed out to often lik CoD then complain when the studios take time to make their games. Have some patience man.

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rainslacker294d ago

So, they're breaking the promise of not revealing games too early then? I seem to remember that being a promise when it was beneficial to make Spencer look likeable and respectful, because apparently it was bad that Sony was doing it, even though MS just had nothing new to show, so it's easy to not show anything, when you have nothing to show....until people want you to show something, then you start showing stuff years ahead of release.

Let's face it. Despite anything good that MS has managed to do to salvage how low the brand sunk at the start of this gen, Spencer and his execs will say whatever they think will get them the most praise, and what they think their fans want to hear. Doesn't matter if they follow through, or even mean what they say. MS is in continuous spin mode, instead of just trying to market based on actually delivering products without having to go through so much effort.

Tony-A294d ago

My thoughts exactly. While I personally do really like Phil as an Xbox figurehead, the whole “exclusives don’t matter” concept he’s trying to spin is absolute garbage.

It blows my mind to think that they’re really trying to turn this no exclusives thing into a positive. It’s not good for business and it’s not good for the Series X. I had this debate with a friend recently who says that “early adopters will adopt anyway.” And yes while I agree that’s true, it’s true for any generation. What really helps expand a platforms install base is - among other things - exclusives. So I asked my friend this:

“Okay. So if exclusives aren’t really important, I have two questions. One, why even have exclusives at all (whether at launch or years later)? And two, if any potential exclusive becomes a Series & One title, why would I spend money buying the more expensive console when it launches, when there’s a cheaper one available? Why wouldn’t I just buy a Series X when they actually have exclusives a few years later? The problem there is that the PS5 will have 3 years of a head start in this regard.“

With the way they’ve been strategizing over the past couple of years, I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft is hoping to establish themselves in the industry as the Netflix of gaming. I think they’re more than capable of doing this, but the way they’ve been approaching the next generation is straight-up bizarre.

Petebloodyonion294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I think you are really trying too hard to pin false statements or broken promises to Phil like the many time you talked about how he lied about VR for Xbox 1X.
Your statement regarding revealing too early was in regard to Scalebound, Sea of Thieves and Crackdown3, and nothing regarding Sony. It was first mentioned after Scalebound cancellation.
As for Sony, they have been constant with a 2-3 years delay between announcement and release.


Why do you believe that Sony had a Gta5 spot in the PS5 Showcase?

Because it's the most selling game and they want you to know that it's where you can buy it.
Same with crappy NBA 2k.

Just check the top 100 best selling games and you will see COD, COD, GtA, RDR2, FIFA, FiFa and tons of supposed shitty games made by 3rd parties, heck even Minecraft is in the top 25 games on Ps4.
Also Ed Boon made a survey regarding what's important about next-gen console and exclusives arrived at last with 13.2%.

We believe exclusives are what's important because we are hardcore gamers (just the fact that we debate on this forum most of the time is proof enough), but the average consumer doesn't give a damn about exclusivity and I can easily prove it to you with this question?

What exclusive apps or features made you go to the store to chose your model of Android vs iPhone (or vice versa)?
Do you know the exclusives apps and features of your smartphone and your brand?

rainslacker294d ago


Nope. not trying hard to pin them at all. Spencer makes it quite easy to do.

Maybe he didn't lie in all those cases, but that just means he didn't deliver. The occasional time when things end up not making business sense is one thing, constant disappointment, backtracking, and outright false statements is quite another.


I have nothing against him personally. met him on a few occasions and think he's a perfectly decent person. But, I'm not here to discuss my relationship with him, rather discuss my personal feelings about gaming, the industry, and that as a which, I think he's not been that great. He came out like a ball on fire, and it was exciting, then everything just went to crap. The few good things he's done this gen don't make up for the lackluster performance, nor am I sold on the current path that MS wants to take with Xbox, nor do I have enough faith in them to deliver as promised.

Atom666293d ago

Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

People criticize them for not showing reason for long term investment in their system, but how do you do that without showing games in the pipeline. People criticize them for not having "next-gen only" games, but now that's another broken promise?

