Interview: 343 explains how it’s ‘rebooting’ Halo with Infinite

VGC writes:

That’s no mistake: In an interview, the game’s development team told us – along with a group of other media outlets – that Infinite was built from the ground up as a “spiritual reboot,” designed to evoke the feelings of the original Halo games while introducing new twists such as the grapple hook and open world.

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RaidenBlack1462d ago

Don't forget the new 'friendly'-looking brutes.

darthv721462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

... Don't forget the Bob Ross trees


Hakuoro1462d ago

That's a slander to Bob Ross...

Honestly World of Warcraft looked better than that 20 years ago.

Atticus_finch1461d ago

Wow that looks super bland.

Elit3Nick1461d ago

They confirmed that the demo was an old build, one that doesn't have raytracing or the series X improvements.

badz1491461d ago


Apologize to Bob Ross NOW!

1461d ago
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SpaceRanger1462d ago

The number of memes I’ve seen is getting out of hand lol someone put Shrek ears on one.

Jin_Sakai1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

It’s obvious this game has had serious development issues. It’s also cross gen which doesn’t help matters.

343i continues to disappoint.

SyntheticForm1461d ago

I've never liked their take on Halo.

morganfell1461d ago

"I've never liked their take on Halo."

They have never been interested in continuing the legacy that was founded by Bungie. They have refused to be caretakers and realize their good fortune and instead have sought to put their own stamp on HALO.

"We'll out Bungie...Bungie. We'll throw the Spartan canon out the window and create our own Spartans where anyone can be one. Nothing special about them. Our Spartan will beat the Chief and you will love us."

Go to the HALO Channel and look at all the Bungie vid docs...oh wait. How does a company with the server infrastructure of Microsoft find it impossible to host the original Bungie HALO Vid docs, trailers, etc? Because it is about erasing the past. Shameful really because HALO was a wonderful universe.

jerethdagryphon1461d ago

Well innovate by copying features from other games that just came out..... And an open world game... For halo a story based fps...... Not good

Noskypeno1461d ago

@jereth, I dont think its going to be an open world like GTA, think of it as what Silent Cartographer was, with multiple ways to complete the level and every level will be like that. There will still be Cutscenes between levels.

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psychosmurf1011461d ago

I think whats more surprising to me is that people are shocked the game doesnt immediately look hands down amazing. Previous developers have spoken in the past about just how hard it is to take a vertical slice of gamplay, make a stable demo, and then show it off, let alone at 4k 60fps. I would much rather have a letdown now and be suprised when I can actually play the game. We can all agree it doesnt look super duper amazing, but at the same time, its work in progress gameplay, which is what everybody wanted. Dont be shocked that its not complete yet....hahaha. I'm still expecting to be let down considering the last two halos, but if im not, that would be great too.

Noskypeno1461d ago

I remember bungie had a couple vidocs that showed halo 3 with unfinishes textures, but that wasnt suppose to be a showcase tho, just a look at how they make the game. This is suppose to be a showcase, if they can clarify that the game will match the cutscenes, which the halo games usually do then i could see where those years building the new engine went to. But what matters most is if its a fun game, plenty of pretty games that just arent a lot of fun.

sinspirit1460d ago

The demo was not only representative of the SX and final game. But, 343i said that they did some extra work prior to this demo to pretty it up for the showcase. The game is 3 months from release. This is not an old build like everyone keeps snowballing through social interaction. Someone fabricated a tweet to say it was a January build and it was all deleted and contrary. They would of happily told everyone if the build was old to keep higher expectations.

Ani Shatry, 343i:
"My team and I worked closely with the content creators to get the degree of detail and polish to the highest quality"
"...it took a herculean effort to make sure this little corner of our Ringworld was polished and pretty enough for its premier"

What sucks is it's not actually open world. It's large environments built in sections. Not the same as open world. Similar to Crysis as some have said. There's very little polish and bug fixes they can do till then, but everything that needs fixing to even look like an SX title needs much more time.

