Microsoft Expects More Gaming Revenue Growth in Current Quarter; CEO Comments "Breakthrough" Quarter

Today Microsoft hosted its quarterly financial conference call and CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood talked about the Xbox business.

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timotim61d ago

Absolutely amazing to see. They are seeing exactly how good the Xbox business can before them if they only put forth the effort.

neutralgamer199260d ago

Absolutely but I think this growth also has a lot to do with this pandemic. All companies especially gaming companies are seeing all time high sales numbers

timotim60d ago

No doubt about it, the pandemic definitely played its part in their favor. But Microsoft still had to have those things in place for consumers to want to take advantage of. Capitalizing off opportunities presented is also apart of the game, no? Now think about it...Microsoft sees what they actually had in the market (some solid titles) and was still able to produce revenue...imagine the encouragement they now have knowing they will soon have 15+ studios with games coming online soon, as well as xCloud being rolled into XGP.

neutralgamer199260d ago

That's true but it would interesting to see how these companies handle sales growth and expectations moving forward with so many people unemployed in this election year it will be very interesting down the road especially in the holiday season

THC CELL60d ago

The covid that help boost gaming I guess Tim has Xbox blood and uses at a advantage like Phil spencer would

Genuine sales before covid Xbox revenues and profits was not at tip top places

DEEHULK8860d ago

Timotim Didn't they make the 360? So they know how successful the Xbox business can be.

rlow161d ago

Congrats to MS and the Minecraft numbers are through the roof.

neutralgamer199260d ago

I thought they overpaid for one game but now it looks like it was a steal of a deal even at over 2 billion

sho0ok_261d ago

MS started to make good decisions few years back and now it paying off. I hope Xbox live gold goes off too and never come back.

Wrex36961d ago

Been hearing they're making it free, hope they do and can't wait for tomorrow.

AzubuFrost60d ago

Off topic but I kinda wish game companies aren't motivated by money, but by passion to create games. Remember back in the '80s and '90s and even 2000s era when devs were a bunch of nerds trying to make the best game for their loyal fanbase?
I miss those.

RamRod8860d ago

They're called Indie devs now.

Imortus_san60d ago

Movo on to Zx Spectrum and Commodore 64, 95% of the games are free made with passion and care, and at least the Zx Spectrum gets ~300 games a year.

MellauxGMNG60d ago

I feel like there are still a LOT of game developers that still have that passion that youre talking about, its just about discovering them, I guess. But I agree!

Also back in those times all the developers really had to sell their games was THE GAME and a few tv ads, so they had to really deliver on that front. Now they can make a half assed game and hype it the hell up using the internet and make it look a lot better than it actually is.

TheHateTheyGive60d ago

Besides the few exclusives i play on ps4, last of us 2, ghost of tsushima, all my gaming is on xbox one, game pass is amazing!

Kavorklestein60d ago

Same. Ps4 and Switch just don't get used that much. Just when I feel like doing something different.

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