New screenshots released for the next-gen psychological horror game, The Medium

John Papadopoulos of DSOGaming writes, "Bloober Team has released a new set of screenshots via the Windows Store page for The Medium. These new screenshots showcase the game’s Unreal Engine-powered graphics, as well as its dual-reality element."

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I_am_Batman261d ago

Hyped to see some gameplay later today. I'm interested to see how the transitions between real and spirit world will work ingame.

Kribwalker261d ago

the MS store page is live, it says the worlds are played simultaneously

I_am_Batman261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

Hard to say what that means at this point. It might just indicate that they aren't seperate levels, which we already knew. Dual-realty puzzles sound like the player has some control over the world-shift feature. I guess we'll know how it works in 2 hours or so.

Ausbo261d ago

Yeah I believe the devs said it wouldn’t work on Xbox one because you had to be able to switch back and forth between the worlds.

Sounds like it’s switching on the fly

261d ago
lonewolf10261d ago

Same as, loved the plane shifting in Soul Reaver on the PS1.

mgszelda1261d ago

I can play this through game pass for like $1 right and on PC. The game does seem interesting.

lonewolf10261d ago

You can, but pretty sure you only get 1 $1 GP deal so use that time wisely if you don't want to subscribe.

mgszelda1260d ago

Even one month of the regular subscription is nothing. I'm honestly not a fan of their current business model.

RaiderNation261d ago

Still tempering expectations on this one. It looks good but remember, this IS the same dev that brought you Blair Witch and that didn't exactly light the woods on fire. Better hardware does not make you a better dev.