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Sciurus_vulgaris1462d ago

I sense that Halo Infinite is using a lot of nostalgia. Which I worries me somewhat. I don’t want the game to be ‘requel’ like the J.J Abrams Star Wars films. Hopefully the Created and Promethean story-arc from Halo 4 and 5 isn’t simply “swept under the rug” to make room for the Banished ( who weren’t present of even mentioned in Halo 4 &5).

I don’t like that 343i are using Halo 3 influenced designs for the banished infantry. The banished in Halo Wars 2 and associated media had less colourful atheistic that focused on grey,red and black. The Halo 3 designs don’t translate well too high poly graphics. Brutes in bright armour look weird, especially since they are semi-human looking. Halo: Reach and Halo Wars 2 should have more influence on the Banished infantry in my opinion.

Rimeskeem1462d ago

I feel like when they said reboot they thought it meant taking old textures and making them 4K. I hope they didnt just spend years making the engine to have this as a result...

Noskypeno1461d ago

Apparently this was an old build. They showed a few clips from the newer build in the 2 min trailer and it looks much better. Its just a bit inconsistent, theres some rocks that are super detailed that look on par with the 2018 trailer and then they have those trees that are on par with something from halo 3.

IRetrouk1461d ago

Why would they show off an old build for a game out in 4 months time? Does not make sense.

RpgSama1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Yeah, there's no sense in showing your first ever gameplay presentation owith an old crappy build running on a PC only 4 months away from release, I think this game needed a lot more time in the oven but unfortunately MS needed something to release along the new console so they are hurrying it up, I mean, they already confirmed that Ray tracing it's coming later in a patch, they will use the GaaS excuse again.

Kavorklestein1461d ago

Maybe the new build is more prone to pop-in or crashing so they didn't want that to happen? Idk as long as there is more coming and we can have transparency about some of the choices made to show what they did, maybe, MAYBE.... I'll give it a second chance on Gamepass.
Still kinda sad about it from yesterday.

RpgSama1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

"Maybe the new build is more prone to pop-in or crashing so they didn't want that to happen?"

Wow, so your defense is that the NEWER build they DIDN'T show is shittier than the one they did show, wow.

Noskypeno1461d ago

M fine if they explained that the new build was older than the trailer, but why show off the screens from the old build and not from the trailer, its embarrassing to showcase a pic of a grunt that didnt even load in properly and has textures from a ps1 game.

1461d ago
Tacoboto1461d ago

Thinking about this from my initial reactions - it really is inexcusable to demonstrate their biggest first-party title in years with something that's not polished compared to the trailer its released alongside.

Does the trailer have this post-launch ray tracing or whatever extra polish in builds since the demo?
Or is the gameplay demo more representative of a releasable-build because the higher-end trailer graphics won't allow for a stable 4k60fps?

rainslacker1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

How old? A week? A month? Five months?

I mean, they had to know this was coming, why would they use an old build? It was pre-recorded, not live. There was no reason to use an exceptionally old build. Usually games dont get new major builds within 6 months of release, because by then, it's mostly just optimization and bug fixing....two things which can be focused in on with a demo. A month or two for an old build isnt going to fix some of the problems with the demo...much less all of them

Old build or not, this is what they showed. And with them saying RT is coming after launch, it makes me think that they are just wat behind schedule with the game, and probably doing what they can to have a stable build for release. Same thing happened with The order on ps4, and while what was there was solid, things felt unfinished or left out. But at least their demos looked good.

If things are better with newer builds, then they can say that, instead making excuses, or just show a new build when it's available. If they have the problems fixed, then itll shut most people up.

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chiefJohn1171461d ago

I'm hoping it give me halo CE vibes again. When you crash on Halo and step out...that made me fall in love with the series.

Ron_Danger1461d ago

I got those vibes too. They totally nailed to graphics from the original!! Can’t wait to finally see it running on the XSX at some point... which should be soon considering it launches in a few months