Forza Franchise Heading to Xbox Series X

This May marked 15 years since we released the first Forza. Forza Motorsport was born from the team’s passion for cars and games. Over the years, we came to see Forza as a community centered around cars, competition, and creativity. As the Forza franchise has expanded.

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dumahim328d ago

How TF are they still in early development after all this time? Also, just Forza Motorsport? Why is numbering so hard?

BillyG0AT328d ago

What are you talking about, it's no different to GT Sport. Or Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare or Halo: Infinite or Fable.

dumahim328d ago

Those at least have subtitles. This looks like they're just going back to the same title as the first game, which is always stupid.

DOMination-328d ago

Of all the things to complain about...

BillyG0AT328d ago

@dumahim - >subtitles
bro stop it

dumahim328d ago

Sorry, I prefer consistency over obfuscation.

bouzebbal327d ago

What a surprise!!! Really didn't expect a new Forza. Keep them surprises coming xbox

Unspoken327d ago

Motorsport is going to be such a good racing sim and it looks incredible. If past experience is anything to go buy it'll be the best out yet again.

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darthv72328d ago

Maybe, they are dropping the number? I mean we know God of War on PS4 is technically GoW4 but they dropped the number because it starts anew.

Tacoboto328d ago

Don't forget all the Spider-Man games.
Or the Ratchet & Clank PS4 reboot (which came after the Future-subtitled subseries).

These numberless subtitleless reboots have all ended up being my favorites in their franchises.

jerethdagryphon327d ago

Tacoboto the ratchet reboot came out because of the film as for all the spiderman games a couple per generation under many different devs doesn't cpunt

Tacoboto328d ago

N4G: Microsoft is all Gears and Halo and Forza...
Microsoft: *eats popcorn while devs work at their own pace to create polished products that aren't being rushed and forced out the door*

Kavorklestein327d ago

Good point. I'd rather games take their time.

DrDeath327d ago

All they showed was forza and halo. Lol

darthv72328d ago

Its been stated the no number is intentional. It is a rebirth of Forza for a new generation.

Obscure_Observer328d ago


"Why is numbering so hard?"

Why God of War?

dumahim327d ago

Dunno. I thought that was dumb as well.

danny818327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

I think they are now working on a new ip. they typically are very fast

dumahim327d ago

Naw. They're trying to revamp the series. I remember Dan Greenawalt admitting they got complacent and the game got stale. I thought the extra year they're taking would have been enough time, but apparently not.

medman327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Yeah, I don't understand what Microsoft is doing. They were messaging so well with the hardware, but they still can't get the software reveals right. Very little gameplay shown, Halo looks current gen, with pop in no less, and while gamepass is fantastic it looks like those with a series x will be playing plenty of old titles and 3rd party games because so many 1st parties look like they'll struggle to even make 2021....I would have bet Forza would make release, but it's not even close to showing gameplay yet? Hellblade is using Unreal Engine 5, but that engine won't be finalized until late 2021, so when will Hellblade see release?? Disappointing all the way around. Gamepass may save them, but this is beyond underwhelming.

King_Noctis327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

"Why is numbering so hard?"

Maybe it is a reboot? Maybe they haven't figured out the name yet? How is that a thing to complain about?

Oh wait....MS.

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neutralgamer1992328d ago

No gameplay doesn't matter about in engine no gameplay means no gameplay

AngelicIceDiamond328d ago

@Neutral It's a freakin racing game use your imagination what do you expect to do in it? Fight?

328d ago
neutralgamer1992328d ago

I understand but GT7 showed some gameplay

RaidenBlack327d ago

well ... you had to run on foot in NFS The Run.
How do you know, the player doesn't need to run here just like 24hrs le mans?

Wikkid666327d ago

Guess you missed the part where they said it was EARLY in development. ... which means 2021 at the earliest.

CDbiggen327d ago

I did actually because I was in and out of sleep during the whole thing.

