Why The Last Of Us Should Be Turned Into A Trilogy

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part 2 was met with a strongly mixed response from fans, but that doesn’t mean the developers should give up on a third installment. Rather, making the once-beloved franchise into a trilogy provides an opportunity for redemption in the eyes of these players, as well as a chance to answer some long-running questions.

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Dark-soul187d ago

I prefer that lesbo dying instead of Joel, he is much better character

F0XH0UND922187d ago

You're literally too stupid to insult. Nothing but a bigoted fool.

Dark-soul187d ago

U literally to retarded, have a problem with me liking Joel character more? please don't cry

shepherdzeMan187d ago

yeah, I guess liking Joel now has become somewhat racist?

franwex187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

You said 2 slurs.
If you don’t see that-that means you’re bigoted.

Rambokind187d ago

No? Delete the 2nd game and just go with the first.

shepherdzeMan187d ago

they should remake part 2 LIKE ASAP!

SyntheticForm187d ago

They should erase what they wrote what they wanted to write and worked hard on for years? They should decanonize it and write something to your liking?


shepherdzeMan187d ago

not to my liking but to the Metacritic users at least ! not to the paid critics

toxic-inferno187d ago

SyntheticForm - you've hit the nail on the head there.

To insist that someone remake something just because you didn't like it is so insulting. Imagine if people had demanded that Leonardo da Vinci repaint the Mona Lisa because they didn't like it.

At what point did the work of individuals become something that consumers of that work had a say in? At best, that's an insult to the capability of the creator(s). At worst, it's a dangerous direction to take the creative industries, which have always thrived on being daring and taking the consumers further than they believed possible.

I'm personally not a fan of many of the narrative decisions in The Last of Us Part II (though I was a fan of the first game). But it is still the work of a very talented group of people who deserve to be able to tell the story they want to tell. You don't have to like it, but nothing gives you the right to tell artists and creators that they should remake something that they have worked hard on.

franwex187d ago

There will probably be a part 3. Regardless of what everyone is ranting about-the game sold really well.

I thought the story of part 2 was meh-but I really enjoyed the gameplay. I would buy a part 3 if it ever comes out for sure.

Doomster1971187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

I feel part 2 (like part 1) was left on a bit of a cliffhanger. Ellie is still the only one with immunity to the epidemic and a vaccine is still needed. It sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it.

TheEnigma313187d ago

I think Ellie's story arc is finished. She's too broken.

sci4me187d ago

I would like them to search and reunite with the remaining group of fireflies and try to come up with a cure

DrDeath187d ago

Ellie is not the only immune person. Fireflys had found other immune and they all died from surgery

Doomster1971186d ago

What? Where did you come across that? I must have missed it.

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The story is too old to be commented.