Mafia: Definitive Edition adds “Classic mode” that fans of the original will surely love

Sirus Gaming: We have virtually spoken to Hangar 13’s President and Chief Creative Officer, Haden Blackman, about what hardcore fans of the franchise would expect aside from visual upgrades. Knowing that this is a full-on remake of the original Mafia, most will expect that it’s just an overhaul of its graphics with improvements in its gameplay fluidity.

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potatoseal1052d ago

I am excited for this remake... big time.

SamPao1051d ago

Indeed, I have fond memories of it, especially since I was never able to finish the game...the game had problems and I lost my savefile... while going to the airport, I think it must have been one of the last missions.
Maybe I will give it another go :)

1051d ago