1UP: Chrono Trigger Review

1UP writes: "Toward the end of high school, my friend proposed a temporary trade: his copy of Final Fantasy VI (well, III at the time) for my copy of Chrono Trigger -- one of Square's most beloved RPGs, a 1995 all-star collaboration of Japanese developers that revolves around a group of time-traveling adventurers. We both figured the school year held plenty of time to complete the games and swap 'em back. But before we could return the games to their rightful owners, graduation day came, and life had already placed us on separate paths -- I suddenly couldn't play one of my favorite games of all time. The eventual Chrono Trigger PlayStation rerelease (and other...less savory methods of playing) rolled around, but those experiences were decidedly different -- inferior -- to the real thing".

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M_Adkins4246d ago

The god of rpgs reigns supreme again!
....imagine a true remake!!

Gue14246d ago

what would you do in a remake of an already perfect game? perfect like Zelda OOT. =)

tehReaper4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Yeah it makes no sense why they would make them discontinue it. It seems like it was coming along well.

SE, you know people would just eat up a remake, so why not give the fans what they want?

Instead, they make games like Infinite Undiscovery which totally wastes development time that they could have been spending on QUALITY games and remakes of their classics.

-GametimeUK-4246d ago

God of all RPG's?

You are talking like this is a review of final fantasy 7

FinalomegaS4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

FF III & Chrono Trigger was the highlight of the best 2D JRPGs,

And I'm sorry to say, even though there are many FF VII fans out there, think of why you love it. But the Epic story and gameplay was awesome but it was not that big of a jump compared to FF III ( VI in Japan) all it had over the Snes version was that it was the 1st 3D FF game and had FMV ( woop) and ...

FF VII had:
Materia system
mini games
3D with FMV
Meteor smash supers
Summons ( Knight of the round + mimic + counter mimic)
Sepiroth cool but missing that something.

FF III had:
real time game pad moves ( ala street fighter)
2 player controlling personalize members in battle
one hell of a story
summons ( crusader! OMG dont do it were all dead!!! 9999 dmg lol)
awesome magic combos like casting Vanish on a monster and casting X-zone 100% instant kill)
real character stats upgrading with gear +1&2 skills. ( can have someone with Esper Odin ( do not upgrade odin) every lv up gain +1 speed, and you have the fastest turn base characters in the history of Rpgs.
I've destroyed both FF games to the point that pressing the button once can kill every boss. Even Weapon Emerald from FF VII i killed him without even touching the remote =/
Must play these games on active play btw

last thing about FF III you gotta love, Kefka! the final boss fight with him was really something else, to fight god was great. Love both game but the amount of stuff in FF III was more solid, and if they ever remade this in 3D with FMV this can easily top any RPG in quality besides Chrono trigger. I won't bring CT up because in honesty it was something special on its own and for us to have Akira Toriyama's work brought to NA before Dragon Ball series. The game was great but it's not on the same level as FF III.

My all time favorite JRPGs

1-FF III ( played over 500 hours)
2-FF VII ( played over 500 hours)
3-Chrono Trigger ( played over 300 hours)
4-Star Ocean 2nd story ( beat this on Universal difficulty)
5-Valkary Profile
5-Vandal Hearts series
6-Grandia series
7-Suikoden 1 & 2
8- FF VIII & FF IX ( i'm not sure hehe)

Anyhow CT is great game and a DS port is fine but a remake would be a great thank you to all the fans out there. Which system i don't really care.

Btw this is my opinion on the RPGs and I know we all have our taste and some will say where is secret of mana or something else, I just actually got tired and cut the list short haha)

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Filet of Children4246d ago

Glorified port or not, I'll still be picking this one up. Great game.

Sony Rep4246d ago

I'm going to play this game for free...on my computer.

Skerj4246d ago

I wonder why they didn't add the things into the game that were in the Chrono Trigger beta so many years ago. I'd have liked to see Schala as an additional playable character :(

Obama4246d ago

One of the best rpg ever made in human history. It is still better than a lot of new jrpgs like last remnant.