Xboxygen : Halo Infinite demo was running on PC, confirms 343i

And is "representative" of the Xbox Series X version

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Hakuoro1156d ago

So sad... Why is Microsoft hiding game play and content played on SX...

xHeavYx1156d ago

Probably because the game needs a lot of development time, it was obvious from what they showed.

Marquinho1156d ago

They need to improve those textures. Saw quite a lot of visual issues there.

Hope they have enough time to polish all this.

XSX is still a day one for me, nothing has changed, but they really need to hire someone who knows what people want to see on those events. They had the content, they just spent way too much time on secondary titles and left us with virtually no content for the heavy hitters.

djplonker1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Is it not a launch title?

Only has 3 months to go gold before November, I cant see either console releasing in the month of December.

solideagle1156d ago

then why did they show it? It's a holiday/launch release which is 3-4 months away. how much are they going to improve it? This game might be delayed?

ocelot071156d ago


That is why Phil Spenser gets a lot of hate yet people always seems to defend him.

Just a few weeks he said he felt good about what Xbox has to offer after watching Sony's event. How can he honestly think that with what was shown today? It was piss poor in my opinion. Ill admit it I was secretly thinking Microsoft was going to have an great showing today.

But it was just as lacklustre as ever.

morganfell1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

"Only has 3 months to go gold before November"

And they do not get all of that. It needs a few weeks for certification of the Gold Master then another few weeks for reproduction and shipping. During the latter they can work on a patch but that is primarily bug fixes. There won't be a massive visual improvements because they have to stabilize the frame rate and at this point in the beta that is done.

darthv721156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

This still is rather interesting. I like the character models but the background looks really dull. Would this be an example of deferred rendering or whatever that new feature is called? Where the part that isnt meant to be focused on is blurred or rendered lower while the main focus rendered higher.

look at the detail on the fingernails and then look at the trees in the back...

_dangerclose_1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Isn't the game supposed to launch in like three months or so, Holiday 2020? That's not a lot of time left.

Profchaos1156d ago

If they intend to launch it alongside xsx that's time they don't have.

ForwardDude1156d ago

Holiday 2020 is in 4 month and the game look worst than Last of us 2 on PS4. I didn't notice before seeing the youtube side by side video. Now it's the only thing I see.

Xb1ps41156d ago

Damn man... I was for sure going to get the x first but after this show I changed my mind.. it’s just been too long of a wait just to show that off and still feel like it’s going to be another long wait for ms to get into the swing of things..

I got the one x thinking they would bring something for that console and they never did so I’m not going to drop another few hundred bucks just to say “ I have the most powerful console” while PlayStation clearly has the games on lock..

Army_of_Darkness1156d ago


Bro, even if Ms only showed a Barbie and sponge Bob square pants video game only, I'm sure you'd still buy a xsx 😜🤣

bouzebbal1156d ago

Then why bother showing it?? Desperate much?

DJStotty1155d ago


Microsoft's holiday is November, so expect Halo and Series X November 2020

Hakuoro1155d ago


Your comment matches my thoughts exactly.

I thought Microsoft was really going to bring it this time, all that money and those studios were going to come to the show big time. None of that happened it was one of their worst showings in a history of bad showings.

Sony must be feeling on top of the world after that.

All Sony needs to do is nail the price, and if possible try to launch before Microsoft (which given MS isn't even showing games on console yet seems quite possible) and it's another slam dunk on Microsoft.

indysurfn1155d ago

I'm calling it.
If I was to make Halo a MMO i would add a word like Infinite to the title.
If I was to make Halo a MMO I would expect it to last 10 years(which is what they said it should last 10 years). If was a bigwig a Microsoft and I wanted Halo to be as big as possible to grow the game pass membership.
If I wanted to increase appeal to the largest growth it can have on pc I would make it a MMO.

I'm calling it, Halo infinite is a MMO.

UltraNova1155d ago

Dear lord, I've never seen a train in perpetual derailment before...

Elit3Nick1155d ago

343 has confirmed that the demo was an older build than what they have right now. In the short gameplay trailer they also released yesterday you can see significantly better lighting.

Unspoken1155d ago

Yeah I would say this build is likely (hopefully) behind the dev occuring in the console. First gen cross console games seem to have this type of roll out and showing. And at the very least it wasn't a CGI trailer and they provided us with actual gameplay. I can see alot of tweaks being applied all the way up to launch date and probably on launch as well as after. Optimizations should continue on Series X and PC for the foreseeable future.

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majiebeast1156d ago

This wasn't even running on Series X? HAHAHAHAHA

Best thing coming out of this show was the brute meme.

rainslacker1156d ago

Guess this means we can't criticize the technical aspects of the graphics issues that popped up, which were somehow so relevant on the PS5 show, because these won't be problems on the XSX....or something.

Just gotta wait for the fan boys to get that talking point from the guys over at reddit who can think of things like that. Then we can listen to it repeated constantly for the next 3-4 months.

Got to watch it finally on the TV at home, and while it looked OK, it did just looked like a sharper version of a current gen game, and didn't really do anything that next gen GPU's are capable of. The lighting alone was fairly basic. Lots of texture pop in. Particle effects were limited or basic.

I know their devs have more talent than this, even if its on PC, and MS new engine is pretty good, so at this point I'm thinking they are behind schedule because I think a lot of these things could be fleshed out with more time. But, I don't think MS is really going to feel they're in a position where they can delay this game, so it'll probably be a publish now, fix later deal....which is disappointing.

bouzebbal1156d ago

the bad AI and animations is what chocked me the most... wow!

Unspoken1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

This appears to be an extremely earlier build for demo use. I've seen this before. There is only a short time to polish the game but it could already be in the works even prior to this showing as the optimize across the board. Those issues could easily be fixed. Going to wait until release date to see what is available at launch.

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chiefJohn1171156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

Still in development, had some pop in I saw. 3-⁴ months is a lot of dev time

Hakuoro1156d ago

3 months isn't a lot of time honestly. Games like this have a 4-5+ year development. TLOU 2 was in development for 6 years. But I guess that's the difference between Microsoft and Sony and selling games traditionally versus gamepass and GaaS.

Microsoft highlights how special Sony games really are. TLOU 2 and Ghost look better in actual game play than any of Microsoft's cinematic trailers.

morganfell1156d ago

3 months? No. 2 months. The last month is all cert/reproduction/shipping. They are starting to chase bugs right now. Polish isn't anything major at this point. I can't believe this game will ship without multiplayer (it is possible that could come later) but if its coming at launch then there is a lot of time being spent on that. Not just bugs but balance and testing.