Double standards and unreasonable expectations are one thing, but you guys need to get your own complaints in order before calling foul here.

Hakuoro293d ago


Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Not really, they made a PR decision but it was unpopular so now they are trying to walk it back.

If they hadn't tried to weaponize their PR none of this would be an issue. No one would be complaining if they had skipped the PR and just made some games cross gen and other not. It's the what they said themselves that got them in trouble.

It's their own fault.

Petebloodyonion293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

@ Rainslacker
"constant disappointment, backtracking, and outright false statements is quite another."
Wonder why the industry love and Phil? Why MS Investors Love Phil? Why the media love Phil?
Because unlike what you would like to believe he did deliver the majority of the complaint addressed to Xbox and basically prevented Xbox1 to be a Wiiu/Gamecube flop and reverse the damage made to the brand.
Backward compatibility is now an important feature even for Ps5
Ms doesn't have the weakest hardware ( remember the usual 1080P vs 900P debate)
The Xbox isn't a broshooter console only and it has a huge variety of gaming including japanese type like Yakuza
Pc gamers are now considered (No more crappy port or no port at all) and they do now release the same great game on Windows (the store update make it now close to steam vs the crap it was before)
MS is now producing games and releasing games.
Gamepass is an incredible success and the true Exclusive that Sony or Nintendo doesn't really have at the moment.

But hey don't worry I'm sure that they will keep disappointing you no matter what they do because it's what you expect them to do! So at least they are meeting your expectations.

Really? they said that Xbox 1 would be forward compatible for a year or two and now they are backtracking?
How about the Psfanboy that based the whole argument that Serie X despite the power would be held down because of Xbox1?
Because I have been saying that the Xbox would be on equal footing with the Ps5 since the majority of the big AAA would not arrive after 2 years in the console life.
And it's not because I have a crystal ball or something like that it's just looking at the whole history that aside Nintendo that release console with a major exclusive, no other company has done it (ok fine Halo on OG Xbox) and the big AAA exclusive are released after 2 years in the life cycle.
Why would this be different?
And for your info, all past AAA games made by Sony had a 3years windows (and +) between reveal and release.

Mr_Writer85293d ago


Apple's and Oranges my good man, phones don't need exclusive apps.

Three things are needed to make a successful console.

Games, price and graphics/hardware

The first two are much more important, look at the poll you posted (a tiny not even 1% of gamers so irrelevant anyway, but I'll humour you) exclusives and BC made up over 40% of the vote.

Price was second.

Lets look at the PS4 Vs Xbox

Cheaper, yup

Games, certainly more desirable games as if we look at sales they do very well indeed, and in reviews.

Hardware, for the most part of this gen yes.

Now let's look at the Switch Vs XBox

Price, yup launched much cheaper than Xbox

Games, again their first party games sell very well indeed.

Hardware, let's be real the X1 shits on Switch, and the X1X shits in the Switches mouth in terms of hardware.

And yet all the analysis data has Switch overtaking Xbox, despite a HUGE headstart over it.

So don't tell me exclusives don't matter, as the console with the least of them, has sold less than the other two that have more.

And that is pretty much a fact, it's not 100% as MS hide their sales numbers.

But when GamePass has only 10m subs that tells you all you need to know.

If Sony announced a game pass like service with day one first party games, I wouldn't be shocked if within days or the service going live it would have double if not triple that number of subs.

rainslacker293d ago (Edited 293d ago )


Nope. Damned because they haven't. I've spelled out my reasons quite clearly about why I'm disappointed in MS, and if Spencer wants to be the figurehead, I'll aim my disappointment at him....especially since I decided to finally get an Xbox because I thought he'd do good. Maybe I just jumped in too early, but I don't think it's on me to buy yet another console to finally get what I was hoping for from Spencer's early PR.

To be clear....I have absolutely no problem with them showing games 2-3 years from launch. I was never one to worry about it, and I thought the entire criticism of Sony over doing it was completely stupid. But, I also thought Spencer saying he wasn't going to do that anymore was also completely stupid, but, I did notice that people seem to disregard that as one of his pandering moments, where he latched onto some popular criticism of Sony at the time to try and look good.