Wikkid666327d ago

Oh you didn't watch... just took the time to troll. Gotcha

CDbiggen327d ago

Lol yeah yeah. Obviously I did watch, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to make my no gameplay comment. I did miss the early in development mention though.

crazyCoconuts327d ago

I thought for sure the next Forza would be released as a launch title and beat the next GT to the punch... guess not

RedDevils327d ago

So technically you buy SX just to wait 2 years to actually play it games. ahh LMFAO

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AngelicIceDiamond327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

@Wesker It's like the millionth Forza game by now if you don't know it plays by now I don't know what to tell you. Spoiler, you go around a track in exotic cars across various locations. In 4k 60 with RT. I'm the least worried about this game because I already know how it'll play, it's Forza after all.

@Neutral yeah and? Good for them. You just drive.... In exotic cars... Like Forza. I nearly fell asleep just like I would here if they showed game play.

King_Noctis327d ago

Like someone else said, this was in-engine. And if you need gameplay for a racing game...well I don't know what to say.

DrDeath327d ago

Umm gameplay is imperative. Driveclub and gran turismo are 2 amazing racing games that play entirely different.

So does forza and say the crew

Stupid comment

King_Noctis327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

What is stupid is you go into Forza and expect Forza to play like something else, say like NFS or GT. A Forza game is a Forza game, and if you had ever played it once, you would know how it feel and what its gameplay differ from other racing game.

Next time before calling someone stupid, try looking at yourself first.

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Bruh328d ago

Lmfao there was literally not even an inch of gameplay. From the looks of it they’re completely overhauling Forza Tech so this game is minimum 2 years out presuming licensing deals aren’t weighing down time. Expected more from Turn 10, but if the end product is good it’s whatever

dumahim328d ago

Yeah. It looks nice and finally looking realistic, but it's a huge bummer for me that this is still early in development. I'm guessing this frees up Playground staff to focus on Fable, so they're probably years off from the next Horizon game as well.

ABizzel1328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

It's confirmed to not be coming this year by Aaron Greenburg.

MajorLazer327d ago

I'm glad they're taking their time. PD too with GT7. We saw what happened last gen when Forza 5 was forced to be a launch title. The worse Forza in the entire franchise, and still is.

mcstorm327d ago

I am with you on that and tbh ide love to see 1 game per generation that picks up new dlc/gameplay throughout the generation. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed fm5, 6 & 7 but felt they did not need all 3 games just update 5. Abit like gts got last gen. I also feel this is how Halo is kind of going where you buy the 1st but the 2nd 3rd ect get adding into it. Alittle bit like Tmcc.
Looking forward to the new FM game though as still think they are great games even if 5 was poor.

Also nice to see them talking a different path with the new game to and I think moving it to Pc will of helped with that side.

dumahim327d ago


I see where you're going with that, but I dunno. I love a new game every couple years. The games do have improvements over the previous game and you can work your way through the whole game with those improvements. Using a core game and just building and adding stuff on top of it doesn't give as much of an opportunity to make major changes.

If it's just going to be the one game for the entire generation, I'm just going to get through what they have and at some point I'm just not going to have any interesting in buying more cars and tracks over time.

neutralgamer1992328d ago

This show was once again halo, forza and gears was replaced with fable(I love fable) overall just a good show not great(personal opinion) and I thought they would learn from their last show and Sony and show more gameplay but once again not much gameplay

And I see the rumors about neither company wanting to go first on price reveal seems to be true Up next is Sony in August

Bruh328d ago

Halo looked boring as hell. But hey maybe it feels better to play. Other than that we got like maybe 2 other games with gameplay? Most of them underwhelming. Nothing in that show case charmed like Kina did

AngelicIceDiamond327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

But you're skipping Avowed? Stalker 2, Ever Wild? Cross Fire X? State Of Decay Class 4 which is the big budget State Of Decay which is only on X Series? They did have variety and a WAY more and better launch line up than PS4 and X1 had.

