Halo Infinite 2 Won't Be Happening, Says 343 Industries

Don’t expect a Halo 7 – at least not through the traditional means.

-Foxtrot1402d ago

I really don't know how to take that.

Sounds Destiny like...

darthv721402d ago

the next game may have a sub name as opposed to a number. Like halo: infinite is technically halo 6

-Foxtrot1402d ago

Seems to me more like updating Infinite

"It’s really about creating Halo Infinite as the start of the next ten years for Halo and then building that as we go with our fans and community"

I mean they say this

"This does not mean that Halo Infinite is a live service game, a la Destiny. But it does mean that new story experiences will be told underneath Infinite’s umbrella, and it also means Infinite will be evolved technologically for quite a while"

But I don't know man...

morganfell1402d ago


Its GAAS. They can call it something different and maybe they will get away with it. Look at Req Packs. They are loot boxes with a different name and people have defended them and their practice. But at the end of the day they are loot boxes.

And look what Chris Lee said about that: "We’re still working through final plans and will share more when we are ready, but I can definitely say that Halo Infinite will not include real-money loot boxes."

Cagey language. What it means is you use real currency to buy game currency and that is how you purchase them. This really needs to end.

rainslacker1402d ago

I kind of felt when this game was first announced, the title coule be interpreted that they wanted to just keep releasing content for this one game. Something that COD:infinite was wanting to do, and that had just released not long before.

I wouldn't doubt that MS would want to turn halo into a GaaS title that would help keep game pass subscribers engaged. There's nothing wrong with that really, but they cant rely on halo as their biggest incentive to sub to the service. Diversity is key for that, and to their credit, they can manage that with the acquisitions. What remains to be seen is if they will manage that.

Rachel_Alucard1402d ago

I've heard companies say they don't have microtransactions, but they end up having them due to some technicality they abuse so they can claim they don't. I still recall Injustice 2 on the interview, the woman flat out asked the guy if there were any Microtransactions and he says "No there are no Microtransactions." Game comes out and they have this currency called source crystals you either earned extremely slow like not even worth grinding for slow, or you paid for them outright. Activision has been just adding them in a month after launch now to avoid the initial wave of attention. It's pure scum tactics like this is why people are congregating around a handful of games instead of spreading around to many like the old days.

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RpgSama1402d ago

Dude, the memes on halo infinite are insane, looks like a 360 game in parts, just go to twitter and search for halo infinite, what a disaster for your flagship 12tflop game.

TommyVercetti881402d ago

Go watch it again in 4K on a oled screen attention whore.

JEECE1402d ago

It's also designed for Xbox One, and Halo has never been a graphical powerhouse, it's always been more about performance.

RpgSama1402d ago


"Go watch it again in 4K on a oled screen attention whore"

Wtf?!! Salty much?

1402d ago
cooperdnizzle1402d ago

@tommy. Hahaha you Xbox fans are straight up crazy. No TV is gonna fix that horrible 360 looking game. Texture pop in, horrible animation like terrible. The grass has no dynamics to it what so ever, no foliage nothing. Facial animation are far behind what’s already been achieved. Check this out go back and watch the dudes hair... it has no movement or activity at all. It looks like a piece of plastic strapped to his head.

You Xbox fans have to eat your own words and hype on this one. That was a terrible show from start to finish.

ForwardDude1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

@TommyVercetti88 LG C9 owner here. The textures of the mountain looked atrocious in the 4k trailer, there was obvious popin during the elevator part and the game looked like a remake in 4k of Halo 1 in general. Sorry, but Ratchet and Clank PS5 gameplay looked leagues ahead in 4k on my LG C9 OLED TV compared to Halo Infinite gameplay in 4k.

Unspoken1402d ago

These guys couldn't see the difference on an 8K 82" QLED. Ratchet and clank lmao, this goes to show these boys are here for the tweet.

RazzerRedux1402d ago

I saw nothing that looked like a 360 game. That's just hyperbole.

JonTheGod1402d ago

Nice cloud pop-in at 7:06 on the livestream. 😁

conanlifts1402d ago

Some parts look amazing, other parts were terrible. The game play showcase for infinite was boring for me. My favourite bit was state of decay 3, just hope they add a decent story campaign this time. Overall though it was very disappointing.

1402d ago
Noskypeno1402d ago

The shorter gameplay trailer has more details. The 8 minute demo is apparently from an earlier unpolished build. I'm hoping for a reverse Ubisoft.

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JEECE1402d ago

It does. Although you can't fault them for wanting Destiny's level of success.

phoenixwing1402d ago

I brought this up the other day that they could make a halo mmo. which might also explain why the graphics took a big hit....

Tacoboto1402d ago

Halo 5 was updated for a full year with free content and maps, plus the One X update. Warzone content, maps and whatnot. If they do story-based enhancements, yeah... That'll be new and I'm curious about the monetization of that.

And how the multiplayer in general will be treated. No-real-money loot boxes, and a Day One Game Pass title... zero mention today. Rumors of a F2P multiplayer mode. What'll give?

I'll gladly deal with getting ugly armor unlocks if it means the premium stuff is only cosmetic.

Xb1ps41402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I know how to take it... it pains me to say I will most likely play it on one x, this was supposed to be a mic drop moment and they failed.. I can’t see my self dropping another several hundred dollars on another ms console just to keep waiting on the games..

Ps5 day one and maybe the x like 2 or 3 yrs later.. maybe by then they’ll get there shit together but at this point I couldn’t care less..

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stuna11402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

This sound like a Sea of Thieves model!? Which in so many aspect adds validity to the gamepass model going forward.

Father__Merrin1402d ago

343 will be breaking off. Halo infinite will be a destiny clone

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