Am I Supposed To Hate Abby in The Last of Us Part II? Because I Don’t

There’s no doubt that The Last of Us Part II has become one of the most hotly debated video game releases of all time. There have been many heated discussions around character design, storytelling and the game’s controversial plot. However, one element of the game seems to have divided most fans, often getting the most resentment from fans: Abby.

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Sonyslave3180d ago

Nope i don't Abby at all she my favorite through the whole game, I was hoping he would have had kill Ellie for keep chasing her and killing her friends.

potatoseal180d ago

I hated her so much at first. But I grew to like her also. I didn't think it was going to happen, but ND made me lol.

Sunny12345180d ago

I didnt like her initially. I let Ellie kill her again and again in the duel, getting pseudo satisfaction. Though eventually I understood her point of view, doesnt mean I like her but I respect her decisions.

RgR180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

That's precisely the issue. They gave all the best parts to Abby. The only killer without regrets. She gets the best moments in the game while Ellie just gets to kill dogs and has whole cutscenes where she kills people. They writers make you dislike Ellie and like Abby. Probably in an effort to replace Ellie as the protagonist for the next game.

Ellie isn't witty and doesn't make any jokes. She's unlikable and has the worst parts in the game.

thorstein180d ago

Same here until the end. Then I agree with you.

spektical179d ago

Exactly how I felt! ND built a brilliant story for Last of Us pt 2. They really drove the point of not knowing where people come from and the consequences and deviations grand actions can take.

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Ready4nxtgen180d ago

You thought that ellie wasnt going to get revenge? Your crazy lmao

sampsonon180d ago

Yeah, I want her and Lev if they make the third game.

rainslacker180d ago

Think you were supposed to hate her during Ellie's part, then come to like her when you see it from her side. They humanized her, which is what writers do to make you understand things from a different perspective. Many game stories, or even movies or TV shows, don't bother much with trying to make the bad guy look like a regular person one can empathize with. Usually it's quite the opposite.

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Silly gameAr180d ago

I don't either. I actually ended up liking her quite a bit.

Knightofelemia180d ago

Hate her if you want like her if you want who cares there will always be characters you either hate or like. Personally I see here as a character I am probably going to forget about when the next game come out. Only way I will remember her is because she looks like Ronda Rousey even after that pretty sure I will forget all about her until I play the game again.

TheEnigma313180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

She will more than likely be the center of the next game. She made it to the fireflies

shammgod180d ago

I was wondering about this. Did she make it to the fireflies or was the dude on the radio the rattlers that ambushes her as she left that house?

Don’t know if I missed something in between, but that scene when she was trying to contact them had me rooting for her. Such an amazing scene

DrDeath180d ago

That was the rattlers i figured

sampsonon180d ago

@shammgod That was the Fireflies. The Rattlers have a patrol in each area. They also happened upon Ellie.

RgR180d ago

She's likely replacing Ellie as the protagonist. Ellie's story is finish came to an end but Abby's did not.

Grilla180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I don’t think so, it’ll be Abby and Ellie. Remember Ellie still has the cure.

3rd and final game Ellie will sacrifice herself for the cure.

RgR179d ago


That sounds like a very defeated Ellie with nothing more to love for.
Just because she's immune doesn't mean she needs to sacrifice herself. It would either be a sense of doing the right thing or just do it because her life sucks.

That would be an awful ending to Ellie as it undoes the first game. Which Neil is all about unfortunately. The entire tlou2 is going for a certain goal and then either giving up that goal or something happens to make previous actions completely pointless.

-Foxtrot180d ago

She's just so badly written

They tried everything in the book writing / gameplay wise to make us like her and did everything they could to make us hate Ellie and Joel. In the end Abby and Lev just become a poor rip off of Ellie and Joel, it honestly feels Neil wanted rid of them because those characters had ties to Bruce Straley while Abby and Lev are 100% his.

Christopher180d ago

Honestly, disagree.

I think the bad writing is throughout and not just "Abby." It's more about presentation through writing that's the issue, IMHO. But, I don't see Abby as poorly written.

Dirtnapstor180d ago

I’ve never understood the “bad writing” critique by those who think they could have written a better story (not saying you btw).
Is it bad writing because they didn’t like where the story went?! That’s pretty much what I surmise based on the maximum hate with minimal reasoning.
I thought the story was fine. The dual time lines and whatnot. I was a bit drug out, but I was engaged enough as to not feel fatigued.
Abby was a well written character. I never felt like she was a killing machine as was originally thought....even after Joel’s demise. I really had an issue with Ellie though. I was irritated with her general demeanor throughout her part. Each (and others) had plenty of memorable moments, and that is key.
Whether the penned characters were lovable or loathesome, the fact is, we are still talking about them. Ergo, ND did indeed do a good job crafting their characters.

RgR180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Many leads like to place their own way into something amazing. Many times they end up ruining the franchise like in star wars.

I got the same impression as you. Neil wanted to get rid of Joel and Ellie. Hence why both their actions make little sense.

dumahim180d ago

What was it they did to make us want to hate Ellie and Joel? I can see not agreeing with what Ellie was doing, but hate her? I didn't get a sense of that at all. Joel was hardly in the game.

Question_Mark180d ago

Yeah, it was pretty manipulative storytelling all for Abby’s benefit. They make Ellie kill all these dogs, but what’s one of the first things Abby does? Play with a cute dog. It’s pretty blatant how they want you to feel.

-Foxtrot179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Exactly, that's one of the obvious examples

You kill a fair few dogs in the game (if you don't stealth by them) and there's a scene where despite saying everything was optional, the game FORCES you to kill one and who's dog does it end up being? Only Abby's dog who you then play catch with later on to make you think "Gee Ellie, you awful bitch"

But it doesn't affect me because they are trying to manipulate me into making out Abby isn't such a bad character after what she did to Joel. It tries to justify her actions.

SyntheticForm180d ago

How did they try to make us hate Ellie and Joel?

I still love Joel, and he's still a great and powerful character in the game's world, even though he's dead. I still love Ellie and hope she's finding peace wherever she's hiking at this moment.

I don't think their intention was to make us hate Ellie and Joel at all. I think the message was more along the lines of 'If you hate, you lose' and 'If you let hate consume you, you'll become undone.'

Everyone lost a lot, but I like and appreciate all of the characters.

As for Straley, he's a good director, but he didn't co-write the first game, and that was all Neil. I'm not sure how much involvement Straley had in the creation of Joel and Ellie or their story, but if you do know, let me know.

chicken_in_the_corn180d ago

The whole game is badly written

Redemption-64180d ago

You really really seem to know a lot about what is going at Naughty Dog. Can you please tell us, how you know exactly who created which character? Neil is the writer of this game and the first, he was also one of directors and vice president of Naughty Dog. If anything Straley was under him. We get, you don't like Neil and this game hurts your feelings, just move on. Desperately trying to disassociate Neil from the first game is just sad.

franwex180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Get rid of ties to Bruce Straley? Wow dude. Kinda a stretch there.

But then again you actually believe that Tabata wanted to get rid of Nomura’s work on FF15 and went out of his way to do it.

-Foxtrot179d ago

He did get rid of his badly that there's so many story gaps and plot holes in FF15 which don't make sense because they never managed to get rid of everything Nomura did story wise.

Platinum_k179d ago

Poorly written? The main story was based on her lol. If you actually take a second to think about it, Abbys character was more admirable through her actions and she certainly was more mature than Ellie.

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ziggurcat180d ago

Abby was fine. I liked her as a character, and enjoyed playing the game as her.