Halo Infinite Box Art Released Ahead of Event

Snickerdoodle writes "Tomorrow is THE day. We're excited for you to see what we've been working hard on. To tide you over, here's the amazing Halo Infinite box art you can look forward to seeing on shelves later this year.
Enjoy with love, from us, to you! 💚"

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Sonic-and-Crash68d ago

it is almost like a remake of the first game , Halo curious to see what they ill bring with this game.....the only Halo i liked and consider classic is og Halo CE on Xbox , everything else after was inferior in a lot of ways

neowharton68d ago

For sure I agree. It's almost like a direct remake of the CE box art. It's interesting that the grapple hook has now been confirmed with this new image though.

RaidenBlack68d ago

They forgot to add:
"The killer app for the Xbox Series X"

Marquinho68d ago

Indeed. Tomorrow's gonna by a big day for gaming =)

UltraNova68d ago

I came here to say exactly that, its definitely a nod to the original. Love it.

2.5 hrs to go for the show. I cant wait.

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RaidenBlack68d ago

It's giving me Reboot vibes.
What if its a reboot?

Ausbo68d ago

It’s not. They said already that it’s basically halo 6

FlavorLav0168d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I said this yesterday and got jumped for it. I’m excited for it either way, but I didn’t care for Cortana as the Big Bad in the last game. Hoping for something fresh this go round, but with chief and cortana on the same side.

DaDrunkenJester68d ago

They have said it's a spiritual reboot. It will still continue the story, but bring back more of the level design and feelings from the original.

thebobbywhite262968d ago

If you didnt like halo 3... you just got poor taste my man <3

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nommers67d ago

I wouldn’t mind if it was a remake of the first Halo tbh. Probably would be overall better than what they have planned. They should have kept that air of mystery in the first one.

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-Foxtrot68d ago

That's like a modern image of the first games cover, it's fantastic.

I wonder if they are going to try and bring it back to what it was originally like, but after the ending of Halo 5 Guardians I wonder how they'll sweep things under the rug to try and tell a new story.

I just want to see Chief and Cortana working together again, whether it's because she's cured or because she's forced to work with him until they "fix her" in the end.

Chief is better when he's on his own, and not having to carry around a squad with him. I just hope co-op players will go back to a drop in / drop out random Spartan like in the old games.

343_Guilty_Spark68d ago

Story continues...on a new Halo ring.

PertySlick68d ago

I am also wondering how they are going to try and undo what they did to her. I thought that was a huge mistake. While Master Chief is the "main character", Cortana is a very close 2nd and just as important. Saving the Galaxy without Jen Taylor telling me what to do is just not the same. lol

PETE198568d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I disagree, I think it gives the story more weight and allows for Cortana's redemption. If you follow Halo lore this is similar to what happened in the Forerunner flood war. One of the best forerunner AI's, Medicant Bias, was corrupted by the flood via the logic plague.
Would be cool if the flood was behind all of this and I similar corruption effected Cortana.
This adds some emotional weight to the story.
This is all my opinion of course :)

PertySlick67d ago

@Pete1985 Opposing opinions welcome here. I actually do not follow any lore outside of the games. I can see how some would like this kind of story. But for myself, I prefer the "Chief and Cortana versus the galaxy" gameplay.

Vx_67d ago

Looks like a remake and the gfx on the box art is last gen... looks average at best.

slate9168d ago

Quite a bit of digging online going on from the cover art. Looks like there is a brute reflection in his visor and also what looks to be a grappling hook (or some device) on his left forearm.

SyntheticForm68d ago

Definitely has the classic Halo vibe.

Very CE like. I like it.

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