I don't have double standards for MS, I have the expectation for them to deliver as promised. I can understand the occassional back track or misconmmunication, but all that stuff seems to be a way of life with MS. I hold Sony to a much higher standard than I do MS, because at this point, I actually have higher expectations from them. The difference between the two is that Sony typically delivers on their promises, and hasn't left me disappointed with much this gen. Even the one thing I'm really critical about with them, their censorship stuff, I criticize, but don't apply it to their overall performance this gen.


Yeah. But he didn't deliver on the one that matters to me. Which was give me some damn games for the system that I brought. It wasn't that complicated. I don't need a service. I don't need a cloud delivery system. I don't need smoke blown up my a** telling me they'll do better. I want him to fulfill the promise that he made back when he first took over. I want him to deliver on that excitement and hype that he brought when he took over. I wanted him to bring games. Not 6-7+ years later, into a new gen. I didn't want to have to buy another system to get the most out of MS.

Spencer failed at his original promise, and given where we're at, he doesn't have time to remedy that anymore. By the time he brings the games, People will have moved onto next gen.

My X1 purchase was a waste. You can be all excited for new things that are to come. I can appreciate what content they will bring. But I can't appreciate is this idea that I have to now cut MS a break, and ignore their performance and their handling of my expectations. While MS was going around trying to address all these random people on the internet, they didn't bother to provide for their current customers. All those supplimental featueres are great, but it isn't what i brought the system for.

Games. It's simple. And it shouldn't have taken years while he kept acting like everything was going great.

After all these years, the biggest criticism that Spencer faced was he wasn't bringing games. He didn't do that, so he didn't remedy the complaint. Doing it now, on the cusp of a new gen, even with this cross gen stuff, isn't remedying the criticism. And that's something that those trying to say he can't win would do well to understand. There is no way for him to remedy the criticism anymore. The best that can happen is that people move on, and maybe let him start with a clean slate.

Making a score in the last few minutes of the match, when your opponent is 10 points ahead, isn't exactly something to celebrate, nor do you ignore the poor performance from the rest of the match.

Petebloodyonion293d ago

@ Mr Writer85
"Apple's and Oranges my good man, phones don't need exclusive apps"
Thank you for just proving my point :)
why is it important for you that Sony has exclusives games just for Ps5?
Now just google iPhone vs android or exclusive apps for iPhone and you will see plenty of articles, memes, and ppl who want to justify their new iPhone 11 Max pro.
Enjoy. (and iPhone does have the best apps like Facetime).

I can feel your argument man, and as a hardcore gamer that buys multiples console, I can agree with that argument. There's not a lot of exclusive content for the Xbox1 and Phil didn't deliver big on new AAA experiences exclusive for the Xbox console.
Now I mainly games on PC (you can tks MS and Sony initial lack of BC for that) so I won't buy a serie X unless it's super cheap versus updating my PC.
But I will still probably get a Ps5 down the road because I love Uncharted and God of War.
And ill add that if it wasn't for Gamepass, that I discovered last year, my Xbox would still be collecting dust next to my Wiiu (actually my Lil boy is using it).

But now, for one second, let's put our average gamers glasses on and it's a different story.
Is there now a reason to chose an Xbox1 vs Ps4 since 90% of the games are the same, they are both qualities products, similar price, etc. etc. etc. Yes and it's game pass
So yeah, in my opinion, Phil did turn things around for the xbox brand and salvaged the best out of one the worst console launch in history.

So quick conclusion: I agree with your feeling of deception regarding your personal experience with Xbox
but I still believe that for the average gamers (that mostly 90%) Phil Spencer did a great job.

How about adding me on Ps4/Xbox/Steam PeteBloodyonion and we can talk old games while playing one :)
See you next bickering :)

rainslacker293d ago

You think the average gamer is going to be impressed with what was shown with Halo? The average gamer is going to be impressed with those artsy games? The average consumer is going to be impressed with mid-tier non-action style games? The average gamer is going to be impressed with games that look like they're made with the family in mind...even if they're not family oriented(Grounded for instance).

