Sony Sees PSP Piracy Slowdown, Observes 'Good' Beating 'Evil'

Multiplayer writes "Piracy is a real problem for PSP. It's not hard for your everyday consumer to simply download games to their handheld.

One of the ways Sony hopes to battle piracy is by offering their first-party PSP games as downloads through the PlayStation Store.

Is that enough?

We'll have to wait and see, but John Koller, Sony Computer Entertainment America's head of hardware marketing, told Multiplayer they've seen piracy slow down in the last few months."

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sinncross4249d ago

Well good news for piracy. This is sure to please developers and get some more games rolling onto the psp!

Yi-Long4249d ago

There havent been really much games coming out lately that have really been worth buying, or downloading. Loco Roco 2 probably, Midnight Club maybe, some of the sports games perhaps... but nothing major.

Qdog4248d ago

The whole decline of piracy, due to a lack of new titles, seems so ironic, and yet a means to an end. Good job, if this cup holds water, I hope they push it across the table...

TheMART4249d ago

Piracy has slowed down because of the last motherboard in the PSP 2000 that can't be done with custom firmware and the PSP 3000 also isn't hacked yet. Thus people buy games for those new PSP's at least as long as they can't be hacked

tman6924248d ago

Datel has come up with a light blue tool battery that is now able to hack the psp 3000. do some research.

solidsnakus4249d ago

psp just kind of sucks lately. the only thing ive been playing is donkeykong for snes on it LOL

LeonSKennedy4Life4249d ago


These are all coming to it. I think LBP or KH would be worth the price alone...

snoopgg4248d ago

the new Parasite eve game

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