Avowed - Official Announce Trailer

Watch the official announce trailer for Avowed, Obsidian Entertainment’s next epic, first-person RPG set in the fantasy world of Eora.

JCOLE131951402d ago

This sounds interesting. One of the better “highlights” of the disappointing show. I’m eager to hear more about it.

Obscure_Observer1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

"One of the better “highlights” of the disappointing show."

It was FAR better than Sony´s. With better looking games also.

This game´s gonna be amazing!

pwnmaster30001402d ago

It really wasn’t tho lol.

I’m sorry I had high hopes for this show and it didn’t live up to the hype. My fault on that. Should of came in with lower expectation

Marquinho1402d ago

I'm gonna be honest here. PS5 show was better... but not because of content, but because of how they carried it.

MS had a big opportunity to fuel hype with this game, Fable and Forza, but all them (not mentioning Hellblade, with zero new content) were shown with confusing/short teasers or in this case, the trailer stopped just when I was ready to enjoy some next gen gameplay.

Said this, Series X launch lineup is still stronger than PS5... I guess they're saving the bullets for E3 2021, as it seems that none of these games, apart from Halo, are gonna be released before it.

SamTheGamer1402d ago

Nice Joke Obscure_Observer!

SamTheGamer1402d ago

"Series X launch lineup is still stronger than PS5" Whatttt???? 😂😂😂

DarkBlaze251402d ago

I've always been a primary xbox gamer and that still might not change but ps despite not really blowing my mind with their event it was miles better than this. Phil and Aaron talked about how they heard and was listening to feedback after the May event but I don't see any lessons learned. Barely any gameplay and my favorite damn franchise that's always been known for pushing graphical boundaries looks like a plastic potato. I'm honestly disappointed and pissed with xbox right now. Did they have some good interesting reveals? Yes but could they have done miles better? Hell yes. Nothing they showed makes me think I need a series X over my current one x and that's really what I was looking for. Might just keep my one x and get the ps5 digital edition to start with until they get their shit together.

RazzerRedux1402d ago

"It was FAR better than Sony´s."

oh my

Rambokind1402d ago

Ladies and gentleman, the art of living in an alternate universe

0rbital711402d ago

yep id agree, was a great show, and i will be getting both ps5 and xsx

Marquinho1402d ago


I do think so yeah... despite of this badly carried event. What's the launch lineup of PS5?

Hakuoro1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

"It was FAR better than Sony´s. With better looking games also."

Heh, no.

And at least Sony had the balls to show game play on console.You're bragging about cinematic trailers for games which are clearly not coming out during launch window. Meanwhile Sony showed a bunch of games that are more than likely 2020-2021 games.

By the time Microsoft actually releases these games Sony will have shown a whole new batch of games. Heck we might even see more games during PlayStation's rumored August event.

And I disagree that anything they showed looked better than what Sony showed, in fact if anything what I took from Microsoft's show was that graphically SX isn't going to be much if any different than PS5. Especially if they have to be so reluctant to show real gameplay.

Microsoft again is still way behind Sony in development because Phil spent the 3/4 of last generation talking about how exclusives weren't relevant and only decided games were important in 2018. While Sony has had it's studios working on games non-stop and are ready to go day 1 with actual next gen PlayStation 5 games.

throne1402d ago

way better than sonys? yeah you're reaching

XabiDaChosenOne1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )


"I guess they're saving the bullets for E3 2021"
And there it is, the infamous "wait till E3".

Zodiac1402d ago

How was it not better? In terms of actual gameplay shown, Microsoft showed more. Aside from that they were both just cgi trailers and announcements with no real release dates. But yeah, actual gameplay puts this showcase above the ps5 showcase.

MajorLazer1402d ago

Take off the fanboy goggles. This show was a massive dissapoint, and this is coming from someone who wants MS to produce great games again.

Marquinho1402d ago


Not this time. The content was there... they just didn't elaborate on it.

They've saved way too much. If they presented the exact same games, but with some attractive gameplay, I'd rate it 9/10, but MS limited themselves to show very brief bits of their games except from Halo while giving a lot of time to games like Tetris... and that made it frustrating.

It doesn't change a bit the fact that Microsoft is building a solid lineup... they just didn't show virtually anything new about them. They probably didn't felt like it was necessary looking at what Sony was offering for this year? I don't know.

kreate1402d ago

But the games look like xbox 360/one games. Doesnt look next gen at all.

CaptainHenry9161396d ago

It was probably the worse show I've seen from Microsoft in a long time. They hyped this show up and it was disappointing

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pwnmaster30001402d ago

Yeah this game looks to be really hood. Pretty excited for this one.

phoenixwing1402d ago

Hopefully this is a better version of elder scrolls with good combat. Definitely have my attention with spell and sword in each hand. that's how i play on skyrim and oblivion.

pwnmaster30001402d ago

I don’t remember being able to use spell and sword in obilivion.
But at the same time I played as a wood elf archer..
Still pretty excited for it.
Say what you want with Bethesda but their elderscroll game is on point and hope this game can match it.

phoenixwing1402d ago

you give bethesda too much credit. i'm expecting them to exceed it.

Kados1402d ago

In Oblivion, you could cast magic regardless of what was equipped. Magic was set independant of weapons/shields and you would just put your offhand away during the casting animation.

MadLad1402d ago

Bethesda at least used to make interesting worlds with a lot of player choice.
ES and Fallout are just glorified looter games now, with weak combat.

Prubar1402d ago

Wow legitimately shocked Obsidian was one of the studios to announce something. We knew they were working on a AAA rpg but with Outer worlds release last year and Grounded this year I wasn’t expecting anything from them.

RaidenBlack1402d ago

Honestly, the last section of the trailer reminded me of Deep Down.

battlegrog1402d ago

well they do have 2 teams i believe so makes sense

Obscure_Observer1402d ago

3 Teams actually. Team Avowed, Team The Outer Worlds, Team Grounded.

Baza1402d ago

Don’t hold your breath probably 2 years out.