crazyCoconuts327d ago

But how many of those are actually launch titles? Avowed has got to be years off. Where we didn't see gameplay we're probably not getting it for launch. State of Decay has quite a stigma to overcome after their last showing BTW, and a CGI trailer doesn't get my hopes up for that game quite yet. Just my opinion...

neutralgamer1992327d ago

If any of those were luanch titles we would see actual gameplay once again Ms is counting on halo to do it's heavy lifting

State of decay 2 came out not that long ago so if this new one is AAA title than it's year aways from release. One thing I saw from Ms is trend of AA games coming to gamepass not AAA. We will see once they release

Imortus_san327d ago

9 or 10 first party games and to you it was all about 3 games, damm that narrow eye.

neutralgamer1992327d ago

It's not about that if they would have actually showed some gameplay for those games it would have made more of an impact. We are 2 shows into Ms new Xbox events and so far these shows have been filled with CGI trailers

They keep talking about power of series x and stuff yet have not shown anything to date to show that power in action. Or in your opinion I am hating on them on that too

Phil has been talking a lot yet he has had 2 opportunities to show but has failed

That's just my opinion

King_Noctis327d ago

So how about Hellblade 2, State of Decay 3, Avowed, Grounded, Everwild, Tell Me Why, and The Medium? They didn't show those?

King_Noctis327d ago

"More gameplay was need "

That I fully agree. But there will be upcoming event showcase games from their 6 other studios. So we might see something there.

Imortus_san327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

I wont deny it, they could have showned more game play, but if those games are like Halo Infinite that used an old build, then it's much better they only show the games when they are actually in the final stages, and reflect the console's power.

The problem is, people asked for Fable, they have it, people asked for new IP's, they have it, people asked for Halo and Forza, they have it, people asked for more games they got 10 and yet more half a dozen that didn't make it to this event, them those people go and rage the event was bad, it's just, face palm to those peole.

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DRambo328d ago

Xbox Series X - dead on arrival. Sorry but it's reality. I'm a PS man, but I value competition and unfortunately, XBox is massively behind the curve when it comes to game development. The next generation is already looking like an easy win for Sony, and that's sad for all gamers.

Bruh328d ago

Seems like they’re studios are not ready to release a product within the next 2 years. Which is fine, their down the line titles look promising with Fable, Obsidian’s Skyrim and whatever the remaining 6 studios are working on. At launch though both consoles have abysmal line ups, not like a majority of the games Sony showcased are coming at launch either

DRambo328d ago

This is why Microsoft have said no Series X exclusives for two years, because they haven't got any. Please, open your eyes. Sony haven't revealed their line up for launch yet and Microsoft have yet again promised much and shown almost nothing. Again, where was the promised game play? Almost none. Microsoft rely on the stupidity of their fan boys.

Bruh328d ago

Opened my eyes and until August no one knows what Sony launch line up looks like outside of Miles Morales. Idk where your special info comes from, knowing both companies have stated they’ll share more about launch line ups down the line

DRambo327d ago

This was supposed to be XBox big reveal and it was crap. Halo looked nothing special, Forza in early development and a load of console launch exclusives, which basically means multi platform. Get real my friend.

Jin_Sakai327d ago

“I value competition and unfortunately, XBox is massively behind the curve when it comes to game development.”

Completely agree. 343i have a blank check and Halo Infinite didn’t impress me at all. I was expecting much more from them. I’ve come to accept that Xbox studios will never be in the same league as Sony Worldwide Studios.

RamRod88327d ago

I'm sorry but what is sony working on that looks so much better and puts them farther ahead? Both showed games that are far off without a release date. Both held back games for later date reveals.

Poopmist327d ago

Right? If the Xbox show was meh the Sony show was putrid.

RamRod88327d ago

The xbox show was good, but could've been much better. I felt the same way for the Sony conference as well. I really didn't think one was better than the other. Only thing Sony really had over this was the console reveal, which we already knew what the Series X looked liked.