I can put on the average gamer glasses easily enough, but my view of the average gamer is that they buy Madden or FIFA, and are attracted to things they know. MS didn't have enough of things people know, or if they are known, they aren't things that have attracted the average gamer before, or have fallen in their appeal over the years.

Its the big mega games which attract people's attention. MS doesn't have enough of those that they showed. Some big looking games like Crossfire or Avowed aren't what MS needs. What MS needs is something that was what Halo or Gears once was. Something new and fresh that gets people's attention, or shows itself in a big way that can't be ignored. Showing a pissed off girl screaming to some heavy metal dub step isn't going to attract the average gamer, especeially since the average gamer doesn't know who that girl is, nor does the average gamer care about what that game achieved in it's first go around.

This is what people have talked about for so long. MS focuses too much on Halo, Gears, and Forza. Now they're throwing Fable back in the mix. But MS has put all it's eggs into that basket for their big titles, and haven't grown their user base or expectations of quality among their user base enough to build the hype for new games. Because of this, focusing in on prior success without expanding at the same time has led them to not be noticed.

This is how the average gamer thinks. The average gamer isn't on these forums knowing everything that MS is doing. They aren't going to sit there and think, "Oh, well MS is going to have all these games down the line, so maybe it's worth investing". No, the average gamer sees a game they want, and if that draw is enough, buys the console to play it.

At this point in time, MS would be better off trying to get Madden AND FIFA marketing rights, and hoping for the best, because if they are trying to attract the average gamer, that would be the best way to do it.

None of this makes the XSX a more viable choice over the PS4 for the average consumer, and on top of that, the average consumer isn't one single minded group of people.

The thing that Sony does, and has done since it first started, was appeal to a broad group of consumers. Every group that existed pretty much had something they could enjoy on the PS. MS, they haven't done this. Yes, they're starting to do this more, but they're still lacking in some areas. Sony caters to these groups, and where they don't have something to offer, they have 3rd party to fill in the gaps. Ms is woefully lacking in this area in some places.

MS can still do well with what they have, but if you want to talk about the general consumer, Sony still has the advantage, and a big part of that is their performance this gen, as they grabbed a lot of those average consumers, then provided them with games that they'd come to want more of. That is going to be a big factor for next gen. MS hasn't done anything to build that kind of relationship with their consumers, just talked up a good game to those that would listen.

Mr_Writer85293d ago


"Thank you for just proving my point :)"

You're inability to read is shocking.

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Baza294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I would agree. Fable is at least 2 yrs out. They flip Forzas around pretty quick so that might be a little sooner

dumahim293d ago

Phil said Forza is in early development still. That sounds like a 2022 game to me.It kind of makes sense, because Playground can then focus on Fable instead of Forza Horizon.

NeoGamer232294d ago

And how many of the games in Sony's showcase are coming out in the next year?

Both shows were disappointing. Shows that there are very few games for next gen console launch. Don't see any reason to jump on either console. The highlight reel this year looks like Halo Infinite and Spider-Man. I'm not going to spend $500 to buy a new console to play either game.

porkChop294d ago

No. They said "one or two years", not the next few years.

DJStotty294d ago


No, no they did not. That is a lie, they said over the next year, two years.

A year is 12 months, we are 6 months now after Matt made the comment.

crazyCoconuts293d ago

Sorry, I should have said "couple" of years.
And regarding when he said it, I think the clock starts ticking when the console releases, as in, the next two years after release. It doesn't really make sense to start counting now, the console isn't out yet. Just my interpretation

DJStotty293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

No lol, you can't reference a comment someone made, and then start the clock when you like.

He stated at the time in the next year, two years. So you start the clock when he made the comment.

The facts are :-

Some games will launch on xbox one and series x.

From mid/late 2021 onwards, they will be Series X only. 18 months after the comment. So no promises broken.

