Rare Says It "Learned a Lot" From Sea of Thieves's Organic Growth

Sea of Thieves continues to grow as Rare looks toward Everwild.

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lelo2play131d ago

What's surprising to me is that since Sea of Thieves released on Steam, it's been on the best sellers list. Didn't know the game was this popular...

timotim131d ago

SoT has risen above and out of the box they tried to put it in. It is Rare's most successful game to date...more than any game they have done under Nintendo.

131d ago
timotim131d ago

Everything I said is 100% factual though. I got no problem with someone being a fan of something. I said what I said without bashing anyone or lying...thats a W in my book. If you dont like what Ive said, it says more about you than anything else...

Tacoboto131d ago

15 million players, and 1 million units sold through Steam alone in the last few months.

It started as an example of GaaS failures. It's one of MS' most engaged titles now. It's not my cup of tea, but I think this game's story is a good example of the "creative freedom" MS studios have now.

Looper131d ago

Hope one of those things is not to launch an incomplete game...
I'm going to lay the fault at Microsoft's feet for that. They rushed Rare so Gamepass could have its first first party game to launch on day one.

I'm a bit bummed that Everwild isn't a single player game though. I have MP fatigue. It does look pretty good though.

moriarty1889131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

yeah it seems Rare has forgotten how to make a sp offline game. Everwild will be a sot clone. its all so people have to sign up for gold or gamepass to play these mp only games. that's all ms wants anymore unfortunately.

Kavorklestein131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

So if the rumors are true, and MS gets rid of the XBL paywall, and Sony keeps the paywall, then what will you be saying?
Also, using the games to compell people to sign up for a subscription, sounds kinda similar to using exclusives to sell a console.

The companies are businesses after all. So sorry, can you remind me what the big deal is?

131d ago
itsmebryan131d ago

Looper do you have any proof that MS rushed the launch? The same can be said about GTS now that was an incomplete game that took a long time to get together and still has less content than Forza 5 that was a launch title almost 7 yrs ago.

We don't know developers plans. Maybe they want to put something out and take time to add to and tweak it. Both games said they would have updates at launch and don't charge for the updates. So, what's the problem?

gamer7804131d ago

I hope they learned coop...

Sciurus_vulgaris131d ago

I would like Rare to return to doing non live service games. Everwild looks interesting, but not much about the game has been revealed. Maybe tomorrow we’ll learn more about Everwild.

King_Noctis131d ago

They are developing the new Battletoad though.

Sciurus_vulgaris131d ago

Rare is not the lead Developer of the Battletoads Reboot. They’re assisting and supervising Dlala Studios. Rare has roughly 200 employees, and the studio has a history of working on several projects at once.

FlavorLav01131d ago

What? How to polish a game up to snuff a year+ after release? Enjoyable as it is now, it did launch missing significant content and with a kraken boss battle missing its entire body, just a bunch of giant tentacles. Lol. 1st impressions mean a lot to me, once you’re put in the back log there’s no telling if I’ll have time to make it back...

Kerppamaister131d ago

You know you can learn just as much by making a mistake as you can by doing things right? They made a booboo with SoT launch and learned from it.

131d ago
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