The best games announced for PlayStation 5 so far

The next generation of consoles are almost here, so what are the best games announced for PlayStation 5 so far? Let's take a look.

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melons457d ago

how can it be "best" when nobody has played any of them yet, surely most exciting or something instead?

Morbid Bulldozer457d ago

No, no, the reviews are already written, don't you know how it works?

garos82457d ago

exactly. The title is rather cringe

457d ago
jukins457d ago

Umm obviously "the best of what was shown" is it impossible to have an opinion on what you think was the "best" game shown. I mean imo ratchet looked the "best" imo or most impressive looking. unless spiderman miles was actual gameplay

ForwardDude457d ago

Is your comment satire? It's the best games announced so far. It's in the title... ???

jukins456d ago

No its not satire. . . .im replyong to the first comment asking how can it be "best" maybe re read instead of trying to be clever

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crazyCoconuts457d ago

I forgot about a few of these. Wish we knew when all of them will be released

Vits457d ago

I'm really impressed that someone is actually having faith in Project Athia. What they showed so far was really "meh" and is being made by Luminous Productions whose employees worked previously on FF:XV. So not a particular steller resume.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on the other hand looks amazing. The flow of that game just look liked something complete different from any other 3D platformer out there. And I'm curious for that Pragmata will be, as it's trailer really reminded me of Nier or something from Kojima.

garos82457d ago

FF:XV is by no means a masterpiece compared to other FF games . But it did do some stuff really well. For all FF:XV
flaws, i still think it was a really fun game. These big studios like Luminous Productions and Square change employees internally all the time , not to mention additional hires.

In regards to Project Athia: What they showed did indeed look cool but i need to see a hell of a lot more before i start to get excited about it. 2022 i think the trailer said so its still a very long time away.

Relientk77457d ago

No Kena: Bridge of Spirits on the list, but NBA 2K21 gets to make the list.

Wow, ok then.

garos82457d ago

I cant believe that this list does not align with YOUR list. Im rather shocked frankly!

Applejack457d ago

This was my most anticipated next to Spider-Man.

I_am_Batman457d ago

So far I've got this list:

Super Hyped (Day 1 purchases)
-Demon's Souls
-Horizon: Forbidden West

Hyped (Might not be day 1 if the release schedule is too busy)
-Cyberpunk 2077
-Ratchet & Clank
-Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Curious (Need to see more)
-Scarlet Nexus
-Project Athia
-Far Cry 6

Interested (Lower priority)
-In sound mind
-Observer: System Redux
-Watchdogs Legion
-Sackboy: A big Adventure
-Control (Haven't played it yet)

InUrFoxHole456d ago

No GOW? I'm hoping sony is waiting last minute to show

I_am_Batman456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

GoW isn't announced yet. I wouldn't count on seeing it before summer next year.

Starman69456d ago

I am batman. This is better structured then the article written 👍

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