RosweeSon293d ago

They said Kinect was for life not just for launch, my point is talk is cheap and they talk a lot. Just because they’ve said something doesn’t mean they’ll stick to it. I’m waiting this one out.

dumahim293d ago

Yep. Forza in early development? Sounds like late 2022.

Antifan293d ago

MS is chasing the Steam crowd. Bad idea.


So the real next gen for xbox will not be ready for years to come?

What were they doing the last three or four years? They didn't launch that many exclusives then, one would have hoped they were getting ready for next gen at least.

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294d ago Replies(5)
phoenixwing294d ago

well that's at least some good news for me. now when fable releases it can tax my pc instead of running like butter and looking crappy.

RamRod88294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Look at the games from a 1st party perspective that are cross-gen. Halo Infinite, Psychonauts 2, Grounded, Flight Sim, Gears Tactics, and maybe 1 or 2 others. These games were clearly planned with Xbox one in mind when they started development.

1st party games like; Forza Motorsport 8, Fable, Avowed, Everwild, State of Decay 3, and Hellblade 2 with be next gen only because that is what the developer wants to focus on. Now we can put to rest the whole, XSX doesn't have any next gen only games.

Mr Logic294d ago

Good, leave the 8th gen behind. But I don't understand what that means for the timeline. Phil said Turn 10 is in early development. So what have they been doing since 2017? Also Fable was rumored to enter development years ago and we still won't be seeing it for 18+ months?

TGGJustin294d ago

Fable didn't enter development years ago. Playground Games started opening a new studio and hiring for a new team years ago. You have to build a team before you can ever start making your game. They were still a small team last year. I don't know why anyone thought Fable was coming anytime soon. It's been obvious to me.

derektweed1291d ago

Turn 10 decided to overhaul Forza Motorsport 7 in 2019, so the didn't start development of Forza Motorsport 8 until recently, I assume.

Hakuoro294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

No, because this was all just more double talk. It wasn't Sony fans who said the games were all going to be cross gen it was Micrsoft who said that. Now when that backfired and Sony's plan to move fully to next gen was more popular they are removing the cross gen from games that were going to be cross gen.

It's just double talk and back peddling

From the article:

"For a moment, it did seem like maybe the title cards were incorrect, because shortly after publication of this story, we saw that Avowed’s new website does include a mention of the Xbox One, as does a project page that mentions As Dusk Falls, and a site for Everwild.

But then, Greenberg replied to a question by Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo to say that the websites would soon be updated — suggesting that it was the websites, not the presentation, that was wrong.

Sure enough, as of 7PM ET, the Avowed and Everwild websites no longer list Xbox One. Clearly, Microsoft no longer wants to promise that its first wave of first-party games will actually make their way to earlier Xbox One consoles."

Here you see where they pulled the old switch'a'roo.

gamer7804294d ago

Do you have screenshots? Curious

crazyCoconuts294d ago

Wow. Classy. Maybe if they don't sell many XSXs they'll put X1 back on the table.

Profchaos294d ago

I can see the games being delayed by two years purely because of that promise

StoneyYoshi294d ago

Yeah, but it would be nice to know more about other if any 1st party launch titles over games that aren't coming out for 2+ years.

AngelicIceDiamond294d ago

MS: We want games cross gen for a year or 2.

Developers: Yeah... About that

Seems like not even the devs are on board with their idea. Interesting enough Phil can't force them since they have freedom.

Hakuoro293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Have you actually read any of the articles? Microsoft had games that were cross gen that they switched to be next gen only.

Microsoft tried to use PR to make themselves look "consumer friendly" and Sony not, but that backfired so now they are trying to walk back an unpopular decision they made.

This was Microsoft's decision, there is no indication any developer feedback was involved.

Profchaos294d ago

Problem Nis those games that are next gen only are at least two years away. There's still no incentive to buy a xsx if you own a one X or a decent PC

ColdSin293d ago

woah now.... You can say all you want about the other cross-gen games, but don't lump Microsoft Simulator with them.

Microsoft Simulator truly looks next level.

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talocaca294d ago

That didn't take long 🙄