Forza Franchise Heading to Xbox Series X

This May marked 15 years since we released the first Forza. Forza Motorsport was born from the team’s passion for cars and games. Over the years, we came to see Forza as a community centered around cars, competition, and creativity. As the Forza franchise has expanded.

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dumahim1432d ago

How TF are they still in early development after all this time? Also, just Forza Motorsport? Why is numbering so hard?

BillyG0AT1432d ago

What are you talking about, it's no different to GT Sport. Or Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare or Halo: Infinite or Fable.

dumahim1432d ago

Those at least have subtitles. This looks like they're just going back to the same title as the first game, which is always stupid.

DOMination-1432d ago

Of all the things to complain about...

BillyG0AT1432d ago

@dumahim - >subtitles
bro stop it

dumahim1432d ago

Sorry, I prefer consistency over obfuscation.

bouzebbal1432d ago

What a surprise!!! Really didn't expect a new Forza. Keep them surprises coming xbox

Unspoken1431d ago

Motorsport is going to be such a good racing sim and it looks incredible. If past experience is anything to go buy it'll be the best out yet again.

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darthv721432d ago

Maybe, they are dropping the number? I mean we know God of War on PS4 is technically GoW4 but they dropped the number because it starts anew.

Tacoboto1432d ago

Don't forget all the Spider-Man games.
Or the Ratchet & Clank PS4 reboot (which came after the Future-subtitled subseries).

These numberless subtitleless reboots have all ended up being my favorites in their franchises.

jerethdagryphon1432d ago

Tacoboto the ratchet reboot came out because of the film as for all the spiderman games a couple per generation under many different devs doesn't cpunt

Tacoboto1432d ago

N4G: Microsoft is all Gears and Halo and Forza...
Microsoft: *eats popcorn while devs work at their own pace to create polished products that aren't being rushed and forced out the door*

Kavorklestein1432d ago

Good point. I'd rather games take their time.

DrDeath1431d ago

All they showed was forza and halo. Lol

darthv721432d ago

Its been stated the no number is intentional. It is a rebirth of Forza for a new generation.

Obscure_Observer1432d ago


"Why is numbering so hard?"

Why God of War?

dumahim1432d ago

Dunno. I thought that was dumb as well.

danny8181432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

I think they are now working on a new ip. they typically are very fast

dumahim1432d ago

Naw. They're trying to revamp the series. I remember Dan Greenawalt admitting they got complacent and the game got stale. I thought the extra year they're taking would have been enough time, but apparently not.

medman1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Yeah, I don't understand what Microsoft is doing. They were messaging so well with the hardware, but they still can't get the software reveals right. Very little gameplay shown, Halo looks current gen, with pop in no less, and while gamepass is fantastic it looks like those with a series x will be playing plenty of old titles and 3rd party games because so many 1st parties look like they'll struggle to even make 2021....I would have bet Forza would make release, but it's not even close to showing gameplay yet? Hellblade is using Unreal Engine 5, but that engine won't be finalized until late 2021, so when will Hellblade see release?? Disappointing all the way around. Gamepass may save them, but this is beyond underwhelming.

King_Noctis1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

"Why is numbering so hard?"

Maybe it is a reboot? Maybe they haven't figured out the name yet? How is that a thing to complain about?

Oh wait....MS.

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neutralgamer19921432d ago

No gameplay doesn't matter about in engine no gameplay means no gameplay

AngelicIceDiamond1432d ago

@Neutral It's a freakin racing game use your imagination what do you expect to do in it? Fight?

1432d ago
neutralgamer19921432d ago

I understand but GT7 showed some gameplay

RaidenBlack1432d ago

well ... you had to run on foot in NFS The Run.
How do you know, the player doesn't need to run here just like 24hrs le mans?

Wikkid6661432d ago

Guess you missed the part where they said it was EARLY in development. ... which means 2021 at the earliest.