The Mystery And Potential Surrounding Xbox Game Studios Is Exciting

Rocket Chainsaw: The makeup of Xbox Game Studios is very different to how this generation started and the mystery of what that means is exciting.

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SaveFerris925d ago

With the investments made by acquiring new studios, I predict Xbox will do very well.

Futureshark925d ago

I'm preparing to be disappointed... again!!

I do hope I'm wrong though.

Marquinho925d ago

You will be wrong my friend. =)

1Victor925d ago

How do you know?
Microsoft always acquire studios before a new generation

Marquinho925d ago

We will know soon enough.

Futureshark924d ago

Nope, unfortunately I was right, it was a disappointment.

Marquinho924d ago

The way they carried it, yes. I was also disappointed.

I guess they're saving for 2021, where the games are actually going to be released. Only Halo and The Medium for 2020.

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